Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 17

Partners in Crime

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2013 on The CW



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    • Catherine: You weren't right down in the tunnels.
      Vincent: What, by letting Tess go?
      Catherine: No, I'm talking about when you wanted to run off and leave me.
      Vincent: It was so you could have your life back.
      Catherine: Okay. You are my life. At least you're a huge part of it. But whenever there's some jeopardy, that's your go-to. And I know, I know it's because you want to protect me. But I'm in this. So next time, when we go over the options of what we're going to do, running away from me isn't one of them. That's not what partners do, and I learned that from you.

    • Catherine: This is my fault. Especially leaving you alone in those tunnels.
      Tess: That's what you're focused on?
      Catherine: After seeing those pictures of us in your apartment, yeah. Everything else, it just seems like this impossible situation, and I don't know what I would have done differently, but...leaving my, leaving my best friend to wake up, scared and alone in a tunnel? I am so sorry. And after doing that, I--I can't believe that I have to ask you to be my friend me that the person that I have fallen in love with, he--he isn't a monster. He isn't. The world is a better, safer place with him in it.
      Tess: Maybe for you. And I might have pictures up, but I can't be your friend, not after what's happened. You have to turn Vincent in.
      Catherine: Tess.
      Tess: Look, your boyfriend asked me not to ruin your life, and I won't. I'll cover for you. But only if you turn him in.
      Catherine: Okay, I won't lie to you anymore. I can't do that.

    • Vincent: All right, we--we could have run. We could have been long gone. But Catherine refused to leave you behind.
      Tess: I swear, you're going to have to kill me before I let you keep me trapped down here any longer!
      Vincent: Look, you turn her in, you will completely destroy her. All right, her career, her entire life. Listen, I am not asking you to protect me, so before you do anything, you need to talk to her. Tess, you're not just a cop, okay? You are her friend. So please, find her and talk to her.
      Tess: Okay.
      Vincent: I'm letting you go now.

    • Vincent: Maybe Tess needs a--a little time to adjust to the shock of seeing me like that, all right?
      J.T.: You mean after the five years of psychotherapy she's gonna need for that simple adjustment?
      Catherine: Okay, not to mention, she's a cop. She sees things black and white. It's her job to find the person who killed her boyfriend's brother, that's it.
      Vincent: Catherine, she's not just a cop, okay? She is your partner.
      Catherine: Ex-partner.
      Vincent: After spending four years in a squad car with you, she cares about you, okay? And even though this situation is a little gray, a partner is a partner.

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