Beast Wars

Season 3 Episode 9

Crossing the Rubicon

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1999 on



  • Trivia

    • Like Depth Charge, Optimus uses 'MAXAMIZE' to transform into his flight mode.

    • Tarantulas does not make a sound when he transforms into robot mode.

    • How could all of the Predacons (except Rampage because he wasn't there, strangely) have survived the destruction of that massive weapon in 'Go With The Flow'.

    • Blackarachnia is damaged when she is being brought back to the base. She's fine when she's being scanned by Rhinox, but she's damaged again when she's outside.

  • Quotes

    • Rampage sees a grieving Silverbolt
      Rampage: Ah such pain, I must help...deepen it.

    • To Silverbolt, about to scrap Tarantulas
      Rampage: "Now that's not very Maximal of you!"

    • Blackarachnia: "Some crabs never know when to let it go."

    • Rattrap: "You couldn't pay me to let that spider into my processor."
      Cheetor: "Shut up, Rattrap."
      Sliverbolt: "Listen to him, rodent, if you value your spark!"
      Rattrap: "Was that a threat?"
      Cheetor: "Count on it!"

    • About Silverbolt's attack on Tarantulas
      Silverbolt: When I thought you were gone I...
      Blackarachnia: It will take a lot more than that to get rid of me Jojo. But when I have to come and rescue you when you're rescuing me my future may be in doubt so KNOCK IT OFF!

    • Rhinox: "I can't stop the deterioration, but I could try severing the Pred shell program from her core conscience. The only problem is... it's never been done before."
      Optimus: "And if we don't try?"
      Rhinox: "She'll go insane and eventually, her entire core will be wiped. She'll be a blank."
      Blackarachnia: "Great choice! Be a Maximal or drool oil for the rest of my life."

    • Blackarachnia: "You're not quitting on me now bowser boy, especially after I had my nails done and everything?"

    • Tarantulas: "Ah, the avenging hero!"

    • Blackarachnia: "Guess using the driver on myself wasn't such a good idea."
      Optimus: "I thought you were smarter than that. And where did you get the driver?"
      Blackarachnia: "I kind of... borrowed it."

    • Rampage: "Love the new look. Goodbye!"
      Ramapge fires, but Blackarachnia dodges
      Blackarachnia: "Missed... and you're ugly!"

  • Notes

    • Not only does Megatron have his rubber ducky in this episode, but he also has a slushie in his right hand before hiding it from Tarantulas.

    • The appearance of Megatron's rubber ducky during the communication with Tarantulas marks the last appearance of the Predacon leader's much beloved toy in the series. It presumably was vaporized when the Predacon base was destroyed two episodes later in "Other Victories".

    • D.C. Fontana is an accomplished novelist and screenplay writer who is probably best known for her work on the Star Trek series.

    • Blackarachnia becomes a Transmetal 2 and now uses the "Maximize" transformation command.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Crossing the Rubicon
      The saying "crossing the Rubicon" is an old and popular idiom that refers to taking a risky and often irreversable course of action, a "point of no return." The phrase originates as far back as 49BC, when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon River with his army, a blatant violation of Roman law and thus sparking a Roman civil war.