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Beating Heart

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Beating Heart is a romantic drama TV series developed by MBC that centers on the moments of when a person's heart would beat the most, whether due to love, sorrow, or joy. It focuses on four members of a family as they each experience those critical moments and the effect it can have on their lives. For Bae Doo Na (Bae Doo Na), she had always been the best as her passionate, honest, and bold personality let her hold no fear in taking charge. When she finds out her husband had only married her to get back at his ex-girlfriend, she is left bitter and insecure to the part she fears how to tell any new potential beaus of her past. Kang Seong Jae (Kim Dong Wan) had only taken one look at Doo Na to know he wanted to marry her, but could he overlook the fact she was already married? Doo Na's sister, Bae Jong Ok (Bae Jong Ok) has enjoyed the married life, often taking control of the household from her na've husband, though her explosive temper gets the better of her. Kim Chan Wan (Kim Chan Wan) had given up his dream as a musician to find a more suitable career for his family even though his wife, Jong Ok, tends to nag him every which way. Beating Heart is a unique experiment with twelve episodes with every two episodes directed and produced by different set that looks at how life and its interpretations can change with each person's personality, hopes, and dreams.moreless

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Season 1 : Episode 12

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Coming of Age, Love & Romance, Foreign Language