Beautiful People

Season 1 Episode 5

Dark, Room, Chemicals

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 05, 2005 on ABC Family
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Dark, Room, Chemicals
When Lynn has the chance to fly to Chicago to run a fashion show she takes it and leaves Sophie and Karen alone. While there, Lynn also runs into Julian who wants to try and resume their romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Sophie and Karen find themselves lost in Central Park after a long car chase through the Bronx.moreless

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  • Lynn and Sophie remake "After Hours"

    In what has to be the most far-fetched episode so far Lynn and Sophie try to get home from a club on 183rd street while their mother is out of town.

    Can you say far-fetched. One girl forgets her cell-phone the other's is dead... but not so dead as to stop ringing... or to allow a call next morning. Lynn gets stranded and robbed when she falls asleep on the subway ending up in the Bronx. Does she get off the train, cross the platform and head home? NO she gets out of the subway many miles from where she lives.

    Jump ahead to the ultimate weirdness, she (and her sister who also manages to get stranded up town) acceptan offer of a ride from a guy only to fid out that the car is stolen and soon they are in a police chase. Not to worry, the guy stops mid chase in Central Park long enough to let them out and strand them there. No worries at all the guy from the police chase manages to escape the police and returns to the club where he picked up the girls long enough to give the boys looking for them an idea where he left them.

    Come on folks, with all the rality programming on TV these days you STILL can't manage to find writers capable of more possible storylines?moreless
  • When Lynn is sent to Chicago for a presentation she and Julian relive a time from their past. Back in New York Sophie and Karen grow closer when forced to spend a night in Central Park while Gideon and Nicky spend the night searching for them.moreless

    For the first time an episode of Beautiful People was about more than Sophie’s adventure in the big city. The “Dark, Room, Chemicals” episode filled in some of the blanks about Lynn and Julian’s college relationship and allowed Karen and Sophie to act like sisters; fighting one minute and bonding the next.

    I always start a review with an evaluation of the script and this episode had one of the most interesting of the series. Particularly good was Gideon and Nicky, together only for the sake of Sophie, articulating their feeling about each other yet remaining on their mission no matter what. The scene where Sophie and Karen fight and throw leaves and other things at each other until Karen grabs Sophie’s hair, which evokes a cry of foul from Sophie, was more reminiscent a Three Stooges skit than a teenage coming of age drama. Another gem was the scene where Lynn and Julian work together to recreate the seating chart and when finished Julian revealing regrets for choices made years ago was an interesting adaptation of a classical soap opera scene. The only sour note was the rapid change in Karen from an aggressive strung out addict to a happy drum-playing member of a jazz group in a Bronx club. A nap on the subway is not sufficient to explain her mood change.

    Next is the acting was which has been uneven but in this episode with it’s limited cast the story and acting rang true. Ricky Mabe as Gideon is once again his over-the-top persona but that is how he has been since the beginning. The scenes with Gideon and Nicky allowed Jackson Rathbone’s Nicky to gain breath and become somehow more sympathetic. Annabelle was limited to three scenes and Paisley was almost non-existent. The real growth was saved for Karen who for the first time was more than a self-centered model want-a-be and displayed true emotion and Torrey DeVitto’s performance was the best she has displayed thus far. Sarah Foret’s portrayal of Sophie was similar to her performance in previous episodes; not Katie Holmes but better than many young actresses is this genre. The scenes between Julian and Lynn were two experienced actors who gave a good performance although nothing spectacular. Arnold Pinnock’s Toby Sayles remains a great character who seems mostly interested in getting Lynn’s sex life up and running again. His scenes are always interesting and usually very quotable.

    The fifth episode of this new series is the best and most interesting presentation thus far.

Lindsay Ames

Lindsay Ames


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Helene Joy

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Lindsey DeLuce


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James McCaffrey

Julian Fiske

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Michael B. Silver

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Arnold Pinnock

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In this episode it is revealed that Sophie's full name is Sophie Aaron Kerr.

    • Goof: Why didn't Karen climb the fire escape (like Sophie did when she got home late) when she found that Sophie had the key instead of coming to Brighton wearing dirty clothes and ragged shorts.

    • Goof: Sophie explains why she is weak in the sciences by telling Miss Patel that back in Espranza "their idea of studying biology was watching the neighbors' cow give birth". However, the test is on chemistry.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Karen : (to Sophie) All you got to do is lighten up. Once in a while pull that stick out of your butt and hit the piñata.

    • Karen: I think I just ate a bug. How many calories are in a bug?
      Sophie: I ate dirt. Oh god I hope it was just dirt.

    • Sophie: Karen what the hell are you doing?
      Karen: Some Bo Diddley but I think we're gonna get to some Billie Holiday in the next set. Right guys?

    • Lynn: The only seating chart for this fashion show is in my luggage. I can't just have people sit anywhere! I mean, this is very politically charged. It's like the U.N. only everybody's attractive.

    • Nicky: Tell me that is your babysitter.
      Gideon: My father's girlfriend. I don't think she's old enough to babysit.

    • (after seeing Sophie's mother naked)
      Gideon: Wow.
      Annabelle: I think what he was trying to say was, "Good for you Sophie. Your mother is very well preserved."

    • Gideon: What do you need to study for? You already know everything about chemistry.
      Annabelle (under her breath): Apparently not.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Although Karen is seen talking on the phone with Zoe (Barbara Mamabolo) she does not appear in this episode.

    • Jordan Madley (Paisley Bishop) does not appear in this episode.

    • Annabelle, is reminiscent of Willow in the first seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

      Willow and Xander were childhood friends. Annabelle and Gideon met in preschool.

      Willow was the best student of the group; Gideon Annabelle knows everything about chemistry.

      Willow repressed her feelings for Xander as he attempts to gain Buffy's affection, Annabelle's feelings for Gideon are obvious to everybody else but he is oblivious to her as he pursues a relationship with Sophie.

    • When Karen drops pieces of the label off the diet pill bottle into the bathroom trash we see the word Ephedrine.

      Ephedrine is a naturally occurring substance, which is/was available in over that counter food supliments It iis used for weight loss, as an energy booster, and to enhance athletic performance.

      In 2004 after several deaths were blamed on Ephedra the FDA banned the sale of supplements containing ephedrine and advised that consumers stop using the products.

      Ephedra is not the same as methamphetamine but has similar effects.

      Methamphetamine is a commonly abused street drug known as crystal meth.

    • The title of this episode Dark, Room, Chemicals continues the theme of Sophie's photography.


    • Seppuku and Berber: Nicky calls Sophie and tells her "I'd commit seppuku, but my mother would absolutely lose it if I got the Berber stained". Seppuku is ritual Japanese suicide. A Berber is a style of carpet.

    • Karen: Who are we, the Von Trapps all of a sudden.

      The Von Trapp's were the family depicted in "The Sound Of Music".

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