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  • This is a wonderful show that displays the struggles single moms can face and how important family, friends, and relationships can be to us all. Trust is key and this show isn't scared to tell us the truth about life and show challlenges we all face.

    The wonderful story of a newly single mom moving her two daughters from a small town in New Mexico to the big city of New York. This family goes though many challenges while living in the new city going to new schools, starting new jobs, and beinging a new business while juggling men the entire time. This is a great show with a sudden end, it would be a great investment for someone to start the show back up, even if they skipped to the future and did short recaps of the past few years to fill in the blanks. The stars of the show of course would need to be brought back because new people just wouldn't be right. I watched all of the episodes in a matter of two days at home on Netflix because it was so good I didn't want to stop except when I had to! I was surprised to see Twilight star Jackson on the show but it was a great surprise, it's nice to see him playing a part when he was younger and that he has that same smile then as he does now. I would love to see more of this show!
  • A great show about a single mom and her teenage and young adult daughter all going on a new adventure by moving to New York and starting new lives.

    This show is about a single mother Lynn Kerr and her two daughters Karen(older) and Sophie(younger) who move from New Mexico to New York. Lynn is in the fashion industry and is trying to get a good job in the industry. Karen wants to be a model and knows that to do so will not be easy. Sophie has been accepted to a great school (Brighton) on a scholership and learns that adjusting to a knew school will not be easy. And along with many accomplishments and many adventures, another interesting aspect is their romantic relationships. Together the three go on their journey through life together knowing that no matter how hard life gets they will always have each other. Another wonderful show that got canceled to soon.
  • When Lynn Kerr finds herself single after her husband runs off with his mistress, she decides to start a new life with her teen daughters, Karen and Sophie. So, they pack their bags and move from a small town in New Mexico to New York City.

    This series was one of my favorites when I was a young teenager. I wished this series was not over but I guess it did not get enough ratings to stay airing on television. I loved everything about this series from the setting down to all the characters. Each episodes never bored me when I was watching them. For anyone who love drama series then you should try to find Beautiful People and watch it because you might like the series a lot. I was happy I was able to see this series when I could because it was a really o.k. series.
  • i loved this show i looked forward to it every week i am so sad to c it go i think that we rly need to bring it back

    this show was rly awsome
    i do believe that it need to come back
    it was something that young ppl could look forward to watching every week just like me,
    and look at how the teenagers life is and help prepare them for what they could be in for, or even what they are going through now. and the show was just entertaining in its self how could u not love the love triangles and all the drama that it brung to ur telivision set :D i kno i did
    this show needs to come back! it like made my day when i watched it.
  • Lynn, Sophie, Karen, Nicky, Gideon, and Annabelle =]

    Lynn Kerr and her two daughters, Sophie and Karen, moved from New Mexico to New York City. They have met wonderful friends. Sophie have met Gideon and Annabelle. She also likes Nicky and they were a couple :] I miss them! They were so cute together. Gideon also had a crush on Sophie. Annabelle had a crush on Gideon; I think they make a great couple. I wish ABC Family didn't cancel this show because I love it so much. They also left us off at a cliffhanger! It was a great show, and I don't know why they decided to cancel it. It left many Beautiful People fans sad, like me =/
  • A single mother and her two daughters move to teh big city to live and start over. They meet great people and some drama.

    great clean show BRING IT BACK! Why did they cancel it? So many people loved that show! Bring it back!!! I was looking forward to watching this season and then it never came one it was right with Wildwire?? what is this about? I', very disappointed it was a great clean drama family show. Everyone can enjoy it so I'm saying bring it back! hows Are they even going to have a first season on DVD come out? but I would really just like to know why it was ended and other tv shows were put on and the good on cancelled?
  • Great

    This show was great. Every monday i waited till 8 o clock just to see it and stayed up till 12 just to watch it again. I love the characters mostly sofie she is nice sweet and smart. I really loved her with nicky they seemed like a perfect couple. I also hope that this show gets renewed this was fantsatic as i have said before and it was a great watch. I wish i hade my weekly dose of "Beautiful People" again but it might not happen anytime soon which in my and the other viewers cases it sucks.
  • a single mother, an aspiring model, and a real smart teenager in new york together. what else can i say about this show besides the fact that it's hells addicting?

    firstly; the characters are always entertaining to watch, especially karen. watching her is like watching myself kind of in a way. she just wants to become a model and she's willing to do whatever it takes. she's confident to the point that she isn't cocky. next; the episodes are also real great to. each one deals with a different thing without making the show boring or whateverrr. i could never choose a favorite episode being that i love them all equally. i guess. so, yeah. overall i really, really love this show and recommend it to anyone. yayayayay. . .
  • Sad it was cancelled, but I sure will survive...

    Dunno how I start watching this show, but it surely was growing on me after each episode.
    For a teen soap drama, it doesn't equal show like OTH or even the crappy OC, but it has that lil something that was more entertaining. Also, its few characters made the storylie in general easier to keep up and I believe, easier to write. Though I didn't like the way they were just forgetting one like he never existed. There was that hole story between Papa Fisk and Lynn and he's last wor were Ì won give up on you"... Next thing you know, he didn't appear the rest of the season. Same thing for his son, but at least he kinda was written out.
    That also applies to Gideon and Annabelle... When Chris arrived, we slowly started to get LESS of them... That part really was messed up, but the show over all was descent. I wont suffer from its cancelation, though I'm thankfull it was there to entertain me during my boring tuesday nights... While it lasted I had fun watching it so for that, it score 7.8/10
  • Good clean family drama.

    Good clean show unlike some of the other abc \"family\" shows proclaim to be. Some of them definitely not for the entire family, ie). children. But Beautiful People touched on some key issues for kids growing up. I hope abc family is taking the pulse and working on bringing this family show back on their programming list. I know this single mom and her daughter would love to see it back. I hope many others also write and express their wishes. Once more, some of the other shows and or movies on abc family certainly isn\'t for entire family viewing. Beautiful People was a pleasant change.
  • Bring that show back!!!

    I'm very upset that I didn't know that show was gonna getting another season, but that is okay.

    I have been enjoyed watching this show for a while. As for the second season goes, I haven't been able to keep it up and I only watch this second season for few minutes as I witness.

    Now, I regret for not to miss entire second season!!!

    I don't know if abc family will bring that show back to their tv network!

    I don't think they will ever bring that show back, I reckon that abc family is intersting to bring brand new shows that will keep audience a great enjoyable that they deserve to see.

    I'm very sad to see that show go.
  • I don't understand why you ended this show. I loved watching it. And I just don't understand how you can end the show the way you did with the cliffhanger that you used for the season finale. I've been wondering what she's going to do with Ben.

    I need to know what she's going to do with since his vote was the tie breaker and he chose the other model over her when he clearly knew that she wanted this gig so bad! So I hope that you bring it back. I would really love to watch it and find out and I've been watching to find out when it'll air and come to find out you ended the show. Please tell me why and how low the ratings were to end the show. Please.
  • The show is about 3 women who move to New York it start their lives over. It shows that good and bad things happen, but your family is there for you.

    I think this is a pretty good show, it's not my favorite but one that i like to watch. It has to do with the up and down of high school life. Dealing with people who are rich and may act snotty to other people. But the stuff that happens is stuff that really happens, people lying, dating and other stuff. It's sad that the show only lasted 1 season, would have been nice if it had stayed around, to see what would happen with Chris and Sophia.
  • Save Beautiful People!

    When I heard that Beautiful People was cancelling, I needed to do something.
    First thing I thought to do was to make a petition.
    So here it is.
    I really need everyone who loved watching the show to sign this because I need to get it out there, on blogs, message boards, and everything.
    We need to save beautiful people!
    Before you know it, if we all work together it will be back on the air.
  • Beautiful people was a clean and interesting show that brought joy to my daughter and I as American Dreams - another clean show (a little risky at the end) was canceled. I can't believe that this show was canceled as well.

    This show was about a mom and her two daughters struggle to survive in a new place with all kinds of challenges to overcome. It had strong women characters with morals and I was able to watch the show with my daughters without having to worry about the content. It was a delightful drama with the right touch of every day comedy. It is a shame it is gone.
  • Awesome Show!!! BRING IT BACK!!

    What the heck?? I'm looking up to find when it starts and find out they canceled it? I watched it every week!! I want to know what happpens!! Bring it back!! This show was one of the greatest shows, I've seen. It was great! It would be nice to see this again. The characters were diffent, the storyline one I havent seen before. It was cleancut, great for me to watch in front of my one year old and not have to worry about her seeing any thing she shouldn't. I need to find out what happens... I've been looking forward to the new season all summer!!
  • I love this show! Bring it back, just when I get into it you take it off the air. I need to know what happens to Karren, Luke and Ben!

    This show is awsome! It is a fun fresh show that appeals to females everywhere. There seems to be a character that everyone can relate too, and there are so many mini story lines, you seem to get wrapped up in all of their lives. I am obsessed with Karren Kerr's life, she has such a fun job, two hot guys in love with her, and her modeling carreer is finally taking off. I desperatly want to know what happens between her and Luke. It seems like Ben screwed up in a big way, not choosing Karren as the winner of the contest. I want abc family to bring this show back!
  • Great show!!

    Hi,everyone!!I've just finished watching the first season of "Beautiful people" on dvd and i went online to find scoop on season 2 but didn't find a thing on so my second choice was to visit my favourite site and i realised that the show was cancelled!!
    I can't believe that a GREAT show like "beautiful people" was cancelled by the network.
    Does anyone know why the show was cancelled?
    I was thrilled with Daphne Zunniga.She portrayed the role of Luyn Kerr so beautiful!!
  • ABC Families Greatest Show!

    It's actually been cancelled,that is ridicoulus! What did they need room for another poorly made-acted show. Come on, who decided to cancel it? Who ever it was, defiantely made a huge mistake, because this show was my only reason to watch that station, besides Kyle XY! Most of my friends liked it, and i used to go into chat rooms were they talked about this show, and by the amount of people that were in it, the reason should not have been because of the viewers ratings. To tell you the truth this show was by Far better than Wildfire, but yet Wildfire gets another season? I am shocked! And I really want it back!!!
  • I liked this show, and i was just getting into it when it suddenly decided to go off the air.

    It's really sad that it only had like 15 or so episodes. I really wanted to see more of it! I liked the actors as well. They were very unique. I don't know why they cut it, probably because it wasn't getting a big enough audience, but i was really getting into it when they suddenly left us on a friggin cliffhanger! Like what was that about? That made me angry. I hope they pull their heads out of thier butts long enough to see that the show was great and it deserves to be brought back! Hmm, i was kind of angry right there. Oh, well, that is just how i feel.
  • It gets better every episode! I loved it from the biginning and now i am addicted!

    This show was absolutely amazing! My stepmom got me watching it and at first with sophie and nicky i was loving it. It made everything cute and adorable. Then there was the love triagnle that messed a few things up. But in the end she picked nicky which was the right decision in my eyes. Then her mom kissed his dad and it made everything wierd. But in the end i am glad that nicky and his dad are outta the picture. The last half of the season focused more on the boys in Karens life which was great because all we really saw was the drugs with Karen. Then we got the Ben & Karen love interest thing which was the best couple so far and they really havent even been a couple yet! And i absolutely love chris and sophie they are so adorable. I love this show and it better come back onto ABC or they are idiots. It is a fabulous show and i love it!
  • I Love This!!!

    I love this show its just started here in the uk and i love it already i love the whole idea of the show aswell and love the actors i recognised sarah foret (Sophie Kerr) from her role as anna fairchild in the gilmore girls and Daphne Zuniga (Lynn Kerr) for her role in melrose place.
    Ive been trying to get all my friends to watch it to but as yet they've said NO but i love it anyways and hope it comes back for a second season and more seasons after that. love love love love love love it!!!
  • I used to like but not anymore.

    I started out watching this every Monday night after Wildfire, that was in the begining of the first season. Then alot of stuff started happing that turned me away. I couldnt tell everything because I dont feel like it. but lets just say it got real dirty, and if your asking me inappropiate to be on a so called "Family" channel. The older sister [ Karen I think ] started taking diet pills all kind of stuff! it really got on my nerves. Than the mom started "getting togeather" with that guy and tore that family apart. So I just quit watching.
  • But the show needs appeal! i seen it advertised...but i only watched it because it was on!! I\'m not really into it because you can see it happening before they even air it! but i dont mind watching it if nothings on.

    People aready know whats going to happen when you see the first episode (only just aired in the uk! i know...we\'re late)
    Its another teen show as you see boy meets girl, girl likes another boy cant have her.
    Bitvhy girls who get jealous and needs sex appeal to sell themselves.
    Sister comes bullimic or maybe anerexic.
    ANd the mother may have an affair with her college sweetheart/ But if they have a realationship..wouldnt that make the youngest girl and the guy she wants ...connecteed?
    if their parents get married eventually.... then they would be a family rite? and yet havee sexual feelings towards eachother?

    But the show needs appeal! i seen it advertised...but i only watched it because it was on!! I\'m not really into it because you can see it happening before they even air it! but i dont mind watching it if nothings on.
  • Middle of the Road Show.

    I have seen every episode of Beautiful People [so far], and i have to say, it really is nothing special. i enjoy it, to a point, but it is far from the best show ever, maybe even at that timeslot. The problem is the writing, the acting is fine and the characters aren't bad, but the plots are so tired that the viewers can see what is going to happen in the episode about ten minutes into the episode.

    I will continue to watch the show in hopes that it gets better...but chances are, it will not, but i will still try.
  • so much drama

    I love watching this show beacuase of all the
    drama and romance that goes on in it. The last episode was slightly funny when Karen was dressed in all those stupid outfits. In the second season their dad wants them to live with them. Thats the only good thing to watch on mondays. Good job abc family.
  • Beautiful People is an amazing show that has a little something for everyone.

    When I first saw the previews for this show last year, I have to admit I was a little hesitant to watch it. However, after seeing the promo a gazillion times, I decided to watch it and haven't missed an episode since. When the shows first season ended in September I was really upset because this is such a great show that is very much underappreciated. It has everything in it, with something for everyone in the household. You have Sophie, the brain, in high school. Enough said there. Karen, the one out of high school trying to find her place in the world. And the mom, Lynn going through a difficult divorce and trying to get back into the dating game. I love this show and I can't wait until tomorrow night when the first new episode of the season is on. When I saw that they were starting the show up again, I was soo happy! I would recommend this show to anyone. Seriously. Watch it tomorrow night everyone, it's definitely worth it! I promise. Even guys can appreciate this show!
  • This is an inspiring show of a mother of two who move to New York after divorcing their father. The three women hope to find new experiences in the big city, but they are all in for a surprise!

    This show is totally awesome, I think if this show were on a more popular channel like The Wb maybe, it could have more viewers. I love Nicky, so you know I'm was so excited when Nicky and Sophie got together for the dance during the season one finale! I think this show has a bright future.
  • A show about a mother who moves from New Mexico where it is quiet to the big city of New York with her two daughters so they can start a new life after her husband and their father had left them for a much younger female.

    I loved the show. I could relate to the characters especially since I have a mom who makes me and my siblings hug after an argument or who will invite friends over for dinner to have a "just for the fun of it celebration". I think this show is good clean family fun. I wouldn't be embarassed of watching it in front of my children.
  • Great series for a family to watch, great role models ie: sophi and her mother. They deal with issues that are true in life and need to be said by averafe looking people and not anorexic actresses on other series.

    I started watching this show because I was looking for a new drama to watch, and NYC being my favortie place I gave it a few episodes and found myself sucked into it. Its geared toward teens, but being almost thirty I keep to myself about watching the show but cannot wait till the second season begins. I think the series deal with real life issues of teenagers and shows how family is the most important thing in life. It is also different from other series where everyone is thin and perfect, the cast is realistic to an average person. I think Sophie\'s character is a great role model for teenagers.
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