Beast Wars

Season 1 Episode 25

Other Voices (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1997 on
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Other Voices (1)

An alien spacecraft lands and captures Airazor while she's examining it. Optimus and Rattrap enter to rescue her, while the Predacons stand outside, ready to break the truce at a moment's notice.

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    Jim Byrnes (I)

    Jim Byrnes (I)

    Inferno (1997-1999)

    Venus Terzo

    Venus Terzo


    Scott McNeil

    Scott McNeil

    Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

    David Kaye

    David Kaye


    Richard Newman

    Richard Newman


    Alec Willows

    Alec Willows


    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (6)

      • Airazor: Looks like we found the source of the anomaliny.
        Rattrap: Ooh, lucky us. Now we can be the first to get vaped.
        Airazor: Do you ever think positivly?
        Rattrap: Hey that was positive sister. You know, I could have said "Now we can be the first to get tortured and then vaped"
        Airazor: You're a real fun bot, you know that?

      • (Optimus screams in pain)
        Megatron: Ah, would that I could have that sound to lull me to sleep each night.

      • Rattrap: Ours is not to wonder why, but to blow this joint before we die!

      • About the alien beam
        Blackarachnia: What is that?
        Tarantulas: The beginning of the end.

      • Optimus: They call it a termination sequence! We've got to get out of here!
        Rattrap: You just said my favorite phrase!

      • Waspinator: Not fair! Waspinator always gets slag assignments!
        Megatron: May I remind Waspinator that the current cease-fire only applies to Maximals!
        Waspinator: Waspinator go!

    • NOTES (3)

      • We find out just why Inferno's stasis pod was so important to Tarantulas in Spider's Game.

      • This is the second time that Optimus has been scanned by the aliens in this series - the first being in the earlier episode Chain of Command.

      • The original concept for the aliens (named "the Vok" in season three) by writer Larry DiTillio was that they were to be the evolved, purified form of the Swarm - a formerly-malevolent offshoot of Transformer reproduction, which appeared in the "Transformers: Generation 2" comic book series, and was purified by Optimus Prime at it's conclusion. He imagined this version of the Swarm as being an amalgamation of Transformer, human and a lizard-like race of aliens. The alien voice that can be heard speaking in this episode, which says "Cybertron," is the spoken language of these lizards.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Rattrap: Ours is not to wonder why, but to blow this joint before we die!
        This is a reference to "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Tennyson, the original lines being: "Their's not to reason why, Their's but to do and die". Rattrap gives it his own "personal" spin...