Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 6

Father Knows Best

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2013 on The CW
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Vincent has to kidnap the daughter of one of his beast targets after he neutralizing her father but she may turn out to be the key to ending his missions. Cat confronts Agent Reynold about being her biological father and the mysterious part he's played in her life.


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  • Papa where have you been

    Nice episode, but seems like V's beastly side is getting the best of him. The ending was gory and I can see now that another triangle is coming up with this Tori. I know the next episodes are going to be hard to watch, I just know it.
  • Just OK

    Not one of the more interesting episodes, but it was OK
  • Not sure if I like the new season developments

    1. Catherine sure is taking the new father thing well. Wouldn't something like that just blow your world apart?

    2. They threw Agent Reynolds in at the end of the last season. He's here, Catherine's sister is gone. Why?

    3. What is with the word beast? It is in just about every scene now, over and over.

    4. Why does Tess beat Gabe over the head in every conversation about his feelings for Catherine? How is it her job to make him reveal his feelings? Then again, why did they throw this into the mix? Give it a rest already...

    5. What happened to Joe Bishop? What did I did he go?

    6. The secrecy of the beast seems to have disappeared. Seems like everyone is a beast, knows one, etc. The mystery of it all is gone...moreless
  • Christoper Reeves look-alike

    The man who played the father reminded me of Christopher Reeves, sort-of, kind-of, in a way. I loved the scene with Catherine and Vincent sparring. That was so hot, especially the way he looked at her.
Paul Johansson

Paul Johansson

Curt Windsor

Guest Star

Warren Belle

Warren Belle

Head Bodyguard

Guest Star

Ted Whittall

Ted Whittall

Agent Bob Reynolds

Recurring Role

Amber Skye Noyes

Amber Skye Noyes

Tori Windsor

Recurring Role

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    • Tori: (referring to Vincent) He told me the only reason he's not as bad as my father is that he's got someone special. That's you, right?
      Catherine: Yeah. But it's not easy, I'm not gonna lie. They go through a lot being the way they are. Even the good ones.
      Tori: But don't you worry that he'll ever change? I mean, like my father?
      Catherine: All the time.

    • Agent Reynolds: Well, let's team up. See if Windsor's hiding something. Maybe we can appeal to him as father/daughter.
      Catherine: Maybe we should just stick to good cop/bad cop for now if that's okay.

    • Catherine: I am the last to condone Vincent's missions, but at least it's always been about saving innocent people, and that is Tori.
      Tess: So, you think he was rescuing her... from her father.
      Catherine: Who's a beast.
      Tess: But still her father.
      Catherine: Tess, I know you've been on an anti-Vincent kick lately--
      Tess: No, I haven't. I just want what's best for you.
      Catherine: And that's still Vincent.

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