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Beast Wars

Season 3 Episode 10

Master Blaster

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1999 on
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Episode Summary

Master Blaster
Optimus is implanted with one of Tarantulas' bugs, this one letting Quickstrike remote control him. After securing the Maximal base, Megatron goes after the original Megatron's spark, hoping it will give him equal power to Optimal Optimus.

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  • Megatron enters the dragon.

    Since he couldnt beat optimal optimus in battle in his current form,megatron decides to fight fire with fire.First,he gains control of optimus\'s body and uses the codes in his head to open the ark.Once there,he finds the offline body of the original megatron and extracts his spark.But,quickstrike uses optimus\'s body to knock megatron into a lava pit.Soon,optimus regains his mind and quickly defeats the predacon force.However,a figure emerges from the lava.It\'s megatron!Megatron\'s body has went through a mutation that transforms his t-rex form into an imposing dragon form.Optimal optimus and the new megatron battle it out,ending in a draw.Once back at the predacon base,megatron decides to keep quickstrike around as long as he doesnt turn against him again.This episode was very well-written.End of review...moreless
  • Megatron is hungry for power

    Its time to even the score between the Maximals and the Predacons. Megatron has turn himself into a dragon. A dragon? What? Okay, what a great beast mode and his warrior looked fine. It just looked like his regular form where he has the head on one side and a tail on the other. His beast mode just looked like a regular dragon who fires a dragon breath. That's boring. Well this would be a pretty good matchup anyway between Megatron and Optimus Optimal.

  • The plot thickens.

    Now that Optimus has an edge over Megatron, its time to even the odds between them.

    It was an intresting idea to mingle the sparks to mutate himself into a dragon, my only question was: Why an organic-looking Dragon?

    Optimus Primal can turn into Ape and a jet, aparently Megatron can only turn into a Dragon.

    In my opinion, he was shoulda been a Dragon and a Jet, for a good Machanical Ape vs a Mechanical Dragon and the Dogfight between the two Jets in the skies. Damn what a ride that coulda been.

    Unfortunatly, this episode left too many questions unanswered, because the series ended shortly afterwards. I like the new Megatron's personality, but not his beast-mode selection (just an Organic Dragon?). It would have been quite interesting to see how far Blackaracnia could have taken her new abilities.moreless
Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Inferno (1997-1999)

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Venus Terzo


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

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David Kaye


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Alec Willows


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Garry Chalk

Optimus Primal

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