Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 22

Never Turn Back

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 16, 2013 on The CW

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  • Gabe goes dark side

    Good, to know in advance that there will be season 2, cause the way they left it, with Vincent being captured and Gabe dead (deserved that) and Cat all alone. I wouldn't have liked that. I hate it how, first season shows end it with a cliff hanger and then don't get renewed. They should at least allow a couple of episodes for closure. Anyway, from what I read, S2 promises to be a lot diff. from season one. We'll will see. Buying season 2, as CW only has last 5 eps. up and need to watch S2 from beginning.

    Great first season, by the way did I mention. I'm addicted to this show

    Why Heather has to be so annoying? Why take all those crazy routes with this show? Its a good show, trust me, but why leave out JT's girlfriend Sara, please don't put him with Tess, get a man for Tess, maybe her old boyfriend, who got a divorce from his cheating wife. This show is a big hit, just please be careful how you go down the path with it. Please don't bring in another woman to compete for Vincent.
  • The 'beast' captured, will Vincent be ok? We'll find out in season 2

    Not a typical season finale, but I can't wait what happens next! Seeing the last scene, well you do want to know what will happen next. What happens with Vincent? Is he going to be ok? Will Catherine find him? Tess and . bigger problems ahead? That's true. And Gabe shot what about his girlfriend Tyler? Don't really care about them, but they make it more interesting to watch. Great story lines. Sadly we'll have to wait for several months for answers .. Season 2: bring it on!!
  • Really?

    One of the worst season finale. To start the series is just watchable( to fill in my tv needs) some good moments.

    But what a F.... shitty fake twist as since the hospital scene with her "sister" and nurse we saw it coming miles away. Serioulsy i know it s hard to write something new as every series use the same few twist but this one should not have been used
  • I thought he was married

    Cat's father got married. Shouldn't the wife have been at his hospital bed?