Beautiful People

Season 1 Episode 8

Photo Finish

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on ABC Family
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Photo Finish
Karen escapes from her stalker, but returns home and is confronted about her drug use. Sophie must choose between Gideon and Nicky’s invitation to a school formal. Finally Lynn's ex-husband comes to New York and demands that Karen and Sophie move back to New Mexico.

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  • In this Beautiful People season finale, "Photo Finish," we finally get the answers we've been wanting all along. The build up, the expectation, and the excitement, all come to a head in this episode.moreless

    With the School Formal approaching, Sophie most make a choice between going with Gideon or going with Nicky. Who will she choose? It will keep you guessing till the end. All of Karen's problems are coming to a head. She finally comes to the realization that she must face the consequences of her choices. Lynn is nervous for her first New York Fashion Show, and makes a decision that i seemingly bad. Lynn and Julian must face up to the building tension between them. Annabelle finds out about Gideon and Sophie's secret from one of the few who knew. Am unexpected vistor in the end will turn Lynn, Karen, and Sophie's lives upside down, and sets it up some real drama for the second season. This episode is by far one of the best of the series, and keeps us wanting more. I'm sure I am not alone in hoping for a second season of Beautiful People.moreless
  • Love this episode!

    I like how in this episode Gideon and Nicky decide they both want to take Sophie to the formal. They both make many gestures to try to persuade Sophie to go with them and I was also glad that Karen got rid of her addiction. I think that choosing between Nicky and Gideon was something she was eventually going to have to do and that many people had been waiting for. I love the antisipation of not knowing who she will choose and waiting until the last moment to finally see who it is that she chose. This episode also end with some pretty unexpected events!moreless
  • The best show, can't wait for the next episode. PLEASE BRING IT BACK SOON!!!

    The perfect show, hope to see it soon. Great actors. I've been waiting for a show that makes me want to run to my house at the time it's on tv or set it up in my tivo. I love it. It's great for young people also. I am 29 years old and I enjoy every episode.
  • Karen is in Mr. Steins house and realizes the truth about him. Sophie must choose between Gideon and Nicky for the fall formal and a verrry unexpected guest turns up and a twist is definately revealed.moreless

    Amazing. Period. Beautiful People is an excellent ABC Family show, and how can they even think of NOT continuing this series after this finale? The finale answered all of our doubts and dubiosity. It answered all questions but it will keep you guessing at the end. Excellent twists, great episode. I hope this makes everyone love Beautiful people for the wonderful show it is.

  • Thios seaon finale was just what i was waiting to see from this show. It had all the plot twists adn evything they promised in the first episode.

    This show gave out exacly what we have been waiting for. Sophie finially chose one of them , in a way, but it had to be done, they can't carry it on for to long tou know. And Karen finially getting over her additction kind of was great, it finially happened. And lynn, I was glad to see she didn't go to her fashion show to be with Karen, it brought her and her daughter closer. But when the dad came back, htat was great for the plot, but he qwants to sue ehr, no way , thjere are so many flaws with that, but oh well, its a show, can't wait till next seasonmoreless
Grant Show

Grant Show

Daniel Kerr

Guest Star

Cameron Bancroft

Cameron Bancroft

Joe Sepler

Guest Star

Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid

Evan Frasier

Guest Star

James McCaffrey

James McCaffrey

Julian Fiske

Recurring Role

Michael B. Silver

Michael B. Silver

Mr. Stein

Recurring Role

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    • Nicky: I want to be with you, Sophie. And I don't care about where I'm from and I don't care about where you're from. I don't care about my friends and I don't care about your friends… The bet or the kiss with Gideon. None of that matters. I only care about you.

    • Paisley: Why don't they just get it over with and date? They stuck their tongues down each other's throats; I don't see what else they are waiting for.
      Annabelle: Sophie and Gideon kissed?
      Paisley: Your two best friends hooking up and neither one told you? That's what I call friendship.

    • Karen: Sophie's at Brighton pursuing her dreams, you're in the fashion world pursuing yours, they're what I needed to help me get mine.
      Lynn: Pills aren't going to get you your dream honey. What you have inside already is. Your passion your fearlessness that's what's going to get you what you want.

    • Annabelle: Some cultures practice forced marriage other forced circumcision. We Brightonites practice forced formals.

    • Sophie: Can we talk about why you lied to me?
      Karen: (Has a puzzled look on her face)
      Sophie: I found the pills in the dresser.
      Karen: You say a word to mom and I'll kill you.

    • Nicky: I wanna be with you, Sophie. And I don't care about where I'm from, and I don't care about where you're from. I don't care about my friends, and I don't care about you're friends... the bet, or the kiss with Gideon. None of that matters. I only care about you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Grant Show who appears in this episode as Daniel Kerr stared as Jake Hanson for five seasons in the 1990's prime time soap opera, Melrose Place, which also stared Daphne Zuniga.

    • Photo Finish continues the use of photographic terms for episode titles and alludes to the end of season one.