Beat! Beat! Beat!

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Beat! Beat! Beat!

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Beat! Beat! Beat! was a West German rock music series that premiered in 1966. (This series should not be confused with Radio Bremen's Beat-Club, which premiered a few months earlier.)
Beat! Beat! Beat! was produced by the Hessischer Rundfunk network. (It was actually a co-production of Hessischer Rundfunk and the US Armed Forces Network (AFRTS), which simulcast the show on Armed Forces radio.)
There were a total of 26 episodes broadcast from January 1966 through February 1969. The first seven episodes were taped in the Golden Room at the Terrace Club, U.S. Forces Headquarters, Frankfurt-am-Main. The next 2 shows were from the Aula Gymnasium [High School] in Frankfurt-am-Main. Episode 10 was taped at Studio Wiesbaden. All of the remaining episodes are believed to have been taped at the Stadthalle [City Hall] in Offenbach.
The Beat! Beat! Beat! audience was made up of German and American teenagers. (These American teens were probably the dependents of US military personnel stationed in Germany).
According to German websites, Heinz Lukas hosted the first four episodes. He was then followed by Mal Sondock. The American-born Sondock first became popular with the German public through his work as a DJ on the US Armed Forces Radio network. (Years later, after leaving AFRTS, he remained in Germany where he continued to work in German radio and TV.)
Charlie Hickman took over as Beat! Beat! Beat! host sometime in 1967.
Additional Beat! Beat! Beat! regulars were organist Cherry Wainer and drummer Don Storer. In the late 1950s, the two were regular performers on the British TV series "Oh Boy."