Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 20

Ever After

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 23, 2014 on The CW
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Agent Knox's offer to Cat and Vincent for a normal life together is accepted, but influences out of their control work against them.

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  • Cat and Vincent start a normal life in witness protection

    Cat and Vincent start a normal life in witness protection, until Cat decides to lay Miss Marple on day one and spoils the whole thing.
  • Ever after

    Good title to this episode. But even when they try to live a normal life, it just isn't for them, well for Cat anyway. Even in witness protection they still get into trouble. Writer's should have put more Vincat romance in this episode, it clearly required it.
  • Liking it where the story is going!

    Really like the comeback after a few months of is suspense, the storyline is good. The acting is fantastic...

    Gabe annoys me so badly, why nobody just snap his neck or ...

    Loved this episode. For the first time they had the chance to be normal and live together, but it went terribly wrong as Cat couldn't let go of her life.
Anthony Ruivivar

Anthony Ruivivar

FBI Special Agent Henry Knox

Guest Star

Danielle Biscutti

Danielle Biscutti

April Harris

Guest Star

Gil McKinney

Gil McKinney

Deputy Lewis

Guest Star

Brennan Brown

Brennan Brown

Captain Ward

Recurring Role

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    • Vincent: Look, I love this city, but it's-it's such a tangled mess right now. I-I don't see a way that I can stay. But on the bright side, I mean, one thing I have learned is that wherever we end up, you got to keep kicking ass.
      Catherine: That's not even true.
      Vincent: Oh, yes, it is. It's okay. It's who I fell in love with. It's who you are. You never walk away from a fight or what you believe in. That's your normal.

    • (arriving at their new house in suburbia)
      Catherine: That guy just flipped me off.
      Vincent: Catherine, he's waving at you, wave back. You got to blend in, remember? We can't risk getting exposed.
      Catherine: Okay, I feel like everyone is staring at us.
      Vincent: They are staring at us 'cause we just moved in. It doesn't look like anyone has recognized me yet, either, which is good.
      Catherine: Still, I feel like we just parachuted into Pleasantville, don't you? I don't know if I can trust air that doesn't smell.

    • Catherine: What about Gabe? We can't just walk away and let him get away with murder again.
      J.T.: We'll figure out what Gabe did with the witness. We'll just pick up where you left off, right?
      Tess: Yeah.
      Vincent: Uh, no offense, buddy, but how are you gonna just pick up where I left off?
      J.T.: Okay, look, I may not have beast sense, but I've got common sense, all right? Plus, my girl here's got a badge and a gun, so have a little faith, will you?
      Vincent: Okay.
      J.T.: We won't let you down, we'll get Gabe. Mostly, because we know if we don't you can't come back and that's not gonna work for any of us.
      Tess: What he said.

    • Vincent: Everything will be back to normal.
      Catherine: Normal? What's normal?
      Vincent: (laughs) I don't know, whatever you want it to be. It doesn't have to be this or here. It'll be our normal.
      Catherine: I like the sound of that.

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