Beat the Clock (1979)

CBS (ended 1980)


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Beat the Clock (1979)

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Beat the Clock (1979) came back to network television for the first time since 1961. Monty Hall hosted as two male-female couples (husband & wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, mother-son, father-daughter, etc.), a red team (champions) & green team (challengers) competed in stunts. Each stunt awarded $500 to the winning team + a bonus stunt for an additional $500 more. Two rounds were played. Then comes the bonus shuffle. There's a shuffleboard table with amounts from $300-$1,000. The team with the most money received three discs while the other team had two discs (red & green), unless the score was tied, each team got two discs. Each team had at least two chances to reach the furthest money amount without going off the table, off the side, have a disc land in between two money amounts or not reaching $300. The ladies would get first play, then the men & then one of the leading team gets the last shot. The disc that's the furthest in money value won the amount & played a super stunt for 10 times the value (up to $10,000). The best posible sum to win on one day is $13,000. Teams stayed on as champions until defeated or reached the CBS $25,000 limit (which was done thtice when three consecutive winning couples ended up with $31,700/$26,200/$28,300). In November 5, civilians were dumped & celebrities were in as the show became "All Star All New Beat The Clock". And just like Tattletales, the audience were divided into two rooting sections; the red & the green. Regular & bonus stunts now paid $250 and in the super stunt round, $1,000 of the jackpot went to the audience while the other amount went to the stars favorite charity. The four stars played for a week. Civilians or all-stars, it failed in the ratings opposite NBC's Card Sharks.moreless