Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 22

Never Turn Back

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 16, 2013 on The CW



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    • J.T.: (handcuffed to the radiator) Little help?
      Tess: Really?
      J.T.: Vengeful siren of deceit.
      Tess: I knew something was up when Cat never showed at the hospital, but--
      J.T.: Gabe took Cat. Vincent went after her and we tried using Tyler as a trade.
      Tess: Then what, Girl Friday got the jump on you? She spoke geek and lured you onto the rocks with her polysyllabic phrases?
      J.T.: You're funnier when I'm not dehydrated and annoyed at your gender.

    • Gabe: (about Vincent's transition) I imagine the sacrifice hasn't been easy for him though, has it?
      Catherine: What, being back to normal?
      Gabe: Tyler used to say that, normal. Which only reminded me how much I'm not. We all want the same thing, Catherine, to fit in, to find love. And as incredible as it feels to taste that power, strength to do things men can only dream of doing, anyone would sacrifice that for a chance at simple human happiness.

    • Tyler: How are you gonna get him here?
      Gabe: Every man has a weakness, and I know what Vincent's is.

    • J.T.: I'm at Gabe's loft.
      Vincent: Since when did you start playing cloak and dagger with Gabe?
      J.T.: Sorry, but protecting you is my job. More than ever now that your Spidey sense is on mute.
      Vincent: Yeah, all right, thanks, J.T.

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