Beast Wars

Season 3 Episode 11

Other Victories (aka Closure)

Aired Unknown May 05, 1999 on
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Other Victories (aka Closure)
The aliens, the Vok, send Tigerhawk to Earth to stop Megatron's meddling with time. He crashes into the Predacon base, but the Predacons have no intention of taking this lying down... especially Tarantulas.

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  • The aliens return, Tigerhawks made, Pred base destroyed, ect.

    In the series opening episodes the Maximals discovered a stone henge formation and eventually discovered the planet had frequent visitations from aliens. As the series progressed rhinox deduced the energon deposits were unnatural and when investigating the stones they were revealed to be a beacon for the aliens who sent a probe that studied Optimus Primal. Later they found another alien site, a island with alien technology and a logic to it was to overcome obstacles peacefully or a obelisk weapon would be activated, Blackarchnia got to the control room and gained a power boost, the island was eventually destroyed and a signal was sent to a obelisk on the planets second moon which sent it into space. Eventually the aliens sent a golden disc into a mountain and after Megatron acquired it he forged a truce, eventually the aliens returned and confronted Optimus Primal. They told him the transformers had disrupted their plan and that they'd destroy the planet, they tried by transforming the second moon into a weapon, they scorched the area the trnsformers were in but Primal took down the planet buster at the unplanned cost of his own life. Starting season 2 a quantum surge from the planet busters destruction altered both Maximal and Predacon alike into mechanical beasts with vehicle parts attached, Tarantulus discovered these forms made them one with the aliens, and eventually the aliens returned, one of their sites was a plant that abducted Tigatron and Airazor and formed a fortress which the Predacons were about to take to Cybertron, Megatron activated it by the alien golden disc but fled when the ship launched and was destroyed by the aliens. That was the last we saw of them until now.

    The episode:

    It opens up in Nexus Zero, the aliens domain which is a nebula, we see their true face as skull like entities that mention the time flow has been disrupted at Nexus Earth due to Megatrons recent actions. They extract the sparks of Tigatron and Airazor and meld their bodies into one being Tigerhawk, a Transmetal Fuzor who they posess, and then head to earth to stop Megatron with the disembodied Maximals in tow, Tigerhawk manages to destroy the Predacon base and bring Megatron to his knees and is then broguht down by Tarantulus who intends to use him as a weapon by destroying the aliens within him.

    My thoughts:

    I have a big problem with this episode, the entire alien plotline was discarded, all that build up and all that mystery was rendered pointless. Worse still the Vok are destroyed by Tarantulus, the writers were divided by the origin and they both tied it into G1. The Vok could have been a original memorable villian but beast Wars suffered due to Larry and Bobs exploration and newfound love of G1.

    It's not a bad episode by any means, it's a bad conclusion.moreless
  • Not bad but...

    It was good that they tied that loose end pertaining to Tigatron and Air Razor, but Tigerhawk should have been a one episode affair. Having him in more just teased that they might have actually developed the character more. Was

    I the only one that didn\'t feel bad when he was destroyed? Now Depthcharge-- I felt bad when he was destroyed.
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Jim Byrnes (I)

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Venus Terzo


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Scott McNeil

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    • The Predacon base is destroyed

    • A 3-D model of the Decepticon flagship Nemesis can be seen on Tarantula's monitor at the beginning of the episode, hinting at what the spider has been up to over the last year and setting up its discovery in the series-finale.

    • Many fans have commented on the short period of time that Tigerhawk spent in the series. The reasons the character was never expanded was several fold, primarily of which was the fact that Hasbro initially never intended Tigerhawk to become part of the Beast Wars toy line.

    • Once titled "Closure", the episode was renamed to match the "Other V" characterization of past episodes that featured the mysterious Beast Wars aliens.

    • Tarantulas' attempts at controlling the Vok is a plot point in the convention exclusive "Expanded Universe" comic series.

    • After getting extracted from Tigerhawk's body, the Vok enter Tarantulus body. But later both Tarantulus and the aliens die.

    • Vok aliens use the bodies of Tigatron and Airrazor (captured back in season 2) and create Tigerhawk. Later, the combined Sparks of Tigatron and Airrazor become part of Tigerhawk.

    • In this episode, Tarantulas claims that he and the Tripredacus Council are not descended from either the Autobots or the Decepticons, but these different origins are not expanded on. Writer Larry DiTillio intended for Tarantulas and the council to be descended from the "Generation Two" Decepticons - Decepticons who remained behind on Cybertron when the Ark was dormant on Earth, who were featured in the "Transformers: Generation Two" comic book series. This was not included in the finished series - such a move irrevocably would tie the series to the comic continuity, and up until now, it had remained fairly ambiguous (albeit with leanings to the G1 cartoon continuity) - but co-writer Bob Forward attempted his own "different origins" resolution in "Nemesis," Part One, where Megatron calls Tarantulas "Unicron's spawn." It's possible to take this as just some common insult, though.

    • This episode had a lot less time to wrap up the Vok storyline than the writer had wished. Originally intended to be a two parter, it was additionally hampered by having to introduce Tigerhawk.