Beast Wars

Season 1 Episode 10

Gorilla Warfare

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1996 on



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    • Rhinox: I thought that thing was supposed to turn him into a coward.
      Dinobot: No doubt that was its intention but Scorponok is notoriously incompetent.

    • Cheetor: You were supposed to be Optimus' backup!
      Dinobot: We were ambushed! And don't tell me my duty, furball, or you shall be occupying several recycling bins!
      Cheetor: You wanna try it now?
      Rattrap: Hey, hey, hey! As much as I'd love to see you two scrap yourselves... eh, save it for my birthday.

    • Concerning Optimus' rampage
      Rhinox: We gotta stop him before he hurts himself!
      Rattrap: HIM?! Try US!

    • Negotiating over the com
      Cheetor: "Come in Predacon base!"
      Megatron:"Pussycat, yes, what is it you want?"
      Cheetor:"Listen up! You botched your little attitude adjustment on Optimus! He's flaming towards you on the red eye express and he's loaded for mainframe combat! So why don't you fork over the antivirus before you get vaped?"
      Megatron: "Any renegade Maximal who blunders into our base will...not survive. sudden enthusiasm Megatron out." Turns to Scorponok "Incompetent bug!" Kicks Scorponok

    • Last lines
      Optimus: Bedside vigil, Dinobot? Not like you.
      Dinobot: It was... my shift. Well, it's good to have you back.
      Optimus: Back home, or back to normal?
      Dinobot: Both.

    • After being "attacked" by a flower
      Dinobot: From now on I shoot my dinner salad before I eat it.

    • Optimus: Alright, who wants some?

    • Optimus: No one, takes it off. Understand. You hear me?! I'll blow your slaggin' heads off!

    • Optimus: After taking off viral mind Just a trick I learned from a flower, Megatron!

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