Beast Wars - Season 1

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Spider's Game
    Spider's Game
    Episode 18
    Predicting the next stasis pod's landing, Tarantulas knocks out both the Preds' and the Maximals' computer systems. He plans to recruit the protoform robot for himself, but has to let Blackarachnia tag along when she discovers him scheming.
  • Other Voices (2)
    Other Voices (2)
    Episode 26
    The spacecraft leaves, but not before revealing the second moon's true purpose - planet destruction. As it gets ready to fire, Optimus and the others return to the Axalon only to find Rhinox and Dinobot off-line... and spiders in their basement.
  • Other Voices (1)
    Other Voices (1)
    Episode 25

    An alien spacecraft lands and captures Airazor while she's examining it. Optimus and Rattrap enter to rescue her, while the Predacons stand outside, ready to break the truce at a moment's notice.

  • The Trigger (1)
    The Trigger (1)
    Episode 16
    Tigatron discovers a floating island, with a giant obelisk in its center. When the obelisk fries Waspinator and Terrorsaur with a single blast, Megatron decides he wants that power and sends out Scorponok and Blackarachnia to seize it.
  • The Trigger (2)
    The Trigger (2)
    Episode 17
    Optimus and Rattrap race to the island to assist Tigatron and the wounded Airrazor, while Scorponok and Blackarachnia make their way towards the obelisk.
  • The Spark
    The Spark
    Episode 15
    Rhinox spots a falling stasis pod while surveying unused Predacon territory. He is the first to arrive, but the pod is damaged and he is unable to activate the DNA scanner. Unless he can get it working again soon, the protoform's spark will be extinguished.
  • Dark Designs
    Dark Designs
    Episode 13
    After Rhinox thwarts a Predacon trap, Megatron decides it's time to test Tarantulas' newest device on him - reprogramming the Maximal into a Predacon. Megatron is certain that the new ally will make overrunning the Maximal base easy, though it seems like the new Rhinox has other ideas.
  • Before the Storm
    Before the Storm
    Episode 24
    Inferno retrieves a golden disk hidden inside a glowing mountain. When Megatron sees it, he decides there are far more important things to worry about than the Maximals, and offers Optimus a truce. Meanwhile, Tarantulas is even more determined to leave the planet than ever.
  • Fallen Comrades
    Fallen Comrades
    Episode 7
    One of the Maximal stasis pods, put in orbit before the crash, falls down in the north, and Optimus rushes out to retrieve it. Unfortunately, Megatron anticipates this and sets up an ambush that nearly kills the Maximal leader. Without a flyer, the Maximals race to the pod in hope of getting it before the Predacons reprogram the dormant robot inside.moreless
  • A Better Mousetrap
    A Better Mousetrap
    Episode 9
    While the Predacons are preparing to strike at the Maximal base by creating a hole in the ground below it, Dinobot accidentally activates the Maximal's new defense system before it's learnt to recognize the Maximals as friendlies.
  • Double Jeopardy
    Double Jeopardy
    Episode 8
    After repeated ambushes by the Predacons, this time costing the Maximals a stasis pod, Optimus calls Rattrap's loyalty into question, and sends him off into Predacon territory to look for energon. Once there, he is attacked by Terrorsaur, and offers to surrender... and become a Predacon.
  • Beast Wars (1)
    Beast Wars (1)
    Episode 1

    A battle in space forces the Maximals and Predicons to crash onto an unknown planet, where the Energon, which Transformers need to survive, is so abundant that it may cause damage to their robotic forms. In order to servive they decide to create alternate forms based upon the most powerful local creatures. Dinobot is fed up with Megatron and challenges him to a battle for leadership but loses, and leaves the Predacons. Cheetor runs off to explore and is ambushed by Waspinator, and both the Predacons and Maximals go to battle. The Maximals retreat from the battle and are confronted by Dinobot, who challenges Optimus Primal for leadership of the Maximals.

  • Chain of Command
    Chain of Command
    Episode 5
    A stone circle, showing abnormal energon readings, is activated during a Predacon attack and attracts an alien probe. While investigating it, Optimus is disintegrated, leaving the Maximals bickering over who's in charge, while the Predacons prepare to attack.
  • Possession
    Episode 21
    During a fierce storm, the immortal spark of the Deception Starscream lands on the planet and takes control of Waspinator's body. He convinces Megatron to let him help with an attack on the Maximal base, which he knows to be offline. His skills are after all considerable... but then again - so is his treachery.moreless
  • Law of the Jungle
    Law of the Jungle
    Episode 23
    Tigatron accidentally blows up a Predacon ammo storage, and the resulting avalanche kills a feline friend. Tired of fighting, he sets off alone, renouncing his membership from the Maximals.
  • Victory
    Episode 12
    After installing a hidden camera in the Predacon base, the Maximals watch them destroy themselves up during a power-struggle between Terrorsaur and Megatron. Investigating, they find no signs of life, so it looks like they won, and can go back to Cybertron with salvaged parts from the remains of the Predacon ship.moreless
  • Gorilla Warfare
    Gorilla Warfare
    Episode 10
    Scorponok infects Optimus Primal with a viral mine that is intended to turn the Maximal leader into a coward. However, it has the opposite effect, turning Optimus into a crazed, battle-hungry berserker. And his first target is the Predacons' base... if he doesn't manage to take his own team out first!moreless
  • The Probe
    The Probe
    Episode 11
    Rhinox detects a Cybertronian probe entering the star system, but is unable to contact it though the energon fields. The only option is build a more powerful transmitter before the probe leaves, but the nearest suitable place is in the middle of Predacon territory.
  • The Web
    The Web
    Episode 3
    While out testing a communicator adapted to the energon interference, Cheetor takes on Scorponok alone to prevent the Predacons salvaging a powerful cannon. But he is ambushed by Tarantulas and ends up knocked out. Overeager to make up for his failure he sneaks into the Pred base to take out the cannon, and once again stumbles right into Tarantulas fangs.moreless
  • Beast Wars (2)
    Beast Wars (2)
    Episode 2
    Dinobot challenges Optimus for leadership of the Maximals, but while they fight the Predacons launch an ambush.
  • Dark Voyage
    Dark Voyage
    Episode 20
    A Predacon attack sets off a large energon explosion, leaving a group of Maximals with their optic-sensors non-functional while they try to make it back to the base.
  • Power Surge
    Power Surge
    Episode 6
    Terrorsaur comes across a mountain of energon floating in mid air. He chances robot mode to get a sample, but instead of damaging him, the energon supercharges him. With his newly gained powers he sets out to depose Megatron and then destroy the Maximals.
  • The Low Road
    The Low Road
    Episode 22
    Tarantulas infects Rhinox with a virus that causes him to sneeze raw energon, rapidly depleting the Maximal's power cells. Optimus sends out Dinobot and Rattrap to look for an antidote, and they end up having to follow the spider into its underground lair...
  • Call of the Wild
    Call of the Wild
    Episode 19
    The Predacons steal the Maximals' rectifier-coil, leaving the Axalon without Energon shielding. Forced to remain in beastmode, the Maximals' mentality becomes closer and closer to that of their organic counterparts.
  • Equal Measures
    Equal Measures
    Episode 4
    The Maximals are preparing to place out a Predacon detection system, but Optimus postpones it due to a fierce storm. Cheetor is however again out to prove himself, and starts setting it up anyway - ignoring the storm until a freak lighting somehow transports him into the Predacon base.
  • Double Dinobot
    Double Dinobot
    Episode 14
    Megatron creates a clone of Dinobot's beastmode, and sends him off to deactivate Sentinel while Terrorsaur traps the real Dinobot in a cave.