Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2014 on The CW
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While Cat is undercover for the FBI, Vincent reveals he is still alive on a national talk show. Searching for more information about his beastly beginnings, Vincent runs into Cat in the middle of a heist leaving them no choice but to work together.

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  • Mythology kicks in

    I liked the whole tie to the mythology behind the beast. So Muirfield used, DNA from ancient beasts to create serum for new beasts. I like the fact that V is confused about Cat and how Tori got mad at him. Also, that Cat is moving on and V is so antagonistic. Even though they don't see eye to eye, you can see from the looks they give each other that there is still something there.moreless
  • Race for the gem

    Kat and Vincent work against each other to get hold of a gem that somehow ties Vincent to a prehistoric beast.
  • Disappointed

    Is this going to become another of those contrived love triangles? Or is it a rectangle?

    Don't like where this is going. The main attraction of BATB was the strong connection between Katherine and Vincent. Even if they tried to be apart, nobody could come between them. It's simply annoying that Katherine is having second thoughts about Vincent's beast side when she shot him almost to death (she could have taken better aim, she was standing right in front of him) to save her good for nothing father.

    The guy who stole the shackle was about to shoot Vincent, so what would Katherine have done? It's not like Vincent is going on killing sprees just for the fun of it. To top all of it, Katherine covers for a scumbag who might have already killed a great bunch of people. Double standards, anyone?

    And don't get me started on the DA... Absolutely no chemistry there. I wish, he'd start to date Tori or someone else, anyone, and get back to being a hardass DA.

  • Nice one

    last week, i wrote that it had been a Series Finals and it would have been a good ending...

    but i have to say, that this episode was pretty nice...

    Loved Kat this episode, she was darker, meaner, she kissed a whole bunch of cute boys ( trying not to be jaleous)...

    The whole world, now knows that Vincent is alive and liked how they showed that in the beginning of the episode, to see him afterwards completely messed up...

    I really starting to like is gone softer and looks like the writers decided to swap those two cops their emotions with each other...

    Gabe kissedmoreless
Elisabeth Rohm

Elisabeth Rohm

FBI Special Agent Dana Landon

Guest Star

Rob Mayes

Rob Mayes

Patrick Franco

Guest Star

Ian Bohen

Ian Bohen

Pete Franco

Guest Star

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    • Vincent: I want to know who's after that thing and what they know about me.
      Catherine: Well, I want to know whoever's after the gem so I can stop them from killing innocent people.
      Vincent: Don't cross me, Catherine, okay? I mean it.
      Catherine: Yeah, well, don't make me shoot you again, Vincent. And I mean that.

    • J.T.: Okay, look, first of all, give yourself a break. I mean, let's face it, you're not gonna get over Cat in a couple of weeks, right? She's gonna mess with your head for a while. Women do that.
      Vincent: Okay, that is not helping.
      J.T.: You gotta clear your head, take charge, focus.
      Vincent: Okay.
      J.T.: You left here on a mission, a beast mission, and that's real. It still is. I-I can't explain why it led you to Catherine. Maybe you got your emotional wires crossed or something, I don't know, but, dude! Come on, beast up!
      Vincent: Beast up?
      J.T.: Yeah! Get back in the game, trust your instincts. Finding the shackle helps find you, remember? Now get back out there on that thief's trail and go kick some ass!
      Vincent: Okay.
      J.T.: Avenge me!

    • Gabe: Well, you'll have to forgive me if I'm a little wary, Agent Landon. Our recent experiences with the FBI--
      Agent Landon: ...are less than desirable, I know. I'm aware. I know about your father. That's one of the reasons I came to you with this.
      Catherine: I don't understand.
      Agent Landon: Look, I'm FBI. I love the agency, I'm fiercely loyal to it. But that doesn't mean that I'm blind to the leaks and corruption that plague it. That's why I'm reaching outside of the agency for help. Somebody who's not afraid to arrest their own father is somebody that I can trust.

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