Beast Wars

Season 2 Episode 13

The Agenda (3)

Aired Unknown Mar 13, 1998 on
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The Agenda (3)
The Maximals manage to take out the transwarp cruiser and fend of the Predacon attack. But the battle is far from over, as Megatron heads for the now uncovered Autobot Ark - containing the heroes and villains who'll shape the Cybertron where the Predacons and Maximals come from.moreless

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  • Now the revealance about the Heroic Maximals & Evil Predacons are the descendants of Autobots & Decepticons. And truth is... their on the planet called Earth! Now we get to se G1 Transformers including Optimus Prime & Megatron who are in emergency statis-moreless

    Now the revealance about the Heroic Maximals & Evil Predacons are the descendants of Autobots & Decepticons. And truth is... their on the planet called Earth! Now we get to se G1 Transformers including Optimus Prime & Megatron who are in emergency statis-lock, until 4 million years have

    been passed until 1984.
  • One of the most pivotal events in all of Transformers history!

    This is, quite possibly, the most amazing Transformer episode in existance. Tons of action, shocking revealations and a lot of nods to the past. But most amazing of all: In the heat of the moment, the bad guys actually WIN! This proves why "Beast Wars" is still the standard by which all other Transformers series' are judged.
Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo


Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

David Kaye

David Kaye


Richard Newman

Richard Newman


Alec Willows

Alec Willows


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Primal

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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Megatron: Ah, now I enter these hallowed halls a conqueror. Yes…Autobots and Decepticons still frozen in emergency stasis awaiting the moment four million years hence when they will awaken to start the Great war. Hmmm. The Great War. When the Autobots defeated the Decepticons and thus their descendants, the Maximals rule we Predicons. Archaic energon guzzlers. How dare they! Hmm. Unwilling though I was to follow my namesake's instructions, it is all come down to this. The ultimate risk, for the ultimate prize! The Day of Reckoning with those who made us slaves!

      So, we are now face to face, Optimus Prime. In one future you awaken and become the great leader of the Autobots. But time will take a different track now. "Computer, all available power to primary weapon!"

      And now, Optimus Prime, in memory of the Decepticons, for the glory of the Predicons, for the Cybertron that is rightfully ours and mine to rule, I unleash the storm of vengeance. Farewell.

    • Megatron: Say good bye to the universe, Maximals. The future has changed. Yessss ... The Autobots lose, evil triumphs. And you, you no longer exist!!!

    • (The Maximals are firing on an automatic cannon mounted aboard the Ark's hull, doing seemingly minimal damage)
      Rattrap: Man, that ship wasn't built, it was poured!
      Optimus Primal: Die-cast construction! (Optimus turns to face the "camera") It's a lost art.

    • Blackarachnia: What is it about guys and high explosives?

    • Blackarachnia: What are you looking at?
      Silverbolt: That star-well, planet, really. Venus. It reminds me of you.
      Blackarachnia: Hot, poisonous and deadly? You're sweet.
      Silverbolt: (smiles, then realizes) No, wait! That's not what I meant ...

    • (Ravages last line):


    • Rattrap: This rat is going cat hunting! Kinieval mode!

    • Rattrap: Yo stringbutt! Got a couple of belly bombs here with your name right on 'em! Eat 'em and weep!

    • Rattrap: (in Rhinox's arms) My hero.
      (kisses Rhinox)
      Rhinox: (disgusted) Oh, get down!
      (drops Rattrap)

    • Megatron: Argh, Teletran-1 is still operational.
      Blackarachnia: Shame. Don't you have the access codes from the disk?
      Megatron: The disk was destroyed. But you have the codes, don't you? You downloaded them from my backup datatrax, right before you destroyed them!
      Blackarachnia: So what if I did? They're mine now, grapeface!

  • NOTES (6)

    • The G1 Autobots and Decepticons seen during the flashback and during Megatron's monologue are, in this order: Optimus Prime, Bluestreak/Prowl (could be either), Bumblebee/Cliffjumper (could be either), Ironhide, Ratchet, Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker/Skywarp, and Frenzy/Rumble (could be either).

    • Optimus Primal's comment about "die-cast construction" has an ironic twist these days. At the time this episode first aired, Transformers toys were being made entirely out of plastic, a trend that continues with each new main Transformers line. However, die-cast parts have come back into use with the release of the Japanese BinalTech figures and the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime "Masterpiece" figure. In 2006, Galoob, under license from Hasbro, began producing and selling diecast Transformers figure in their "Titanium" line, which featured larger figured with the ability to transform.

    • The second season finale.

    • Optimus Primal's line about die-cast construction being a lost art is a reference to the Transformers toyline. Earlier toys (such as the G1 characters found on the Ark) were made of metal, whereas Beast Wars toys are made almost entirely of plastic.

    • Writers and animators watched a tape of the original Transformers pilot, 'More than Meets the Eye', for reference when writing and animating the flashback scenes.

    • In the original drafts of the episode, Optimus and Megatron went one on one during Ravage's attack on the Axalon, with the Predacon leader saying "One shall stand and one shall fall, eh? Please." This quote would have been another of the trilogy's G1 references; it was what Optimus Prime said to the original Megatron during their own final fight in "Transformers: The Movie".


    • In this episode, Silverbolt points out the planet Venus to Blackarachnia and says it reminds him of her. This scene is a direct reference to Blackarachnia's voice actress, Venus Terzo.

    • Rattrap: Knievel mode!
      A quick reference to the legendary motorcyclist, stunt man Evel Knievel.

    • Rattrap's riding cowboy-style of the tactical-nuke as Ravage's stealth ship goes down pays tribute to the famous scene from the end of the cult-film "Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb".