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Beast Wars

Season 2 Episode 11

The Agenda (1)

Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

The Agenda (1)
As the transwarp wave generated by the explosion in "Other Voices (2)" nears Cybertron, the Maximals rejoice, thinking the rescue is on its way. But unbeknownst to them, it is intercepted and diverted by the leaders of the Cybertronian Predacon alliance, who view Megatron as a loose cannon and wants to deal with him quietly, by sending one of their covert operatives.moreless

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  • Best episode in the series.

    The climax of season 2 of Beast Wars is one of the best episodes of any show I have ever watched.

    It starts off by basically telling us that Megatron is losing. Cybertron is on it\'s way, and both the Maximals (for being their enemy) and the Predacons (for getting them in trouble with the maximals) want him put in jail. But! He has a plan, a plan that will only work in everyone acts exactly as he has forseen.

    The episode begins rather slowly, but it\'s merely the calm before the storm. The maximals spend alot of time sitting around waiting for something to happen. The predacons spend alot of time scheming against eachother, while Silverbolt and Blackarachnia get to know eachother. (I personally find Silverbolt\'s vapid assurance to everyone that Blackarachnia is really a \'good guy\' kindof annoying, but it doesn\'t detract from this episode.)

    About half-way through the episode we finally get to the conflict. The wave-front finally reaches Cybertron and the Predacon\'s Tricapedicus council discusses what\'s been happening since the Beast Wars began. The three characters are established well. As a villainous threat that is not only far greater than Megatron, but also as something beyond that which the maximals will ever be able to deal with. (Makes me wish they had been brought back for Beast Machines.) Ravage is alluded to, and the three talk about political negotiations with the maximals. Apparently not all is well and good in Cybertron land.

    Ravage helps out the maximals, and they re-group for a final assault on Megatron\'s fortress. Rhynox and Ratrap are suspicous of Ravage... but Optimus is courtious to the new-comer. One thing I love about what they did with Ravage here was that they made him into more of an individual. He\'s an allusion to the Ravage from the original transformers, but at the same time is a different character.

    Ravage refers to a secret about Tarantulas that will be revealed in the next episode. (Something that is regrettably only reffered to once afterwards.) We then get *one of the coolest sequences in any action show I\'ve ever seen*. The music (while merely a re-mix of the main theme song)here is *awesome* and the action is high-paced. The dialogue is solid, and Ravage shows off the cool features that his ship has. In the end, Megatron is captured leading to a (dundundun) to be continued.

    One of the things I like about this saga is how EXPLOSIVE it is. Everything comes to a close. The reason Megatron went back to ancient earth, the golden disks, code of heroes\' references to how the future can be changed. The only thing that isn\'t really reffered to in any sense is the Vok. Which would really have over-loaded a saga which already spans 4 episodes.

    Blackarachnia shows that she isn\'t the villain she makes herself out to be. (Though Silverbolt\'s constant reminder of the fact is *completely* annoying.) And she takes Airazor\'s place as token heroic female.

    The vocal performances are spot-on. David is particularily caniving and self-serving in his delivery. And the fellow doing Ravage\'s voice brings a certain power, and yet his own kind of sneakiness to the character. (He acts all innocent and naive, when really he is pulling all the strings.) The Slavik accent really suited him.

    Overall, my favourite episode in the series. (Despite the lack of my favourite character--Tarantulas.) The only problems are those that I have with the entire series. (The predacons outside of Megatron and Rampage not being enough of a threat. Silverbolt being an annoying Gary Stu.) Which the REALLY cool action sequence make up for.moreless
Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Inferno (1997-1999)

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

David Kaye

David Kaye


Richard Newman

Richard Newman


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Primal

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Tripredacus Council Member

Guest Star

Lee Tockar

Lee Tockar


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Waspinator and Inferno are setting something up outside the Axalon (before Rampage crushes it) Inferno's propellor/"butt" is missing.

    • During the Tripredacus Council meeting, it is mentioned that Megatron's ship and the Axalon disappeared sometime last "mega-cycle". However, according to the series' canon, a mega-cycle is the equivilent to one Earth hour. Even taking into account that the transwarp wave is coming from the past, it seems unlikely that the Predacons would have suffered diplomatic reprecussions within the space of an "hour".

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Optimus: The attack will come but it may be subtle.
      (Rampage fires a barrage of missiles at the Axalon causing the ship to rock violently.)
      Optimus: Like I said, subtle.

    • (Silverbolt has returned from secretly meeting with Blackarachnia)
      Rattrap: So where have you been bird-dog?
      Silverbolt: Scout patrol.
      Rattrap: Oh yeah yeah, scoutin the enemy yeah. Find any new positions?

    • Silverbolt: Cybertron; the home I've never known.
      Rattrap: Oh, you're gonna love it! I know this little place where ya can get dirty mech-fluid mixed with just a touch o' radium. Take yer head right off. Not only THAT - but the servin' bots are walkin' around minus their torso plates, y'know what I mean? Eh? Eh?
      Silverbolt: Ah, yes, a place of culture and refinement. How can I refuse?

    • Inferno: Royalty, I cannot see a target for my flame!
      Megatron: No, you can't, can you? Hmm. All Predacons, back to base! It is time to increase my wager.

    • Megatron: What news of the early humans?
      Inferno: Our interrupted attack on the valley caused several tribes to scatter. It will be impossible to find them.
      Megatron: Then I have one high-risk option left.
      Inferno: And that is?
      Megatron: Gamble, and hope the dice roll in my favor.

    • Optimus Primal: After the Great War, a few Decepticons were granted amnesty. Most have retired, but rumor has it that one was reprogrammed and rebuilt-as a Predacon!

    • Rattrap: What do we do now?
      Silverbolt: Well, given our proximity, I breath through my mouth.

    • Blackarachnia: Sorry, chunk style, but I like being a bad girl. And you know something? Somewhere, deep between this squeaky-clean armor plating of yours, I think you like it too. Hmm?

    • Ravage: You will pardon my shooting the weapons from your hands. I only wished to avoid any regrettable - accidents - to my person.
      Rattrap: Yeah? Well next time try the front door!
      Optimus: Rattrap, please.
      Rattrap: PLEASE!? For bootin' up cold! Th' only thing worse than a stinkin' Predacon is a stinkin' Decepticon!
      Optimus: Shut up Rattrap.

    • Cheetor: Aw, forget him big R. You and I can go to the Six Lasers over Cybertron amusement park! There's the Space Slide and the Galaxy Coasters --
      Rattrap: Kid ... don't make me hurt ya!

    • Ravage: I must say, some of you look... different than what I was expecting.
      Optimus: We've had some interesting times.

    • Ravage: Greetings, Megatron. In the name of the Pax Cybertronia and the Predacon Alliance ... you are under arrest!

    • (to Megatron)
      Blackarachnia: You bellowed?

  • NOTES (2)

    • The "Tripredacus Council" who appear in this episode are, despite appearances, intended to be Sea Clamp, Ram Horn and Cicadacon, the three Beast Wars toys who combined together to form a giant robot called Tripredacus. However, due to time constraints, animation models resembling the toys could not be constructed, and so the versions seen in this episode were hastily made. Because of their lack of resemblance to the toys, Hasbro requested that they not be individually identified by name.

    • Ravage was one of the main characters in the original Transformers series.


    • Cheetor: "You and I can go to the Six Lasers over Cybertron amusement park!"
      Six Lasers over Cybertron is a spoof on the amusement park chain Six Flags over America.

    • Ravage: In the name of the Pax Cybertronia and the Predicon Alliance, you are under arrest.
      The term Pax Cybertronia is Latin for Cybertronian Peace. It is also reffering to Pax Romana-Roman Peace.

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