Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 2013 on The CW

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  • New Vincent is scary

    Vincent is not longer the sweet, under confident sweetie pie from S1. This season looks like an action packed one. Lot's of secrets and, new stories about beasts to tell. So the romance is on the outs, that didn't last long, but then again, it would be boring if it did. Loving the new take on V and feeling sorry for Cat, who pretty much lost the man of her dreams. I like the new V look, Muirfield surgically removing his scar, so that he would be less conspicuous in public. V looks meaner and beastlier
  • Being tied to a chair never been so hot

    I really love the new badass Vincent! And even Vincent can't remember who Cat is, the chemistry is great between always) I always love this show & I feel that Season 2 is getting better & more interesting...
  • overwhelming drama per minute

    What an episode for Cat. Just following her character will keep your head spinning - she's tracks the hunter, tracking down Vincent not once but twice, then is the hunted as she gets kidnapped, then goes through every step of a doomed relationship with Vincent, goes on a all in one episode!

    Speaking of Cat, one other thing I did like was that they used Oxford's "Come to Life" during one of her less-action-packed scenes when she's grabbing coffee with Tess and then Gabe shows up. I really dig that song and it's nervous energy just kind of fits Cat so well here.

    I haven't been keeping up with this show much in season 2, but now that I'm going through all the recorded episodes, I'm liking how it's starting to shape up - they're really packing an overwhelming amount of drama per minute in each episode
  • Vincent still hasn't got any memories back.

    Vincent still hasn't got any memories back, I hope they don't draw this out for too long. Still a good episode and now I'm wondering if he's working for bad people or good people. (his mission was to save that girl)
  • What happened to the scar?

    Did I miss a reference to why Vincent no longer has a scar?