Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2012 on The CW

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  • Don't compare

    Loved this new concept. If people want to compare to the 80's version then they should watch that instead. This was not meant to be a rip from the 80's version, but written with a new take. I'm giving it a chance because I can already see the romance developing between the 2 main characters. As for Kristin being too young to be a homicide detective, just because she looks young doesn't mean she is.

    KK is 30 years old, get over the Lana thing, it's been a while since Smallvile. I a few cops that age that are detectives (husband is a cop).
  • Will be watching...

    I liked it because it isn't the 80's like that it;s different but the essence of the characters,the way they fell about each other is the same.
  • The Pilot of Beauty and the Beast

    The Pilot of Beauty and the Beast was good but not great. I like the actors and the story was generally ok. Personally I liked Ringer a whole lot more than this. There was some action, drama and intrigue and I guess I was in suspense a little bit. The show does have potential and I was surprised of the route it took. I enjoyed watching and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!
  • Horrible

    The original series was a love story. The new version has no direction at all. Kirstin Kreuk is too young to be a detective. The dialogue is laughable. What is Vincent suppose to be anyway? He looks more like a vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer than a monster. They could have least transformed into a lion or werewolf.
  • no magic

    i used to love the original series but this one doesn't feel right to me...

    the beauty is a tough cop, didn't like that, the beast is way too pretty, didn't like that either

    the stories felt rushed and unbelievable, i didn't feel the show, will give it a chance to see if it grows but to me the old show had real magic and this doesn't.......

    might as well have given them different names and a completely new title to the show cause this has nothing to do with the old show
  • awesome pilot loved it

    I have always loved beauty and the beast even disney's version this one was awesome can't wait for more looking forward to seeing more love the beast especially when the beast comes out
  • Surprisingly Ok

    I was expecting the worst given's damning reviews and my own ambivalence towards Kristen Kruek, but I actually quite liked it.
  • Pretty damn good

    Very good pilot, here's hoping for a long run