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Beauty and the Beast

Thursday 9:00 PM on The CW Premiered Oct 11, 2012 Returning June 2, 2016



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AIRED ON 9/10/2015

Season 3 : Episode 13

Show Summary

Detective Catherine Chandler is a homicide detective with a partner named Tess. A long time ago, Catherine saw her mother get murdered by two gunmen who would have killed her as well, but something stepped in and saved her life. While investigating a recent murder, a clue leads Catherine to Dr. Vincent Keller, a man who was supposedly killed in 2002 serving in Afghanistan. It ends up that Vincent is alive, and he's the same man who saved her. But he's been in hiding for the last 10 years because his condition leads him to turn into a beast when he becomes enraged. Once meeting with him, Catherine makes a deal: she'll keep his secret if he can help her with her mother's murder. Their partnership continues to grow and, of course, the pair find themselves drawn to each other.


    The CW Cancels Beauty and the Beast After Four Seasons

    The romance is over! Vince and Cat will be done after the upcoming Season 4.


    The CW Eyes More iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend... What About The 100 and Legends of Tomorrow?

    The network has more quality shows than it knows what to do with at this point.

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    Fan Reviews (131)

    • I really did try

      I saw that this show had high ratings so I thought I'd give it a try. I tried watching the first episode but I couldn't even make it through. It's the vampire diaries all over again - not for me. But if you enjoy the vampire diaries, then you'd probably like this one.
    • Would someone please slap Heather?

      I'm sure Nicole Gale Anderson is a lovely girl in real life (and she is definitely easy on the eye!!) but OMG is her character Heather irritating. Never mind the baddies getting her, I'd have done her in myself. What the hell makes her think that she is any way qualified to assist in beast related matters? She has no military, police or scientific background so unless the baddies want a party thrown, she is feck all use to anyone!! Please put us out of her misery!!moreless
    • Beasty

      Just started watching this a week ago and i must say that i i got hooked to it and i am glad that they did not cancel and already filming season 4, i miss them already.
    • all in for beasting up.

      Just started watching and can't get enough. Great pick on casting. Jay is the perfect eye candy and he can act. Kristen is perfect because you down play her beauty most of the time so other females feel comfortable and can relate to her character and then you dress her up WOW! I know it doesn't take much to transform her but you do it well. Nina and Austin round it out perfectly and I love that you hooked them up they are the perfect odd couple and so cute together. My top 4 characters all keepers. Addicted to the Beast.moreless
    • Beasty review

      I just started watching this on April 10th Could not quit watching till the end of second season. It is a fabulous show. I watched the original years ago believe me this one blows it away. I love the connection between Catherine, Vincent , TJ and Tess they are really great. Love the way Vincent uses measuring spoons to eat it going.

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