Beautiful People

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Aug 22, 2005 on ABC Family
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Sophie and Nicky compete against each other in a school's midterm project, which is run by Julian. Sophie chooses to focus hers on the B.P.'s and Nicky tries to get Karen to help him out. Sophie begins to feel Gideon took the B.P. theme to far and Sophie feels betrayed when she finds out that Karen help Nicky. Lynn has trouble finding a new job and has dinner with Mr. Stein. Also, Karen makes a drastic decision involving her nightclub job.moreless

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  • I think the whole Shopie and Nicky story is amazing and i think the two of them together make a perfect couple.

    I really like Nicky and Sophie as a couple and the ending of this episode was just so cute when Sophie was like "think about forgiving me" and Nicky said "ok i'll think about it" and as she was walking of he grabbed her and kissed her in frount of all the bp's and he didn't care because he new that this was the girl he wanted to be with.

    I like the fact Nicky went to his farther for help and his farther was like if you realy like her go for it and that made him go for it.

    It was out of order of Gideon to do that story because if he really liked her (it's obvious he fancys her) he would want her to be happy and she told him not to use the story, what a great friend he is but i suppose in some way he was protecting her because he knows how the bp's can be.

    I like it that straight away Sophie was like i'm not going to be your secret instead of ok as long as u tell them soon, otherwise Nicky would of proberly never told them so the strongness of the character Sophie is really good.

    I think this episode is the best so far and i really enjoyed it.moreless
  • "Reloaded" centers around a class project framed as a competition. Team leaders are Nicky and Sophie and the members of the cliques line up behind their respective friends. Karen makes a promising contact with a modeling agency and Lynn decides to take thmoreless

    As this episode begins Nicky is reluctant to acknowledge his growing attraction to Sophie at least to the Beautiful People. Sophie refuses to be Nicky’s little secret and takes an opportunity to oppose him in a competitive class project. Joining her team and Gideon and Annabelle. Together they decide to create a magazine that satirizes the BP’s.

    From the pilot we know that Nicky decided to approach Sophie on a bet with one of his friends and to get back at Paisley who supposedly slept with someone else over the summer. In this episode the character of Nicky gets further definition particularly when he talks to his father and tells him that he likes a girl from a different background and social clique and the two don’t fit. He would seem to indicate that he wants to be with Sophie for herself and at the end of the episode when he “comes out” and kisses Sophie in front of the whole class, optimists will assume that he has decided to be with Sophie despite his friends. The half empty observer would decide that he is scamming her as a way of convincing her that he has feelings for her and will try to win the bet and dump her.

    Other characters Julian get further definition but no more than Julian Fiske. In previous episodes we learned that at college he and Lynn had known each other, probably have been lovers and then he left her to make his fortune. In his conversation with Nicky he says that one mistake and a special relationship is gone indicating that his attentions toward Lynn are more than a former lover looking to reestablish a relationship despite being married to someone else. This makes the help he gives Lynn less self-serving.

    The third character to be defined in this episode is Zoe. She gives Karen an amphetamine tablet, badmouths Evan to her and then points Karen toward a player like Kevin Strong and takes the opportunity to badmouth Karen to Evan. What Zoe’s game may be more than hitting on Evan but that is left for future episodes.

    The final character that stands out is Mr. Stein. His action taking Sophie’s photo of her family in “Point and Shoot” and then stalking Karen in this episode foreshadow a sinister plan which will have to be on the lookout for in future episodes.

    In all I found “Reload” to be a well written and well acted episode in this new and interesting series.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Nicky is talking to his dad in his living room, you could clearly see that he is moving and playing with his hands and fingers. Then before you could blink both hands are together with the fingers crossed.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Sophie: I hope you can forgive me, think about it.
      Nicholas: Ok I'll think about it.
      (Sophie starts walking away but Nicholas grabs her arm and kisses her in front of all the BP's and teachers.)

    • Zoe: Get ready to thank me. Gaggle of model agents at table 12, Go put it out there.
      Karen: I'm a model not a hooker.
      Zoe: It all depends on how bad you want it.

    • Julian: (to Nicky) When…you meet someone you like, that's it. You can't care about anything or anyone else because sometime all it takes is one mistake and she's gone, and you don't always get second chances.

    • Sophie: …It's either one of two things. You kissed me without meaning anything or it meant something and you can't deal with it so now you're avoiding me.
      Nicky: You think too much.
      Sophie: Better too much than too little.

    • Sophie: There's a bunch of open tables does it matter?
      Gideon: Does it matter? Look at this. It's like the Gambino crime family you look the wrong person in the eye or sit at the wrong table the next thing you know you wind up floating in the Hudson River.

    • Karen: Was it a slight peck or are we talking tongue?
      Sophie: Somewhere in between.
      Karen: You mean the way Uncle Jerry kisses us?
      Sophie: Not that much tongue.

    • Sophie: You know what they say? All's fair in love, war, and midterms.

    • Jason: Have you ever had sex with a millionaire?
      Karen: Have you ever had sex with a chainsaw?

    • Nicholas: You think too much.
      Sophie: Better too much than too little.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Julian tells Lynn that she "still thinks too much", Lynn replies; "better too much that too little". These are the same things Sophie and Nicky said to each other earlier in the show.

    • This episode title Reload continues the series' use of photographic terms for episode titles.


    • The Gambinos
      Gideon: It's like the Gambino crime family you look the wrong person in the eye or sit at the wrong table the next thing you know you wind up floating in the Hudson River.

      The Gambinos are a prominently known "Mafia" family in New York City which has been involved in crime activity since the 1920's.