Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 15

Catch Me If You Can

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2014 on The CW
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Cat needs to choose between Vincent and Gabe. But her decision gets complicated when a compromising situation arises while working with Vincent to save Sam's latest victim.

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  • together again

    Yes, I must say I also ask myself if Cat doesn't really solve any crimes anymore. A few episodes back her new boss pressed her on that issue, but since then they kind of ignored the normal crime in the city again. I also ask myself what Vincent does for money. I can imagine that the houseboat was bought for him not rented, but he still has to eat.

    But this episode was more about feelings and emotional development, about accepting who you are in Vincent's case ( great conversation with JT, really got to the heart of it and I can only agree with what he was saying, I want more of JT, he is a really good guy).

    And I still don't like Gabe. He really is on Cat's case all the time and says he will not pressure her, but in reality he is.

    And the scene in the car after the "accident" was just hilarious, I was was laughing loudly and at the same time it was kind of sexy and a good opportunity to get Cat and Vincent really close together.

    And the last scene was magic. After the second sentence of Cat telling Vincent that they really shouldn't see each other again, you knew that the longer she would talk the more likely it would be that they would fall into each others arms in the end. It was just so obvious.

    The Sam storyline brought up more questions than it answered ( what did they download from the big computer, what was he vomiting up in the prison cell, and what happened with his son), but I watch the series mostly for the Cat and Vincent story anyway.moreless
  • Good news NYC is crime free... if you don't count revenge plots

    I'm all about cheesy telly to chill or whatever but this show raised more questions than it shoul. This episode was a train wrack: ... faking your own death not illegal anymore? Gabe is back to work ready to get Sam for his crimes. Okay? No more urgent case when you were dead vacationing in Mexico?!

    2. What's her face died (really can't remember the name), no funeral? She was super rich and famous. WTF? I'm still waiting for someone to acknowledge that. I dunno a little bouquet on her grave...

    3. Tess, Catherine are working an active investigation? their words not mine. Since when Sam is an active anything? NYPD needs to fire their assess!

    4. Catherine had a dad who loved and who was possibly killed by the other one. Why is she dismissing the man who raised her for that creep in FBI jail??? Nature vs nurture woman!!!

    5. Gabe stopped acting like a little bitch! ps: your former girlfriend died trying to save you, I'm sure she's happy you moved on so quickly. RIP what's your name (really can't remember)

    6. Vincent, who's paying your rent for the boat, the FBI??? Somebody tells me. him being there doesn't make any sense.

    Okay... this episode just like the show for the past 6 episodes do not make sense anymore. Even the villain told them that. LIsten to the bad guy, Sam, he's on to something.

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Clé Bennett

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    • Vincent: I can't control my other side, okay? So it's not fair to Catherine. I'm always gonna be what I am.
      J.T.: So just be yourself. Both selves. Stop trying to be somebody you're not.
      Vincent: What are you saying?
      J.T.: Look, Vincent, you've gotten better, okay? You've already proven your humanity's back. All you cared about yesterday was doing everything you could to save a life, right?
      Vincent: Yes, but--
      J.T.: But that doesn't mean you should ignore your other half. Don't be ashamed of that part of you, it's just something to be better in control of, that's all, like you've been lately.
      Vincent: Well, I wasn't today, was I?
      J.T.: Right, so you're not perfect. What's more human than that? It's all about finding balance, my friend, embracing who you are. And, you know, that's something in life we're all looking for. Not just you.

    • Tess: (referring to her caffeine need) Gabe kept you up last night?
      Catherine: No, Vincent did. (Tess stares at her) It was a dream.
      Tess: Oh, wait, you were dreaming about Vincent while you were sleeping with Gabe?

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