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Season 2 Episode 10


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A series of earthquakes uncovers a heavily damaged stasispod. Out of it comes a freakish robot - barely sentient, but with extremely powerful weapons. Scoffed at by the others, both Silverbolt and Rampage sense a kindred spirit, each in their own way.

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  • Trans MU tate???

    I love this episode. It speaks about outsiders and for us to look at their insides for their real beauty. The writers and actors do an amazing job of bringing a a temporary character to life and giving him amazing heart and personality all the way through the end. It's a very sad episode that bridges a lot of the gaps in the shows character development.
  • A damaged Stasis pod reveals a mutant robot form with powers beyond reason. Rampage and Silverbolt battle for its affection.

    Transmutate is the only episode of the second season of Beast Wars that does not do much for the continuity of th show, i.e. the series progresses without repercussion of the events from this episode. However, I find that we see a different side of Rampage, one that expresses compassion, something very few Predacons bear.

    As it starts out, Silverbolt, Cheetor, and Rattrap accidentally stumble into an area blocked by a Predacon jamming station. In the wake of Dinobot's death, Primal chooses to join them the prevent "loss of any more friends." Meanwhile, Megatron dispatches Rampage and Inferno to take care of the Maximals, and their crossfire unveils a stasis pod containing the Transmutate, a being made of mismatched parts whose malfunctioning physical protoform is the result of critical energon damage and recent events (like the quantum surge).

    Silverbolt and Rampage are the first to confront the being, and each offers their own promise of companionship. Rampage eventually takes the mutant by force, and attempts to level with it, as he views this as another like himself. Inferno catches up to him and demands that the transmutate be brought back to Megatron, who conveniently shows up via his projecto-dice. After viewing the "newcomer," Megatron orders that it be destroyed, but Rampage asks that he give the being a chance to prove her(or it)self. Megatron reluctantly agrees, and assigns that it bring back the heads of the invading Maximals. Transmutate has no concept of malice, but injures Silverbolt on Rampage's command. As they are about to bring him back to Megatron, Optimus conveniently shows up and takes care of the Predacons. When dealing with the Transmutate, he quickly realizes that her powers even enable flight, so he leads her back ot base with Silverbolt in tow.

    After Silverbolt is recovered, Rhinox conducts a scantest on the Transmutate, revealing that "Its datatracks are scrambled beyond recovery and its operating functions are barely at the level of a drone. Couple with its sheer power it's a danger to itself and everything around it...the best thing to do would be to put it in stasis lock, immediately."

    Silverbolt rejects this concept, saying that it makes them no better than the Predacons, "destroying whatever does not fit our definition of perfection." Consequently, Rampage contacts the Transmutate and asks it come to him. Transmutate breaks the hull of the ship as it leaves, causing Silverbolt to follow in a rage. Rampage and Silverbolt meet and clash, but their missile blasts are interrupted by a psychic energy field by the Transmutate, who realizes the hard way that it cannot block firepower of such magnitude. What results is an explosion of psychic and kinetic energy as the Transmutate's spark is eradicated. As it lays in pieces, it's head looks first to Silverbolt and mutters the words, "Friend.....good" suddenly its head turns to Rampage and says "Friend.....dark." And as Rampage looks into its eyes to think of one last thing to say, Transmutate murmurs her last words: "" Rampage then lets out a cry of what can only be sorrow, another emotion not commonly seen in Predacons. Cheetor and Optimus arrive as Silverbolt realizes what he has done. The Maximals return to base as Rampage cries over his only true friend in the world.

    A striking story, with the main message being "War is Hell." There are a lot of nice quotes in this episode as well. My favorite is in the very beginning where Rampage attempts to recover the core of his spark from the energon cage. Megatron realizes what is going on, and after torturing Rampage for a little bit says, "Never forget who holds teh essence of your spark, and thus, is your master."

    "THAT, I promise you."

    Notice also that in the end Transmutate looks to Silverbolt and says good, and when she turns to Rampage, she says dark, rather than evil. I believe that this was a theoretical plot device to be used later on in the series where Rampage would betray Megatron, showing that he truly is not evil. Perhaps that is the case though, since Dinobot II was powered by Rampage's spark.moreless
Jim Byrnes (I)

Jim Byrnes (I)

Inferno (1997-1999)

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Rattrap / Dinobot / Waspinator / Silverbolt

David Kaye

David Kaye


Richard Newman

Richard Newman


Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk

Optimus Primal

Campbell Lane

Campbell Lane

Rampage (1998-1999)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Optimus: We've got to fly him to the base for repairs.
      Transmutate: Fly?
      Optimus: Yes, fly,
      Transmutate: (takes off into the air) Fly!
      Optimus: Now isn't that just Prime.

    • Silverbolt: It seems unlikely that Megatron would build a jamming station in such an unstable region.
      Rattrap: You mean it's no "fault" of his. (pause) Get it? Fault, Earthquake?
      Silverbolt: Yes, I see. Very amusing.

    • Megatron: "Transmutate," an ugly name for an ugly creature.

    • Rattrap: What in the name of my great Aunt Arcee is going on around here?

    • Silverbolt: It's over, it's gone. We extinguished its spark before we ever saw its true light.
      Optimus: I'm sorry. You'd better return to base. Cheetor and I will take care of Rampage.
      Silverbolt: No, let him be. For the moment, we are brothers.

    • Transmutate: Friend... good... friend... dark... I... am... hurt.

    • Silverbolt: This one is not for you!
      Rampage: It is only for me!

    • Sentinel: Alert. Hull breach in section 7.
      Rattrap: Uh-oh, looks like the nutty Erector set took a walk!

    • Inferno: Where are we going?
      Rampage: To let the Maximals find us, of course.
      Inferno: I see... WHAT!?

    • Inferno: Stand aside! I will bring this prize to the Royalty!
      Rampage: Bah! Have I told you how much I like ants, huh? Especially fried in a subtle blend of mech fluid and grated gears?

    • Rattrap: I'm tellin' ya, the things coming out of these pods is just getting weirder and weirder.
      Silverbolt: We should welcome what is different, not fear it.
      Rattrap: Well, thank you Mr. Sunshine, but this ain't exactly a tea party we got breaking out here!

  • NOTES (1)

    • The Beast Wars script describes Transmutate as " a being with no beauty of form nor logic of shape, massive, made of unmatched parts: bits of Predacon, pieces of Maximal, chunks of Fuzor and Transmetal, heavy-duty weapons, and a face that vaguely indicates it is female.


    • Rattrap: "What in the name of my great Aunt Arcee is going on around here?"
      Arcee was a character in the original Transformers series, first introduced in the movie and remaining a central character throughout the third and brief fourth seasons. By coincidence, Susan Blu, who provided the voice of Arcee, was the casting director for Beast Wars and provided the voice for Transmutate and the proto-human Uma in the third season. Ms. Blu thus earned the honor of being the only original series voice actor to play a role in this series.