Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 2014 on The CW
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Cat and Vincent work together to find Gabe's missing acquaintances. Vincent sees what his life might have been when he returns to the hospital where he interned.

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  • Dr Keller

    Kat and Vincent each have dreams about getting back together. Vincent manages to save the life of a patient at the hospital.
  • Gabe is too cold

    I don't like how unfeeling Gabe is, there is no emotion. He seems damaged somehow. Vincent on the other hand is starting to behave like the old Vincent. It's painful to see him trying to win Cat's forgiveness, but much needed. He accepts himself and needs to show Cat, that he would never choose the other side again. I like the climb back. It's about time.
  • decisions

    This was about how Vincent has to accept who he is. He tries to be human for Catherine and this just puts him and the people he cares about in danger. I hope that in the end he decides that as for everything a balance between his two sides is the right thing to do.

    I liked it more when at the beginning of the series Catherine stuck by Vincent no matter what the difficulties. She was a bit indecisive for my taste in the second series. The reason for this is probably that the screenwriters want to put a bit of conflict in the relationship to create a more interesting storyline. I think that it is obvious that Vincent and Catherine belong together ( it is called "Beauty and the Beast" after all ) and I for one don't think that a functioning relationship at the heart of the series would be boring.

    Gabe finally shows his true colours. He came over all understanding about the Vincent - Catherine relationship, but now he tries in essence to forbid Catherine to see Vincent anymore. That is quite the controlling move ( reminds my of a similar storyline in "Friends") and I hope Catherine sees it the same way and dumps Gabe, because no partner should be able to tell you who you are allowed to be friends with.

    The scientific part actually made a bit of sense this time. You can imagine that some persons have turned off genetic material in their DNA which codes for the animal features the beasts show and that this serum they are injected with just turns on this parts of the genome. This would also explain why Gabe can now be human again, as his beast genes got turned off again.moreless
  • awesome

    beauty and the beast is one of the amazing tv shows ive ever seen im so glad i got into this show my fabvourtie chareters are vincent gabe catherine tess evan and jt the bests actoers are gabe lowen vincent keller and catherine chandler gabe and vincent are the cutest people on the show im glad that gabe and catherine are together your the best

    love Rebecca Thomas
Christopher Heyerdahl

Christopher Heyerdahl

Dr. Marcus

Guest Star

Noah Danby

Noah Danby

Jacob Sutter 3

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David Petrie

David Petrie


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Ted Whittall

Ted Whittall

Agent Bob Reynolds

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Tom Everett Scott

Tom Everett Scott

Sam Landon

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    • Vincent: We're trying to figure out how to save this other Jacob Sutter. You know, the one who's actually in a hospital.
      Catherine: Leave that to the real doctors. Vincent, Sam has a beast. And whatever he wants him for, it's bad. And it will undoubtedly cost people lives, and you're the only one who can stop him.
      Vincent: Okay, okay, yeah, I'll do it, okay.
      J.T.: So much for beast cold turkey.
      Vincent: Just find the antidote, okay?
      J.T.: (to Catherine, referring to Vincent) It's hard to be Doctor Jekyll when everybody keeps wanting Mr. Hyde.

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