Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 7

Out of Control

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on The CW
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JT worries that Vincent may be implicated in Cat's murder investigation after she mentions that a local college frat brother was brutally killed. JT examines Vincent, hoping to understand the cause of his blackouts, but Vincent starts to to transform into the beast, forcing JT to tranquilize him. Meanwhile, Evan and his new intern notice an unusual cut on the victim's ankle, which looks very similar to a cut that Evan found on a female cadaver left on campus a year earlier. As Evan tries to piece together more clues from the crime scene, someone kidnaps him, and Cat turns to Vincent to track down Evan and save his life. However, she doesn't realize that she's risking Vincent's life by asking for his help.


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  • Out of Control

    Nice twist on storyline. Don't know if V has gone darkside. V shower scene is sexy. Love his acting and facial expressions.
  • what is to become..

    let not your heart be clouded by pain of what is seen by your eyes.. follow your heart and follow your gut to know what is to become. Let it be know that sometimes the obvious is wrong. Sometimes your eyes lie and decieve sometimes things arent always as they seem.

    like the poem above, things might not be as they seem. it SEEMS like cat is triggering the blackouts, but fearn not its only deception. i did research and found what i was looking for. just think of it like this: IF VINCENT AND CAT CANT HANG OUT THEN THE SHOW WILL HAVE TO BE EITHER ABOUT VINCENT OR CAT i dont think that would be good for the showmoreless
  • Love this show...

    This show is so great. It has everything that a show needs. Cat and Vincent are so cute together. I hope that they will be able to find a way to fix whatever is happening to him. Poor wants to keep Vincent safe but at the same time he is a great friend and is trying to do what is right.
  • I'm Hooked

    Yes I started watching Beauty and The Beast... Yes I did.. now I'm hooked.

    I love this little drama. This episode was cool... Catherine has now found out that she's the trigger to Vincent's black outs and during those black outs he's more dangerous that ever...

    How will they deal with this problem?

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    • J.T.: So, just out of curiosity, when you were armed with a loaded tranq gun that would have prevented exactly what happened in the tunnel, why not use it?
      Catherine: Look, Vincent was my only hope of saving Evan. I took a chance.
      J.T.: You may have saved Evan, but you didn't think about the price Vincent would pay.

    • Catherine: (in the subway tunnels) Anything?
      Vincent: Other than bad memories from the last time we were down here? No.
      Catherine: I'm alive because of you.
      Vincent: And I would do it again. It just doesn't make taking a life any easier, that's all.

    • Catherine: (cheery) Good morning!
      Tess: Handbook chapter 3: try to not look giddy when approaching a murder scene.
      Catherine: I seriously doubt I look giddy.
      Tess: We'll get back to that.

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    • Featured Music:
      "Everybody Wants What I Got" by Dave Bassett ft. Lindsay Ray
      "I Am Freedom" by Monster Truck
      "In The Summer (Brookes Brothers Remix)" by Crystal Fighters
      "Seasons" by Heather Porcaro & the Heartstring Symphony
      "St. Christopher" by Michael Logen
      "Sweet Rock N Roll" by Vibrolux

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: Thursday, November 29, 2012 on Showcase