Beautiful People

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 12, 2005 on ABC Family
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Lynn, Sophie, and Karen are invited over to the Fiskes' home in Hamptons for a weekend. Sophie, Lynn, Karen, Joe, Gideon, Annabelle, Paisley, and Evan all end up going. Sophie decides that she will forget about the bet and her and Nicky can just be friends. Annabelle comes hoping to get a chance to tell Gideon how she feels. While there, a game of "Truth or Dare" gets a little out of hand. Also Rona's and Julian's marital problems surface.moreless

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  • it does show what peoples emotions are and what the fill for other people.if you think Jackson Rothbone is hot write a review about it and ill read,because he's HOT

    I Love it when they play truth or dare Sofie sould have kissed him on the lips her mother souldnt have been there annabelle needs to get over him. Nicholas needs to ask her out and not to be just friends.soifis sister needs to quite the pills . the end
  • When she finds a receipt marked “Dinner Lynn Kerr” Rona Fiske draws the obvious if incorrect conclusion. She insists that Julian invite the Kerr family and friends for a weekend in the Hamptons setting that stage for a revealing glimpse of the Fiskes, Paimoreless

    This week’s episode, for the first time Beautiful People does not center solely on Sophie. This story revealed details about Lynn, Karen, and Julian as well Julian’s wife, Rona, Nicky, Gideon, Annabelle and surprisingly even Paisley. The writers produced the best episode of this young series by moving the story from Manhattan to the Fiske’s mansion on The Hamptons and bringing all the major characters together for the weekend.

    We learned that Rona has an obvious drinking problem; Paisley for all her posing really wants Nicky back; Karen is in denial about her eating disorder and drug problem and Annabelle is not willing to pine for Gideon quietly while he pursues Sophie. It was also revealed as a preamble to Lynn and Joe night together and. that Julian’s company is under investigation.

    Previously noticing similarities between the character of Annabelle and Willow on the first season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” I had assumed that Annabelle would wait patiently for Gideon to realize she wants to be more than a friend or move on to someone or something else. However, at the end of this episode Annabelle discussed her distress with Paisley and later displayed her anger toward Sophie for spending the night in the den with Gideon.

    Another revelation was that Julian is not just a tomcat on the prowl for a extramarital fling with his college girlfriend. It was shown that Julian and Rona’s marriage is on the rocks or neat whichever way she likes her scotch. Julian is unhappy and Rona is a drunk.

    Karen of course has been using Ephedra for weight loss and lack of sleep. When Evan accuses her of being a druggie she denies it. This is not just a lie. She probably doesn’t think she has a problem and Evan likes he enough to look past what he suspects.

    Nicky has been revealed before but Paisley has been the evil bitch. A character that is stereotypical on teenage coming of age television drama. In her conversation with Annabelle she claims that she never was mean to Annabelle, just indifferent. She also reveals that as indifferent she seems toward Nicky he’s the one guy she wants and she is hurts when rejects he in the pursuit of Sophie.

    With two episodes remaining in this short summer series these characters will not be able to solve their problems and we obviously will be left with questions, not answers, over the hiatus. Already I am looking forward to its return.moreless
  • Relationships are really put to the test in this episode, F-Stop. You learn peoples real motives, feelings, and desires. Things you've wanted to happen, finally happen, but it leaves you wanting more.moreless

    The Kerr's are invited by the Fiske's for a weekend getaway to the Hampton's. Julian Fisk makes it clear that Lynn, Sophie, and Karen may invite friends, and they do. All of what you expect to happen, happens, yet there are quite a few curve balls thrown in for fun. A game of truth or dare has peoples real intentions coming out.

    The continuing attraction Gideon has for Sophie grows; Annabelle battles her feelings for Gideon; Sophie plays hard to get with Nicky; Pasley comes to some conclusions about herself; Karen has ambivalent feelings towards Evan; Lynn heats things up with Joe; Rona's jealousy and suspicion of Lynn has her making a fool of herself, while Julian can't keep his eyes off a certain dark-haired lady.

    Overall, F-Stop was a good episode. It kept my interest, and made me wonder where these characters were going to end up. The only problem I had, was that it resorted to sex a little too much. But other than that, it was exciting, daring, and intriguing. Can you believe there is only two episodes left? Let's hope for a second season.moreless
Cameron Bancroft

Cameron Bancroft

Joe Sepler

Guest Star

James McCaffrey

James McCaffrey

Julian Fiske

Recurring Role

Michéle Duquet

Michéle Duquet

Rona Fiske

Recurring Role

Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid

Evan Frasier

Recurring Role

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    • Paisley: Men can't live with 'em… wish I could live without them.
      Annabelle: I can't believe you would say something like that. I mean, half the guys in school would think they'd died and gone to heaven if you even said hi to them.
      Paisley: Well, it doesn't change the fact that the one guy I do like practically threw me out of his room last night.
      Annabelle: Well, at least he didn't spend the night with one of your best friends.
      Paisley: Sophie and Gideon? Looks like you and I have more in common then we thought we did.

    • Sophie: When are you going to talk to him tell him how you really feel?
      Annabelle: He probably already knows
      Sophie: Yeah, but some boys can be clueless sometimes.
      Annabelle: (Whispers) The thing is… I'm scared
      Sophie: So what then? Your just going stick by him as the loyal friend for twenty years hoping he wakes up one day? What have you got to lose?

    • Lynn: So, I want to know what happened between you and Nicholas.
      Sophie: I found out he'd made a bet with one of his buddies he could get me into bed before midterm.
      Karen: I told you he was a pig.
      Lynn: I'm so sorry.

    • Lynn: My old friend Julian Fiske asked if --
      Joe: The Julian Fiske?
      Lynn: You know him?
      Joe: Oh no not personally I've been reading about him.

    • Karen: Mom, he is not getting' any unless he comes prepared. And just in case he isn't I am (Karen holds up and shows her Lynn and Sophie a string of condoms). Oh if you need to borrow one I've got plenty (Karen offers a condom to Lynn).
      Lynn: Okay, my daughter just offered me a condom. I have died and gone to hell.
      Sophie: I must be the only sixteen-year-old virgin left in the universe.
      Lynn: (Hugs Sophie) Thank you god.

    • Nicky: Paisley, look I don't want to do this anymore.
      Paisley: Because you'd rather be doing it with Sophie?
      Nicky: No, because Gideon was right, you are a bitch. You take every opportunity to make everyone's life around you worse so you can feel better about yourself.

    • Gideon: Paisley, truth or dare?
      Paisley: Truth.
      Gideon: why are you always such a bitch?

    • Karen: So Mom, are you going to freak out if Evan and I hook up?
      Lynn: Define "hook up"?

    • Evan: Mansions, Hamptons, free food, you in a string bikini. Do I look stupid?

  • NOTES (3)

    • Note: the movie Gideon and Sophie watch is a 1937 romantic-comedy titled "The Awful Truth". It starred Cary Grant and Irene Dunn. as Jerry and Lucy Warriner who are in the midst of a divorce but before their divorce becomes final both do their best to ruin each other's plans for remarriage.

    • Note: The following warning preceded this episode: "TV14D This program contains material that may not be suitable for ABC Families younger viewers. Parental discretion is advised"

    • The title F-Stop once again continues the theme of Sophie's photography.