Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 16

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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Mar 10, 2014 on The CW
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Cat and Vincent must revisit a romantic destination from their past in order to prevent Sam from obliterating a large group of people and to figure out Sam's true agenda. The destination enables Cat and Vincent to remember how in love they once were.

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  • Kat dumps Gabe and goes back to Vincent

    Kat dumps Gabe and goes back to Vincent, But its looking like Gabe has got his revenge when the FBI come and arrest Vincent for murder.
  • The best ever

    This episode was the best. Cat refusing to accept that V is her true love and fighting it all the way. The morning after the makeup sex was superb. The episode was all about V convincing Cat that they belong together and off course he gets his way. The masquerade ball and we actually get to learn more about the Sam plotline. Very entertaining ep. Give a 10 plus. But another cliffhanger, they just get back together and he get's arrested. UMMM wonder who's responsible for that.moreless
  • Beauty and the beast!!

    I really love this show been watching it since day 1 and i hope they keep playing this tv show because its a really good show,Cat&Vincent def belong together thats wat i like about this show wit every thing thats happend between them in the end they still end up together because its fate so freakin love this movie!!!
  • three-quarter season break

    Seriously, they are hitting us with a three-quarter season break. The helpful voice at the end of the episode informed us that the rest of the season will be broadcast later this year ( UK ). Grrr!

    I thought Cat and Vincent were back together at the end of the last episode, but it seems Cat has some seriously cold feet. Very funny in the beginning how we were treated to some role reversal to the traditional cliched women and men roles. Here it was Cat who said that it was only sex and Vincent who complained that this should mean more and that is wasn't only sex for him but deep feelings were involved.

    It took the whole episode to bring them really back together and then we get this cliffhanger of Vincent being arrested for murder.

    Let me guess, I bet Gabe is behind this. He told Cat theis whole episode that Vincent is bad for her and that he only wants to protect her. Cat is a strong woman, she can make her own decisions, but that is not how he treats her. I think he as the ADA had access to enough information to get Vincent arrested, in his misguided drive to protect Cat from Vincent ( by putting him in jail). How else would the police know to go to look for Vincent at Cat's flat?

    I really don't like Gabe. He is just too controlling and self important.

    Great scene with JT and Tess though. Good for JT, and Tess finally seems to get better taste in men, as her previous choices never treated her very well.moreless
  • They are back!

    So this episode was about who has the biggest or the end it was Vincent who won Kat are now again as they should is nice and all, but they are simply not meant to be....
David Aaron Baker

David Aaron Baker

Judge Westbrook

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Steve Valentine

Steve Valentine

Andrew Martin

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Andrew Stelmack

Andrew Stelmack


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Tom Everett Scott

Tom Everett Scott

Sam Landon

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    • J.T.: I sent you flowers. We spent the night in a hotel together, but you act like nothing ever happened and I don't like it.
      Tess: You don't.
      J.T.: No, I don't. I think I deserve more. I think I deserve an answer from you. Did that mean anything to you, or didn't it?
      Tess: Okay, you really want to know?
      J.T.: Yeah, I do.
      Tess: Okay, well, the truth is, you're the last person on the planet I ever pictured myself being with. You are not my type at all. Which is why every time we come closer together, I have to pull away, because this does not make sense, it shouldn't work. But then, when we're apart, all I do is think about being with you and it's driving me freakin' nuts!
      J.T.: (smirks) Really? You think about being with me?

    • Tess: I was just coming up, how'd it go?
      Gabe: Bad.
      Vincent: Good.
      Tess: Well, which is it?
      Catherine: Good and bad. Vincent got Judge Westbrook to talk, but...
      Gabe: But he had to beast out in front of him to do it. What were you thinking?
      Vincent: I was thinking about finding Sam, Gabe.
      Gabe: You're not worried about what Westbrook's gonna say about you now?
      Vincent: What, that he saw some big, bad beast? I mean, really, who's gonna believe that?

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