Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2013 on The CW



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    • Tess: Why the hell are you keeping me out of the loop on this one?
      Joe: Because I need to keep you safe, okay? Look, I already lost my baby brother. I won't lose you, too.
      Tess: I've worked my whole career to not be protected by the boys, and I won't allow you to treat me any differently.
      Joe: That's not your call. I can't do it. I honestly couldn't take it. Look, you work for me, you're staying on the sidelines on this one.

    • J.T.: Nearly the same height, same weight.
      Catherine: He doesn't look anything like Vincent.
      J.T.: Sorry, the selection of cadavers at the research lab wasn't up to your standards.

    • Evan: Catherine, all--all I want is your honesty. When did we stop believing each other? Whatever you're going through, it's not too late. I will protect you. Everything I've ever done was to protect you.
      Catherine: You want me to believe that you going behind my back, stealing my personal belongings, is--is because you have my back?
      Evan: I just want the truth.
      Catherine: The truth is, the vigilante saved your life.
      Evan: Cat, if--if I find out that you're helping this thing, well, just know this: I will do whatever it takes to get him.
      Catherine: I understand.

    • Gabe: I want this guy behind bars. Make our city safe again.
      Joe: Best way to make people feel safe is to eliminate the problem. Let's kill this bastard.
      Gabe: Is that the police chief talking or a victim's brother? We need him alive, and we will prosecute him to the full extent of the law.
      Joe: And the full extent of the law's at the end of my barrel.
      Gabe: Listen to me, Lieutenant. If we become vigilantes, then we are no better than this guy. And I will prosecute any vigilantes equally, understood?

    • Catherine: Sorry.
      Joe: You're late.
      Catherine: It's Saturday, I went for a run without my phone.
      Joe: For three hours?
      Catherine: Training for a marathon.
      Joe: I've wasted a lot of breath over the past few months on whatever's gotten you so preoccupied. I suggest you get your mind unoccupied and get back in the game. You're part of an elite team now, Chandler. Act like it.

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