Beast Wars

Season 2 Episode 2

Coming of the Fuzors (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1997 on
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Coming of the Fuzors (1)
Two new Maximals awake in Predacon territory, both with bizarre looks and unusual personalities due to the damaged systems in their stasispods. Taking advantage of their confusion, Megatron convinces them they are Predacons, hoping to finally crush the Maximals with these reinforcements. Meanwhile, Blackarachnia returns to the Predacon base with Tarantulas' body, Tigatron and Airrazor go off looking for more stasispods, Rhinox shuts down and connects to the Axalon in an attempt at reaching Optimus' spark, and Dinobot realizes that the aborted armageddon has left the planet looking awfully familiar.moreless

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    Jim Byrnes (I)

    Jim Byrnes (I)

    Inferno (1997-1999)

    Venus Terzo

    Venus Terzo


    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil

    Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

    David Kaye

    David Kaye


    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman


    Alec Willows

    Alec Willows


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    • QUOTES (8)

      • While being attacked by Quickstrike
        Inferno: Fool! Pain is my friend; allow me to introduce you to it!

      • (to Rhinox before he goes offline)
        Rattrap: If that don't take the chrome platted plate. Primal's been vaped, Dinobot's gone missing, stripes and the bird lady are off on some world cruise and now you're going offline?! Well, why don't we just open up the front door and invite Megatron in?!

      • (to Cheetor)
        Rattrap: What are you looking at? Get your shiny new body skyward and see if you can find chopperface before the Preds do.
        Cheetor: Do you mean fly?
        Rattrap: Do I mean fly? No! I mean take a submarine! Of course I mean fly! Now, get going!

      • Dinobot: What is the emergency?
        Rattrap: Oh, nothing much. Rhinox is off chasing comets with his mind, and Cheetor is bringing a squad of Preds home to play...

      • Dinobot: To be... or not to be. That is the question. These disks I hold... are they a record of what will be, or only of what may? For if the future is indeed immutably foretold, then my demise is but moments away from that confirmation -- for I could not live if not the master of my fate! But, if indeed the future can be changed -- if these disks record only one path of all the myriad ways the cosmos might conform -- then their power is infinite! And yet, still limited, for they could be used but once -- and then in that change be rendered fiction forever more. I could destroy them! But, no.... t'would be a coward's answer. I will know the truth instead. Then --it will be either them, or me, that face oblivion...

      • (after being demolished by the security system)
        Waspinator: (sarcastic) Oh, sure, don't mind Waspinator! Waspinator just lie here and suffer, drag himself to CR Tank.

      • (after losing Silverbolt)
        Cheetor: Nothing like cat speed and cornering ability!
        (looks back to see Megatron smashing through stone formations)
        Cheetor: Except maybe brute force!

      • (fighting Silverbolt and Quickstrike)
        Inferno: Insolent ones! Burn in the fires of Inferno!
        (is suddenly knocked away by Megatron)
        Megatron: Goodbye bad cop, hello good cop.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • Silverbolt: "I think my name is... Silverbolt, yes, pure, strong and fast."
        Silverbolt introduces himself in much the same manner as G1 Silverbolt did in the classic episode "The Key to Vector Sigma".

      • Ending Montage:
        Both the music and style of this scene are taken from the old "Western" films, such as the famous Clint Eastwood movies. The scene even has a rolling tumbleweed!

      • Dinobot: To be or not to be, that is the question.
        Once again, Dinobot paraphrases Shakespere's Hamlet. The last time he did this was in Victory. It also serves as a bit of forshadowing into the character's fate later in the season.