Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 2

Proceed With Caution

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2012 on The CW

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  • Great girl action

    Watched pilot and ep. 2 and still loving it. Can't wait till, more background story is revealed. Chemistry between actors is incredible
  • Enjoyable

    Although the first episode was a little off and did not really establish much these started to get the ball rolling. Although I hope it finds a more solid foundation soon and to grow from there. My one gripe is in order to remote access a computer one has to know the IP address of Cat's computer and I am pretty sure Muirfield or whoever remote access her computer did not have it hence would not be able to remote access the computer to delete the files. I think JT and Vincent are casted well and I like Kristen better in this role she has yet to find herself in the character because right now all what I am feeling from her are the motions and no real connection to her character or Vincent. Doesn't Cat realize from episode 1 they are willing to kill her?? So why would she run a photo through stuff? I know she means well, but clearly does not get it yet.
  • Best thing on television

    I love this show,it has something for everyone and then some.
  • Awsome TV Show

    Look I don't know why people hate this show. But for one thing I really do love this show I mean wow, cool, and just non stop. And I really really do hope that there is a season 2,3 and 4 because I am just dying to find out what happens next in the whole season of season1. But hey I love the cast and I mean the whole entire cast. And every Thursdays I always watch it and when it's over for the week I just say no no no please don't stop the story I want to find out what happens next.
  • Beast and the what the hell was she thinking

    That "girl" is going to get someone (everyone) killed with all her do-gooder snooping, sides the mom thing has all been done (better) on Castle. I am afraid for poor ol JT, and her sister, and her partner, and the computer guy and just about everybody that Cat unknowingly involves in her investigation. Okay, ok...I see that she just wants to do her job but Cat sure doesn't pay any attn to the this day and age of electronic tom-foolery. She just goes right ahead blindly trusting that whatever she puts into her puter is safe'. I guess I'll watch for awhile then eh, who knows...
  • That's it

    This was so boring. I won't watch any more of this show!
  • Not bad at all !!!

    I am hooked now. The first episode wasn't good, but this one left me content. I am starting to like Kreuk for the role...she is putting good fights for such fragile girl. As for the beast...He is not what I imagined but now I see that they are trying to put a new flavor to an old character. The beauty and the beast being friends with promise for something more too soon is not what I wanted. I was looking for more...I don't know... foreplay :) The crime wasn't that interesting but since CSI I feel like I've seen it all anyway. I am definitely watching the next episode! I think This show is judged too harsh...It's not like I think that every episode of TVD is perfect but the reviews always are. I would give this one a chance.
  • Proceed With Caution

    Proceed With Caution was a good episode of Beauty and the Beast and shows the that the series may have some potential, though I'm not holding my breath. There was a good story, some decent character development and great music. The action was ok and the drama was pretty basic. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what will happen next.
  • The Good, The Bad, And The... Beautiful?

    I found this episode to be highly predictable, yet still quite enjoyable. I am a little disappointed however with the beast's less than beastly nature; for the sake of this shows' survival that needs to change within the next two episodes. I cannot imagine that the viewers like myself who are giving this series a chance will not move on to greener pastures. Putting aside the ridiculous i.e. the police contaminating their own crime scene, wearing overly fashionable and unconventional police attire, a female - female cop team, and a beautiful beast both inside and out, the writers have still managed to pull out a good episode. I'm just hoping that "good" will quickly translate to "great" because with TV juggernauts Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, and Glee they will need a whole lot better than "good" to survive its first season.