Beast Wars

Season 1 Episode 2

Beast Wars (2)

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1996 on
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Beast Wars (2)
Dinobot challenges Optimus for leadership of the Maximals, but while they fight the Predacons launch an ambush.

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  • A former Predacon joins the Maximals.

    I got to say Dinobot coming to the Maximals was a suprising twist. Then again he was betrayed by Megatron, the leader of the Preds. Then again Dinobot challenges Optimus to lead the Maximals. Winner leads while the loser dies. The fight between Optimus and Dinobot was good. Optimus saved Dinobot when Megatron and his troops fired upon both of them. Megatron's and his troops' shots had hit a mountain and the tip of it exploded. Right there it revealed Energons. Whoever gets it they will bcome powerful. Both group went for it and when they met each other, the Beast War began. Although it was okay because it was an all out brawl but I would've liked an explosion at least. The ending was okay because Megatron survived the Energon explosion. He couldn't survive that. There was a huge amount of Energon surrounding him and he lied there motionless as the Energon exploded. So far this series was okay; it had good action, good character's role, and their voice acting.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At one point, as Tarantulus and the Preds regard the duel between Optimus and Dinobot, Tarantulus' leg passes through his body.

    • When the Maximals and Predacons square off at the Energon mountain, Megatron emits a loud roar. The roar doesn't sound like it was made by David Kaye; instead, it sounds like Scott McNeil, the actor who plays Dinobot.

    • In a shot when Dinobot is in robot mode, ready to battle Optimus Primal, he is missing the white stripes on his legs.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Rattrap: Once a Pred, always a Pred!

    • Optimus: (while Rattrap has a gun aimed at DinoBot's head) Ease off Rattrap, it was an accident.
      Rattrap: Says you.
      Optimus: That's right, says me. You wanna question my orders one more time!?

    • Optimus Primal: For now we're stranded here with the Predacons on this unknown planet. Megatron may be back, and there is still more energon. If they ever get enough, they could conquer the galaxy. So for now, let the battle be here, on this strange, primitive world, and let it be called – Beast Wars!

    • Megatron: Across the galaxy it has come to this, Optimus Primal. Face to face; tooth to claw. Yes... Have you anything to say?
      Optimus Primal: I'd say that's Prime.

    • Optimus: Thanks.
      Dinobot: My actions did not imply loyalty Optimus. I, owed you my life. Now we are merely...even.
      Optimus: ... I'll accept that.

    • Cheetor: Time to fade, heroes!

    • (Reacting to a recently revealed cache of energon)
      Optimus: We have to get there first. All five of us.
      Rattrap: Yeah, all five... (suddenly realizes) Wait a minute! You mean Chopperface - is going with - we're all gonna die.

    • (After Dinobot rescues Optimus from falling)
      Optimus: What are you doing? You'd won!
      Dinobot: You slipped. To defeat you in such a manner would be lacking in honor. I would not have earned the right to lead. I prefer to defeat my opponents the old-fashioned way... Brutally!"

    • Optimus: For a Predacon, Dinobot, you have qualities I could like!
      Dinobot: And you have proven to be a worthy adversary. I will have you recycled with full honors.
      Optimus: Well, that's just prime!

    • (Challenging Optimus to battle)
      Dinobot: Face me, Optimus! I, Dinobot, challenge you for leadership of the Maximals! You and I, one on one. The winner shall be leader, and for the loser, well (indicates canyon) it is a long way down.

    • (While Optimus Primal and Dinobot are hanging off a cliff)
      Dinobot: Leave me, let me fall; and save yourself.
      Optimus Primal: Now where's the honor in that?

  • NOTES (1)


    • The Standing Stones
      The design for the Standing Stones was heavily influenced by the famous stone monument known as Stonehenge, located in Scotland. It should be noted that at no point does the series suggest that the Stones are Stonehenge. At this point, the writers weren't even set on Earth being the location of the Beast Wars.

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