Beat the Clock (1950)

CBS (ended 1958)


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  • A TV game show that featured couples doing wacky stunts that take 55 seconds or less to complete.Some gags are very easy,some are nearly impossible.

    What can you say about a 30 minute commercial for Sylvania that had couples making fools of themselves for $100-$200 and the possibility of winning a new Sylvania console TV? Sure it doesnt sound good on the surface,but the laughable stunts and the very professional host let the show stand above the usual dull clutter.The occasional appearance from bombshell "Roxanne" is always a welcome sight.She basically was under-used on this show.I would have had her stand in front of the camera 100% of the time and smile...she wouldnt have to say a thing....ratings would have doubled immediately! Shame this entire series (1950-1955 anyway)isnt available on DVD.Bud and Roxanne (real name Delores)sure had a way of getting one's attention and holding it.But if those pesky Sylvania commercials could be edited out.....