Beast Wars

Season 2 Episode 12

The Agenda (2)

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 1998 on
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Episode Summary

The Agenda (2)
Megatron is captured, but the battle used up too much of the cruiser's energon supply for there to be enough for the travel back to Cybertron. While Ravage interrogates Megatron about where they might find more, Primal confronts Silverbolt about his relationship Blackarachnia, leading the Fuzor to go off on his own to find her.moreless

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Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Inferno (1997-1999)

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

David Kaye

David Kaye


Alec Willows

Alec Willows


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Primal

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the opening scene while Optimus is telling Silverbolt "you have jeopardized our situation far more than you realize" The two blue connectors on his shoulders go through his "shoulder pads".

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Optimus: Optimus to Maximal base, what is your status? Report.
      Rattrap: Well, *ahem*, we got good news, and bad news fearless leader.
      Optmius: Alright...what's the good news?
      Rattrap: Well...the good news is, we don't have to count on that stinkin' Decepticon any longer.
      Optimus: And the bad news?
      (Ravage's ship ,with Megatron riding on it, floats up behind Optimus and Cheetor.)
      Rattrap: Well the bad news is...HE'S SWITCHED SIDES!

    • Ravage: So it was a trap.
      Megatron: No, really?

    • (after being punched by Silverbolt)
      Cheetor: I'm a cat. I ought to know better than to trust a dog.

    • Blackarachnia: Oh, NO! You're not saving me again, after I shot you?!
      Silverbolt: It's my duty, madam. As a Maximal-and a heroic character.
      Blackarachnia: You know, I like 'em big and stupid, but you're REALLY pushing it.

    • Ravage: (to Megatron) I served under the original Megatron. You have his name, but not his army.


      This is Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons, and if you are hearing this, it means I've failed...this time. But I know that Trans-Warp technology is being developed. And so, I leave thsi message to any Decepticon decendant that may find/may find/may find.....

    • Rattrap: I useta be young like that.
      Optimus: What?
      Rattrap: OH, I mean we got trouble! Oh, yeah!

    • Silverbolt: Blackarachnia, I want you to return with me, to the Maximals.
      Blackarachnia: Get a CLUE, you canine cretin! I'm a Predacon! I'm evil! I'll shoot you.
      Silverbolt: No, my heart tells me that you will not.
      Blackarachnia: Oh, no? (shoots him in the leg)
      Silverbolt: You ... SHOT me!
      Blackarachnia: No DUH, Sherlock! Now do you believe me?
      Silverbolt: And yet - you ensured the wound would not be mortal. Your inner Maximal goodness ...
      Blackarachnia: SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!
      Silverbolt: I know how you're feeling. You don't know whether to kiss me or kill me.
      Blackarachnia: I'm a black widow spider, you IDIOT! I can do both.

    • Waspinator: Not fair. Waspinator minding his own business when BANG! Gets whole stasis pod right up kazooty ...

    • Blackarachnia: Why don't you haul your hero hiney out of here? I don't recall inviting you to the picnic!

    • Ravage: Decepticons, FOREVER!

    • Silverbolt: Stand back, citizen!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Head writer Bob Forward wanted to get actor Frank Welker to reprise his role as G1 Megatron for this episode, and even volunteered to go to Welker's home with a tape recorder. However, because of time and costs, the plan was ultimately scrapped.

    • It was originally planned for the original "Transformers" theme tune to play when Ravage transformed to cassette mode and entered the tape slot, but this had to be dropped because rights to the music could not be obtained.

    • At the end of the episode, Ravage transforms into a cassette tape. This homage to the original Transformers series, in which Ravage's original form was a cassette. The transformation sound that occurs when he transforms is also same sound effect from the original when the Transformers transformed.


    • Watch Ravage carefully when he orders the computer to target Megatron. You can see him lift his pinkie to his mouth in the same manner the character Dr. Evil does in the Austin Powers trilogy.