Beast Wars

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1997 on
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During a fierce storm, the immortal spark of the Deception Starscream lands on the planet and takes control of Waspinator's body. He convinces Megatron to let him help with an attack on the Maximal base, which he knows to be offline. His skills are after all considerable... but then again - so is his treachery.moreless

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  • Starscream posesses Waspinator

    Here's the backstory: Starscream is a Decepticon warrior who was given command of Megatrons air forces. He had a personality glitch, he kept undermining Megatrons authority and tried to sieze power on a few occasions and yet Megatron always kept him alive. The reason was never explained but I suspect on a subconsciece level Megatron needed Starscream just to keep him on his toes, however after Starscreams trechery came dangerously close by tossing the heavily damaged Megatron out of Astrotrain, fate had it that Megatron was recreated as Galvatron and when he returned to the Decepticons the first thing Gaslvatron did was destroy Starscream. Notably Galvatron went insane for varying reasons, I figured he felt killing Starscream was a mistake and a subsequent encounter where he destroyed a recorporealised Starscream a second time may have indicated Galvatron was beyond help. Starscream in the meantime survived as a disembodied spark, he's a mutation which is indestructable and disposed to be trecherous, now he arrives on the world where the Beast Wars are fought.


    It begins with a lightening storm forcing both the Maximals and Predacons to disarm their weapons to prevent catastrophy, during the storm Starscreams spark enters Waspinator and introduces himself to Megatron the second. this new Megatron and all but Blackarachnia and Dinobot have no knowledge of who Starscream is. Starscream helps the Preds take over the Maximal base and gains command of it.

    I loved Posession from beginning to end, it was well written and confirmed a few things about this version of Transformers. What baffles me though is they already have a character like Terrorsaur who, coincidence or not, is like Starscream on some level, his voice actor is the one who potrayed this version of Starscream due to Chris Lattas death and maybe it should have been Terrorsaur who Starscream posessed. There's also the absense of Inferno, he should have replaced Tarantulus who at this point in the series was mostly seperated from the predacons in his lair.moreless
  • Starscream is back but not physically.

    Starscream took over Waspinator's body to pledge loyalty to Megatron. But you know Starscream he wanted to be the leader of the Decepticons and he wants to be the leader of the Predacons. Just like that Starscream gets destroyed because of his desire. Waspinator wasn't destroyed just so you know.
Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

David Kaye

David Kaye


Richard Newman

Richard Newman


Alec Willows

Alec Willows


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Primal

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Waspinator/Starscream says to Black Arachnia "He's no match for the two of us." her spider legs are missing.

    • If you look carefully when the lightning flashes, Starscream's feet are the wrong colour, they are dark blue on the inner part and white on the outter part, but Starscream's G1 body had a white inner part and light blue on the outside.

    • I know they were in a hurry, but surely one of the Maximals could have remembered to turned Sentinel on. It was never mentioned that Sentinel was offline. Having Sentinel active would have no doubt caused trouble for the Predacons, and if someone remembered to activate it in the first place, the Maximals might not have needed to abandon the Axalon.

    • Tarantulas mentions that all the Predacons are at the Maximal base, leaving their own defensless. What about Inferno? He's nowhere to be seen in this episode. This could possibly mean that this episode was produced for an earlier air time, but was shown later.

    • Unicron's ring seems to be a lot farther from the planet section than in G1.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Optimus has ordered a retreat
      Rattrap: Yeah, right! Like this rat needs instructions on leaving a sinking ship!

    • Predacons have taken over the base
      Cheetor: I bet one of them's in my room right now, going through my stuff!
      Rattrap: Eh, don't take this the wrong way, kitty cat. But, under the circumstances - GO TELL SOMEONE WHO CARES!

    • Cheetor: Twinkle, twinkle, little Starscream.

    • Recovering from damage
      Waspinator: Ohh, Waspinator has a headache in his whole body!

    • After blasting Dinobot
      Megatron: "We must pay attention, Dinobot, or, deary me, look what happens."

    • Rattrap: "Yer nothin' but a schemin' snake-in-the grass!"
      Starscream: "Flattery will get you flattened, vermin."

    • Optimus: Hasta la vista, Starscream.

    • Starscream: Blackarachnia, destroy [Optimus] and together we can rule the universe!
      Blackarachnia: Are all your dreams in Technicolor?
      Starscream: Energon... you've betrayed me!
      Blackarachnia: I studied with the master!

    • (learning of Starscream's betrayal)
      Megatron: Starscream and Blackarachnia! I'll have both their hides, yes! I'll melt them down and use them as aluminum siding, oh yes indeed!

    • Dinobot: Starscream was deceitful and scheming, the most notorious traitor of all!

    • Starscream: Forgive my impertinence, Blackarachnia, but is there something you're not telling me?
      Blackarachnia: More like something you're not telling us!
      Starscream: Such as?
      Blackarachnia: I scanned your file. You weren't blasted to scrap metal by Unicron, you were blasted by Galvatron, AFTER you betrayed him!

    • Megatron: And now that you're here, Air Commander, what do you want?
      Starscream: Why, to pledge my allegiance to the glory of Megatron and serve as your loyal lieutenant!
      Megatron: Well, you'll excuse the glorious Megatron for not melting into a puddle of gratitude.

    • (seeing Waspinator/Starscream)
      Scorponok: There you are!
      Starscream: Yes, here I am, at very long last!
      Megatron: What happened to your voice?
      Starscream: Allow me to introduce myself. Air Commander Starscream of the Decepticon fleet!

    • Waspinator: What is this? Program does not respond! Waspinator does not understand!
      Starscream: (from the computer) I bet Waspinator seldom does! But don't let it depress you too much, bug face.

    • Megatron: Damage report!
      Waspinator: Moderate. Waspinator in pain, but still functional!
      Megatron: Not you, imbecile, THE COMPUTER!

  • NOTES (5)

    • At the end of the episode when Optimus says "Hasta La Vista Starscream," you can see sunglasses flipping down in front of his optics

    • Scorponok's cyberbee appears here for the last time.

    • When Starscream possesses Waspinator, Waspinator's Predacon insignias are replaced by the Decepticon emblem.

    • This episode establishes the relationship between the Maximals and Predacons with the Autobots and Decepticons. The Maximals are the descendants of the Autobots, while the Decepticons are the ancestors of the Predacons.

    • The first concept for this episode was to have a latent Autobot memory be downloaded from the Axalon. Eventually, it was decided that a Decepticon would be more appropriate-since a foundation for that had already been set by the original Transformers series.


    • Dinobot: "Starscream was deceitful and scheming, the most notorious traitor of all!"
      This episode features one of the most notable characters in the original Transformers series: Starscream. As Dinobot describes, Starscream was notorious for his many schemes to install himself as leader of the Decepticons. There are several references to the original series and feature film, many of which center around the character. Unfortunately, the original voice actor, Chris Latta, died in 1994, so series regular Doug Parker stepped into the role.

    • Blackarachnia: "You were blasted by Galvatron, AFTER you betrayed him!"
      Blackarachnia recounts the events in Transformers: The Movie in regards to Starscream's demise.

    • Blackarachnia: "Are all your dreams in Technicolor?"
      The original Transformers series was filmed in Technicolor, which is the leading company in color film.