Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 9

Bridesmaid Up!

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2012 on The CW

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  • Best episode of the season

    So episode was so heartwarming to watch. The emotions on V and Cat's part were so obvious. The desire on both parts to have a normal life. V desire to give Cat some normalcy is heartbreaking when you realize that he can't.
  • Vincent! I love you!

    Man, I know that it's pretty STUPID to have actually ventured outside, risking his life and everything, but I really ship both of them together, kyahahahahahahhahaha!!! <3 <3

    I like that Cat was so realistic about not wanting him to go.

    [it doesn't mean that I don't like how this played out, though!!!]

    I love the songs that they use for this series... and the They're awesome :3

    And the ending of the episode? I thought... well: "WOW" and I... have a few scenarios played out in my head about how it can play out, but... nothing definite... XD
  • V. forever <3

    I LOVED this episode and really want to know what happens next. I liked the scene were Cat. and V. do a slow dance together and when V. was reading profile. - I thought it was cute~ But the scene I love in this episode was when V. was tying ( and succeeding) to save looked at the road both ways tying to find a way to escape, with no hope V. looks lovingly at Cat. who is in his arms nudging her whit his head. THAT was MY Fav. scene of all.
  • I want a Vincent!

    The ending was great even though I now have to wait until the 24th for the next episode. I want to see how Evan and Vincent react to each other!! I love Vincent ;)

    I love this series and this episode was the best!
  • I totally love this series!

    I think this was the best episode of the series so far! I love how they hint us on the major changes that Vincent's going to undergo. Totally looking forward to that... and would love to see how it will affect his humanity... will it be that he can't maintain his human form.

    The ending was AMAZING! The soundtrack fit the mood. I just knew that woman would do something stupid... Catherine had her, but had to let her go and so she came back to exact her revenge and man didn't she pulled it off. I was wondering why he didn't run off with her to the hospital... I guess he eventually will and its for suspense, or maybe he never wanted to spark any mystery, for the fact that the occupants of the incoming car saw that someone was standing there and when they reach he wouldn't be.

    The preview looked interesting... we saw a lady, that looked like a competition for Catherine... I totally love this series.
  • Loved the episoded

    Although last week I felt disappointed by Trapped, today I really enjoyed the ep. I loved the fact that it tuned down a little the whole "feel sorry for your self Vincent" and focused more in the story line between Cat and V. The ending was superb because I almost yelled at the screen for V not to run with Cat in his arms, so Evan could see him trying to help her instead of kidnapping her. I hope the Evan arc doesn't mess things too much, although I prefer that instead of the whole military BS.

    Keep it coming. The show can be a great show if the producers stay off the cliche and work for a interesting story.
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