Beast Wars

Season 3 Episode 10

Master Blaster

Aired Unknown Mar 15, 1999 on

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  • The plot thickens.

    Now that Optimus has an edge over Megatron, its time to even the odds between them.
    It was an intresting idea to mingle the sparks to mutate himself into a dragon, my only question was: Why an organic-looking Dragon?
    Optimus Primal can turn into Ape and a jet, aparently Megatron can only turn into a Dragon.

    In my opinion, he was shoulda been a Dragon and a Jet, for a good Machanical Ape vs a Mechanical Dragon and the Dogfight between the two Jets in the skies. Damn what a ride that coulda been.

    Unfortunatly, this episode left too many questions unanswered, because the series ended shortly afterwards. I like the new Megatron's personality, but not his beast-mode selection (just an Organic Dragon?). It would have been quite interesting to see how far Blackaracnia could have taken her new abilities.