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  • Goddamn Perfect

    Beast Wars was almost flawless. The animation was great (at the time, it was advanced CG though seen as primitive today) the characters were appealing (Besides Rattrap) especially Dinobot, Silverbolt, Depth Charge, Blackarachnia, Tigatron and of course Primal (I LOVED everyone else as well). Beast Wars was also the saving grace of Transformers, though taken as a joke by critics at the time, but really, Transformers was at the point of dying but Beast Wars got it enough attention to bring it back into the game. The writing is amazing and I never got bored watching it, I loved every second of it.

    In total, Beast Wars is the best Transformer show out there.

  • One of the lamest shows on G4 & a realy, realy, realy, realy, realy borning one too.

    just like Super_Peter w/ Saul of The Mole Men & Tim & Eric Awsome Show & 2 CGI show I hate are Beast Wars & Tak & the Power of Juju.

    G4's first worst show, it's realy, realy, realy, realy, realy, realy borning one too. The Grafic are horifing. The voice-acting is like music done by Ziggy Marley [his voice is like nails on a chalkbord] & the story s can put you to sleep & I hope this will never air on Cartoon Network & it's bad enough that Baby looney Tunes, My Gym Parter's a Monkey, & Squrriel Boy still airs.

  • Good ole transformers receive an overhauling

    Do you remember 80's transformers? Well this show has our amazing robots casted away in a lonesome planet. Well not exactly the same robots actually but the spirit of Optimus Prime and Megatron lives on this update to the franchise.

    The first thing you are going to notice is that the show is not animated anymore, it is CGI now, which makes the robots looks better than ever. although I am a sucker for cartoon drawings. This show is excellent leaving you every episode thinking about what might happen next week. All the episodes are great don't miss this show because it is CGI + great storyline.
  • Nostalgia

    About 15 years ago i saw an interesting animated show. Yes a little bit blocky maybe but still with an interesting story line about the maximals and the predacons who end up on a unknown planet which later turns out to be earth eons ago. There is a large amount of energon there. They can't sustain their robot modes for long so they scan for any animal forms and turn into their new beasts modes. Megatron tries to destroy the maximals. But the maximals fight back they learn more about the planet and more characters are introduced. Even some of the decepticon era. You have to watch a lot of episodes before all the loose ends are tied but it's definitely worth it.
  • Three kinds of intention, two kinds of hope... no kind of peace.

    The team of scientists, instead of the planned space exploration flight, ends up in the war against the rebels trying to conquer the galaxy. So what? Consider: their science plans get wrecked, everything they build get wrecked, their culture gets useless, everything they are in for is everyday attempts to defend against Megatron's plan to end their sparks.

    The team of rebels, instead of the quick win by taking enormous energy resource, ends up in front of their energon, unable to do anything about the planet. So what? Yes, there is a lot of opportunity to test their diversion skills, but where is their world domination? For that time, the planet is far from being theirs.

    Behind all that are the so-called Sparks, circuitry, the DNA (great!), and finally, the code. The code that can either save their planet, or destroy it. The code that gets to run or ruin the souls of these bots! Said that, Beast wars is a war of the bots, but for their sparks, it's part of the lifetime. It's the part that is spent on unsuccessful attempts to win, while on Cybertron, someone gets drastically another existence in their absence. It's all throughout with metal instead of flesh. So doesn't it become a paradox question - what is better?

    Now about the rating. The CG of this show, characters and the story are very impressive, but strange thing is when the second season begins, the story turn and new graphics totally break something important. They turn a planet into a battlefield, where all bots are just warriors. I like those seasons very much less than the first. But the first season is great. Really great.
  • Glad it's gone

    Beast Wars was terriable it needed to be canncelled before G4 realized they're going down hill.

    The Grafics are hidious, Low-Quality Voice-Acting, & The Dialog make you want to put yourself to sleep

    Man, G4 did something right you may hear people to bring it Back but it was cancelled for it own good

    Cheetor was the charater I hate the most.
  • This was the best Transformers series I have ever seen and wish it were back.

    Transformers Beast Wars was, in my opinion, the best Transformers series I've ever seen. I heard G1 is the best but I've never seen G1, but still Beast Wars was Awesome!! I still remember this show as a kid, I loved watching it every day. In fact, alot of my friends that aren't even Transformers fans said they used to watch this show as kids. We all talked about how the newer series, while not bad, aren't as good as Transformers had used to be. Beast Wars was a Transformers paragon, it had everything. I really miss Beast Wars, but I heard about Transformers Animated coming up. I heard it's supposed to be alot like Transformers G1, which I hear is the best Transformers series there ever was. I also loved the live-action movie that came out this year and can't wait for it's sequels.
  • A horrible Anime for G4's Action Blast

    this show sucks,it's Retared and it's worst than CatDog, Sagwa, 6teen, & Weekenders combind .Beast Wars is one of the absolute worst shows i've ever seen.The idea of having an army of robo-creatures is Retarded because one of my good friends is a dinosaur from Nintendo and the show is too idiotic to understand.why did G4 tv ever re-run this show to begin with hmmmm because there were being idiots but i'm glad they took Beast Wars off .
  • The moment Transformers went crap

    Beast Wars is a weak adaption of Transformers...dispite the fact all those that came after this were even worse Beast Wars too was no great shakes. It really bugged me how all the Transformers changed into things like giant Robot gorrillas...and the fact that even though they were totally different many of them went by the same name as Transformers for the original....STUPID.....and not to meantion the really crude CGI even for 1996...I mean ReBoot looked better.....this is a must not see!
  • one of the best spin offs of all time from the show transformers

    i used to love watching the show when it came on in the mornings to me the show was excelt it had stuff simular to transformers but they had there diffrences which made the show very simaular so if you like transformers you would proble most likly like this show the fighting scenes were pretty cool they had a rat a cheeta a dragon and alot of other thers they were called decepticons and predicons the good and bad . it had alot of good story lines and that is why i gave the show a 8 points for the rating of the show
  • I love this show! I watched it on Youtube out of curiousity and I loved it!

    I love this show! I watched it on Youtube out of curiousity and I loved it! I love animals and robots, so robots that transform into animals is so very awesome. If you are a Transformers fan, this is a must. I learned so many different words for what we say, like a "cycle" to them, is a minute for us. My favorite charactors would have to be Rattrap and Dinobot. Rattrap for his sarcasm and accent; Dinobot because he's awesome and his code of honor. Also, I love the fact that they argue all the time. Some of their arguements are seriously funny.
  • A good addition to the Transformers mythos. Beast Wars does not revovle around the Autobots and Deceptcons but their decendents the Maximals and Predacons.

    Beast Wars is set 300 years after the war between the Autobots and Deceptcons ended, the Autobots won the war and as result Cyberton has been at a uneasy peace between the two factions. The Autbots have most of the political power while the Deceptcons have little say in how the planet is run, this continues even with their decendents the Maximals(Autobot decendents) and the Predacons(Deceptcons). One Predcons who is named Megatron decides to change this by stealing a acient artifact known as the Golden Disk, gathering a crew, and stealing a ship to gather enough energon to start a new war. A small crew of Maximals pursue him, than engage him in battle that leaves both ships stranded on a unknown planet.

    The series stands on it's own feet and does not rely on the events of Transformers to carry it, maing it easy for non Transformer veiwers to follow it. The characters are well rounded, each with their own unique characteristics. The plot is well done, leaving fans to guess what Megatron's true motives are, and wonder if the Maximals have won the day or just played into his hands. The animation is great aside from some glitches but no more than any other show, the series was one of the best cgi shows of it's time. Beast Wars filler episodes are actually watchable maybe even enjoyable which is hard to say for any show. Beast Wars is a good show if you happen to catch a episode check it out you might be surprised.
  • One great show.

    Beast Wars was cutting edge when it first aired. 13 years later, it is a classic memory. I used to watch this show when I was a kid and I couldn't get enough of it. I found it as entertaining as any show on television, day or night. The graphics were really good and the acting was better than other shows, which says plenty considering that it was a cartoon. The writers, creators, and producers did a wonderful job making that show. Personally, my favorite character was Cheetor. But I liked all the characters, even the Predicons. I found their battles wonderfully entertaining and it kept me interested for every episode. I wish it would have lasted more than just 2 seasons, but I am glad that I had the opportunity to be that young to appreciate it. Thank you.
  • My personal childhood favorite cartoon

    Growing up i watched many cartoons but Beast Wars was near the top of my favorites.

    I enjoyed because it was one of the few shows that i watched that used CG animations if not the only one. So it was unique in my eyes plus i loved transformers and this was an off-shoot of them. Plus whats not to like about a good versus evil cartoon show with some cool characters and some sweet action? While i was a fan of the evil predacons beast forms more i cheered for the Maximals cause they are good guys. Wish it continued longer than the 3 seasons it was on.
  • Emocionante.

    Es una serie bastante entretenida, quizas la mejor de transformers, innovadores en su momento, con su forma de animar los personajes, y ademas la vida que les dieron pese a que fueron robots (sin sentimientos)... Divertida, entretenida, con buenas escenas de accion y con buen doblaje, ojala los episodios hubieran sido mas largos, o la serie hubiera durado mas en si, me trae buenos recuerdos de mi niñez donde era la mejor serie para ver en la noche. Algo parecido esperaba encontrar en la pelicula, definitivamente una serie de culto, para no perderse y repetirse, sin ninguna clase de remordimiento final.
  • One of the better transformers series.

    I loved this show growing up more than any other transformers series i have seen to date. This is the one transformers series that i had no major problems with and didn't think was too cheesy.

    Rattrap was my favorite character with his catch phrase "we're all going to die". The interactions between him and Dinobot were always classic.

    The only thing that bugged me about the series was cheetor. He was kind of pathetic/useless. Waspinator was useless too but at least he provided some comic relieve to the show.

    The series that come on after this one wasn't as good and i think that beast wars should have been the end to series instead of beast machines.
  • Classics animation serie bassed on Transformers orginal series. Maximals are having a battle against Predacons, when they arrive a primitive planet that is full of Energon. Leading this way to the Beast Wars.

    This is one of the best classics of all Transformers, the whole idea of battle are greatly planned, even in battlefield they use all sort of bettle commands such as cover fire an so on.
    The grafics are not good, but, what do you expect for a 1997's show??? I really recommend this show fot kids and for classics animation shows lovers, also for Tranformers fans. I really like how technology evolved to some point, to make 3-D animations, even the are some graphics mistakes, like some missing stripes on characters, it diservers the respect it has earned trought Transformers history.
  • The only reason I sort-of liked this show was because it was a sequel to the Transformers. Otherwise there's nothing to watch.

    Beast Wars, the sequel to Beast Machines, takes the story further when the Transformers crash land on an alien planet stuffed to the throat with raw energon, the thing they're all fighting for. In any case, the concentration of energon is so high on this new planet that the transformers take on new animal forms to protect themselves from the environment... and hence, Beast Machines, and later Beast Wars in born. Though the setting and the animation and everything were superb as usual, I still didn't think much had changed in the way of storyline. Plot development throughout the series was mostly linear, and not all that entertaining. All in all, this will be enjoyable by only veteran Transformers fans.
  • A CGI 'Transformers' that builds upon the original G1 'Transformers' and actually improved upon it.

    'Beast Wars' was an interesting and accidental find. At first, I accidentally saw an episode and didn't even realize it was a 'Transformers' series. After that, all I ever knew were a few of the first season episodes and the 1st season finale. From there I always wanted to know what happened but couldn't find it on TV. I found it later and caught a few random episodes but never followed the whole plot. Finally in college I got the chance to catch up on them all and actually watched the whole series in order. No surprise, I was amazed at the direction it managed to take half-way thru the series and the way everything came together.

    'Beast Wars' takes the excitement from the original G1 'TF' series and goes beyond. One thing that helped lift this above G1 was an emphasis on a story that really takes a turn sharp turn in the 3rd season and manages to expand the 'TF' universe. Sadly, its follow up, 'Beast Machines,' was a bit of a let-down. 'BW' manages to not disappoint especially once Season 2 starts and the story really begins to take off.
  • I watched this show every day growing up!!!

    I remember coming home from school and turning to channel 18 I think and this was always on at 4:00 and then Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders at 4:30.....those were the days!! I don't really remember this show much but I do remember I loved and and the cheeta I think it was was my absolute favorite. There was a gorilla too right?? I'm pretty sure there was he ruled!!!! It was on like Amazin' adventures or something like that. Whenever I couldn't watch it I would always record it, I no I must have at least one episode around here somewhere!!! Ahh....I miss this show!!!
  • lol I remember this show as a kid...

    The plot was so chessy and the voice acting, but it was cool how they like shot at each other, could fight and transform and stuff it was a stupid show, but it was good when I was a kid and all I remember it was megatron and some of the other characters would be animals and transform to robots and were after crystals or something it was a good show when I was a kid now it is cheesy, but I thought it used to be cool to watch on saturday mornings and stuff like that so it was worth watching I guess....
  • Never really understood something. Why where a disguise on a near-desert planet?

    I found this show to be an extreme guilty pleasure back then, but even more when I look back at it now...

    I truly loved this show due the extremely darker, more mature tones it took (things like death, betrayal, and even love on occasion.) I even had a soft spot for the minor characters that were glossed over, like that tiger guy, and the creepy ant villain.

    The show got even more impressive near the end, where most things became more personal and dramatic, (Rhinoc turning evil, Megatron yearning to be more of a machine, the "good guys" becoming more organic than machine.)

    Actually I don't remember anything bad about the show except the "obligatory kiddie moments" that I never was into... but that seems to be a necessary evil when it comes to animation that wants to on more than a single season...
  • I grew up watching this show... man, now I feel old.

    Beast Wars was cutting edge. It was one of the first all-cgi animated shows. Come to think of it, there haven't been that many all-cgi shows since... Anyway, I used to love this show when I was a kid. It was surprisingly realistic and frank about war for a Saturday morning cartoon. I had no prior knowledge of the Transformers universe before then, and I don't really know anything about it now. I can't understand people who don't like it simply because they turn into animals instead of vehicles. I think that makes it better! Beast Wars is one of the best kid shows ever.
  • A CGI Transformers that builds upon the original G1 TF.

    Beast Wars was an interesting find. At first, I accidentally saw an episode and didn't even realize it was TF. After that, all I ever knew were a few of the first season episodes and the 1st season finale. From there I always wanted to know what happened but couldn't find it on TV. I found it later and caught a few random episodes but never followed the whole plot. Finally in college I got the chance to catch up on them all and actually watched the whole series in order. No surprise, I was amazed at the direction it managed to take half-way thru the series and the way everything came together.

    Beast Wars takes the excitement from the original G1 TF series and goes beyond. One thing that helped lift this above G1 was an emphasis on a story that really takes a turn sharp turn in the 3rd season and manages to expand the TF universe. Sadly, its follow up, "Beast Machines", was a bit of a let-down. It had potential but lost its way in the end. BW, however, manages to not disappoint, especially once Season 2 starts.
  • One of the funniest shows I've seen.

    Transformers Beast Wars is the best Transformer show ever. I've seen all the episodes from the 80s, I truly loved that show, and some of my favorites were Shockwave, Mirage, Jazz, the contructacons, and few I forget the names off. Beast Wars tops that. It has everything humor, action, drama, and best off all Inferno. He is perhaps the greatest transformer ever. I loved him and how he thought Megatron was his queen, that was hilarious. The other character that was great was Dinobot he was a lot like the old Dinobot. This is a series must for anyone who likes Transformers.
  • Best Transformers series ever!

    This was the first Transformers series I ever saw. I watched it on TV every day when I was little. All I needed to see was one episode and I was instantly hooked. What I think makes this series interesting is in most other Transformers series there are two armies waring against each other. Because of that the writers can do whatever they want with any character. Whereas in this series there are only 14 (give or take) characters around for the majority of the series. Also just since most characters get blown to pieces at least a few times in the series. A great show. A++. Buy the DVD's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I really liked this show.When it was on.

    One of those Transformer seris.Except this time the robots disquise themselves as animals to blend in with the planet.Even to fight their emenies the predicons.Who chased them down to the planet causing them both to crash and to survive on that planet.As another endless battle.Well I might be wrong on some of my thought review.But it was so long since I seen this show.When it was on UPN.I would watch this show every morning.This show is funny as well.Altough my fav character is Cheetehtron.Still this is one of my fav show.
  • My All-Time Favorite Show.

    This show was pretty much all I watched as a child. My brother and I watched it (along with some friends) everyday at 4 o\'clock. It used to be huge with us. It included all of the elements a godd tv show should. Action, a good story, a good side and a bad side, a good plot, sweet main characters, and it even had some comedy in it too. I\'ve always liked Beast Wars even when it changed to Beast Machines. I\'ve never really cared for Transformers. I still remember my favorite character. It was Cheetor. I liked Cheetor because I liked cheetahs. I will never forget this show. And I hope the other people that watched the show remembers it too.
  • I really like this show...

    I watched this show every saturday morning or any other chance that I got. it is amamzing what they did with the CGI and that was back in the 90s. here's a little trivia for ya It takes a whole day to make 2 minutes of this show, so you know all the work that everyone put into it. I really liked it when they all changed to being transmetal. I think that this is the best incarnation of transformers ever. I wish they would release it on dvd so I can buy it. I don't think that the spinoff to this was very good, although it was the same characters they would be better off staying on the planet earth. Later...
  • One of the best Transformer shows ever.

    Transformers has had so many shows over the years it isn't funny. But Beast Wars is one of the best and it is just as good as Deast Machines if not better, at times.

    It was very well written. The writers did a great job of keeping the storylines fresh. Allowing the story to evolve and transform.

    The voice actors, as with most animated shows did a great job. They gave life to their characters and did a good job because you can't go back and picture anyone playing the characters better.

    Overall Beast Wars was a very good show and shouldn't be missed by fans.
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