Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 18

Heart of Darkness

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 2013 on The CW
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Evan finally tells Cat her loves her but also reveals he's the one who lead Muirfield to Vincent. Gabe uncovers evidence that someone in the department was feeding information to the vigilante.

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  • Slight Bit of Pretender?

    It seems like this show has a slight bit of Pretender in it along with a couple other shows mixed in. Muirfield is like the Center on Pretender with Jarod and Co. Gabe is like the Jarod where he is used as a test dummy for other gains. I am liking the show the first few episodes were a little bit of a bore and it had its moments, but now it is starting to find its stride. I hope the show gets renewed so we can continue to see Jay Ryan and see where they take this interesting show. I have my theories about muirfield/ cat's mom etc..

    The muirfield guy played Darwin on X-Men First Class so seeing him as a bad dude is a little different. I wonder if they have injected some Murifield guys with the same serum as Vincent, but has more of a violent tendencies right off the bat. The guy seemed way too easily to take Evan down and then of course he shoots him.moreless

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    • Cat: We put each other in danger. That's what Evan showed me tonight. And as long as we love each other this much, and will do anything to protect each other--
      Vincent: Hey. We are always gonna be vulnerable. But I don't know what to do now because I can't live without you.

    • Catherine: How do you always find me?
      Vincent: I never stop looking.

    • Evan: I let my feelings for you blind me of the truth about Muirfield. I was just trying to protect you. I thought that Vincent was a threat. I called Muirfield.
      Cat: No, you didn't know. You couldn't--you couldn't know.
      Evan: Muirfield need to be stopped. I see that now. If I can help you and him get out of here alive, I'll be really protecting you. It'd be the best thing that I've ever done in my life. The point of it, really.

    • Cat: My desk drawer was cracked open this morning. Was that you? You going through my things?
      Gabe: Yeah, you're light on number two pencils, and I think those oatmeal packets expired about a decade ago.
      Cat: I'm sure you have a warrant for all of this.
      Gabe: I wrote it myself this morning. On the grounds of obstruction of justice.

    • Tess: (referring to Vincent) I'm sorry. I'm just really trying to get used to all this. You know, first he was a serial killer we were chasing, and now he's Hulk with a heart of gold.
      Catherine: You should see him with his shirt off. (laughs) I did not just say that.
      Tess: But since you did--
      Catherine: No, no, sex questions--those are off limits.
      Tess: Aw, God, you're such a prude.
      Catherine: Trust me, I'm not.

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