Season 4 Episode 11

Show 45: August 2, 1969

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 1969 on ARD

Episode Recap

Show opening: Go-Go girls, superimposed over pinball machine, dance to Beat-Club theme. --Co-hosts Uschi Nerke and Dave Lee Travis welcome viewers from various nations. --Dave Clark 5 - "Live in the Sky" --Film feature (Part 1): Man takes a boat tour of the Adriatic (?) Sea. --Steppenwolf - "Sookie, Sookie" --Film feature (Part 2): Tourists skin-dive in the Adriatic (?) Sea. --Paul Revere and the Raiders - "Out On The Road" --Film report: Eddie Vickers reports on a Chuck Berry/The Who concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Interviews with concertgoers. Includes silent concert footage of The Who and Chuck Berry performance (with music from their records). --Marmalade - "Baby Make It Soon" --Rainbow People - "We're Living in a Dream World" --On film: In London, Eddie Vickers interviews Robin Gibb, who recently left the Bee Gees. Robin shows his home recording studio. --Robin Gibb - "Saved by the Bell" --Beat Club news: (1) Top 7 UK hits (2) Brian Jones' death. Footage of the Rolling Stones' Hyde Park tribute concert and Jones' funeral.] --Zager & Evans - "In the Year 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)" --Clodagh Rodgers - "Goodnight Midnight" --The Beach Boys - "Surfin' U.S.A." --Thunderclap Newman - "Something In The Air" --On film: Plastic Ono Band - "Give Peace A Chance" (from their Montreal 'Bed-In') --Closing credits with Go-Go Girls dancing to Beat-Club theme.

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