Beautiful People (UK)

BBC Two (ended 2009)





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  • How I got my laughter back.

    My wonderful friends said "You have to see this!" The screen dropped down from the cavity in the roof, the projector lit up and before I realised what was happening, I found myself laughing so long and loud, we had to rewind back to the begining.

    The characters are sensational, especially the very talented and cute as a button Kylie, played by Layton Williams, they are bright, bold and exciting to watch. The stories are fun and with each episode we get to know more about each character, leaving the viewer with a sense of wanting more. It's very difficult to stop after two episodes, impossible to just see one!

    Although there are plenty of over-the-top camp moments, it's a series that most people would enjoy, particularly the broadminded 20's and 30's crowd, gay friendly folk of all ages will fall in love with this show and like myself (and my friends), will hope that there is plenty more to come. If you liked 'Absolutely Fabulous' and/or 'Sordid Lives', you'll love 'Beautiful People' (UK).