Beast Wars

Season 1 Episode 22

The Low Road

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1997 on



  • Trivia

    • When Scorponok is seraching Tarantulas' lab you can see a picture of Megatron on the wall with darts on it.

    • After Rhinox does this massive energon fart, Tarantulas's lab has stones and metal caving in and the Maximals return to base while Rattrap finds the counter-virus. He finds it under a metal block or a stone and it is not damaged at all, not even a scratch. The block or stone should've crushed it.

  • Quotes

    • Rattrap and Dinobot are on a mission
      Cheetor: Hey, Optimus - Are you sure it was a good idea sending those two out together?
      Optimus: To be honest, no. But their squabbling has caused problems before. They'll either learn to work together or destroy each other - Right now, I don't really care which.

    • Megatron: This is the most humiliating defeat of my entire career... yesss.

    • Rattrap: So, you got a better plan?
      Dinobot: No, but I still despise the idea of expiring underground. It lacks... a warrior's nobility.
      Rattrap: Well, hey no sweat. 'Cause I ain't lettin' nobody waste you down here! That's a job I'm reserving for myself!
      Dinobot: Ooh, I appreciate the concern, but let me assure you, being shot in the back by a malodorous mouse would not exactly earn me a seat in Silicon Valhalla!
      Rattrap: Aww, poor baby!

    • Blackarachnia: Why do you always talk to yourself?
      Megatron: Oh, I just have a penchant for intelligent conversation!

    • Rhinox: (groans)
      Optimus: What's wrong?
      Rhinox: Wild bean vines, hard to digest! (begins to turn)
      Megatron: Do not turn your back on me, Maximal scum!
      (Rhinox turns until he's facing away from the Preds)
      Megatron: (realizing) Oh no! Not that! Augh!

    • About the unconcious Tarantulas
      Rattrap: "Hey! We need spider boy here for the counter-virus, hardhead! And you know these tunnels gotta lead to his lair."
      Dinobot: "I know nothing of the sort! Unlike you, I do not spend my time scurring through sewers!"
      Rattrap: "Oh yeah? Well a sewer smells better than your breath, bronto-brains!"
      Dinobot: "You'll get used to it when I bite your useless head off!"
      Tarantulas: (awakens) "Die, Maximals!"
      Rattrap and Dinobot: "Shut up!" Punch Tarantulas

    • Dinobot: Wait! I detect a scent! A whiff of vile corruption!
      Rattrap: So I had a limburger cheese sandwich for lunch. I'm a rat. Give me a break.

    • Tarantulas: Playground's closed, Mini-mals!
      Rattrap: Well, this is the pits.

    • Rattrap: "Are you sure about this ChopperFace?"
      Dinobot: "I inflicted heavy damage on Tarantulas. He could not have gone far and he will no doubt have the counter-virus."
      Rattrap: "You better hope so, for your sake!"
      Dinobot: "Excuse me? Are you implying that the current situation is somehow my responsibility?"
      Rattrap: "Well, you did start it, gearhead!"
      Dinobot: "I beg to differ, cheese lips!"
      Rattrap: "Pre-evolved bird-brain!"
      Dinobot: "Eater of garbage!"
      Cheetor: (listening over the comlink) " Geez and they call me the immature one!"

  • Notes

    • Scott McNeil plays both Rattrap and Dinobot, so he's practically yelling at himself throughout this episode.

  • Allusions

    • When the Maximals break into Tarantulas' lab, you can see Airazor crouching next to Optimus Primal. This pose mimics the classic pose seen on many older science fiction movie posters, most notably, the first Star Wars Movie.

    • Dinobot: "Ooh, I appreciate the concern, but let me assure you, being shot in the back by a malodorous mouse would not exactly earn me a seat in Silicon Valhalla!"
      Valhala is where heroic and honerable Vikings went when they died.