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  • Ep 17 - returns MONDAY, JUNE 2 9

    It's nice to know
  • Please!

    Please don't cancel it!

    I Love This series and hop it will have season 3
  • Get it back!!!

    I love this show hopefully it will get renewed and maybe other companies can buy its copy right
  • Got my fingers crossed for hoping that this show gets renewed!

    I really hope that this show gets renewed because I love it! :)
  • Best Chemistry Ever!

    One of the reason I keep watching BATB is because I love the chemistry between Cat & Vincent. Always love Kristin Kreuk as an actress but Jay Ryan's acting( and facial expressions) is awesome!! He really is a great actor. I really hope there will be a season 3 as the show storyline has lots of room to grow and I feel season 2 is more fun with humorous scripts....

    One of my favorite scene so far is the car accident scene, never had I watched an accident scene but ended laughing the whole time.... Moreover I really wish Jay Ryan will have new movies/shows as I would love to see him more. I even went back to watch the Seeker where he played in one episode...
  • This is my show

    I love watching this show. This season just brings more suspense. Seeing Vincent and Cat go their own way knowing that they will eventually makes their relationship seem that much stronger. This will show that their love will conquer all. Season one Vincent was more mysterious but this season he is more exciting. Cat being unsure just shows that shes a woman and that there is no perfect relationship. It makes it more realistic. Well, as realistic as Beauty and the Beast can be. Lol. I really hope they don't cancel it. That's what gets to me. The networks cancel a show when it gets good and let boring shows go on and on.
  • I don't really like this season and have tuned out.

    I don't like the direction this season. The fresh attraction, tension, and love has disappeared. I was so excited with first season because it had everything the original B & B had. I kinda tuned out this season. Hopefully they're able to come back to the same formula that made their first season popular. But, I think this show will be cancelled soon.
  • Vincent go no Gabe must go

    You know this thing with Gabe must end wake up Catherine... Come on one look at Vincent who would want Gabe.
  • love it - please dont cancel

    i love this show. watched the whole first season and up to date of season 2 in just 3 days.

    love the story about cat and vincent. i really hope they dont cancel this show. and jay ryan is a total babe. i admit the first 2 eps of the show didnt really captivate me but it grew on me and i love every episode now.
  • Oh Man this show is not that good.

    this show isn't as good as you all seem to think, especially from a guys perspective. Just done season 1

    lets hope it gets better.

    kinda wish they could have come up with a better female role, the actress is awesome but the character is pretty much Beckett\Abbie(Sleepy Hollow)\Bones. maybe something else.

    hopefully season 2 picks up.....
  • Epic Romance

    This show is perfect for lovers of the epic are they/aren't they romance because all roads eventually lead to ultimate happiness for our protagonists; but what helps us stay on the edge of our seats are the countless distractions from either side's lives and their determination to always be together and bear through the tough times. Way to go, producers, way to go!
  • season 2 <3

    i love how the story become so exciting in s02.

    at s01 it was about not caught by merfiled but now they spice it a lil bit by adding the stories of other characters not just Ven and Kat.

    voting for team JT and Tess <3
  • Beauty and the Beast

    I love this Show, all actors make this show one of the best never seen before?Good Work
  • Beauty and the Beast Season 2

    This show is amazing!! I absolutely love it!!! Was there a new episode that aired last night i dont have cable so I dont know?
  • Amazing, Awesome, You just have to watch it!!

    I love this series, it gives you a little bit of everything plus it keeps you wanting more yeap this is one of my favorites!! <3
  • Beauty and the Beast Season 2

    Awesome beginning to a new season!

    beauty and the beast is one of the most amazing shows i've ever seen. It's especially amazing because even though it is a moderns version of the first Beauty and the Beast, it is a completely new series :) people who think it's bad because it is "too far from the original batb" are so wrong, because they're not trying to replace the old batb, they're only trying to create a thing of their own. If you watch it once, you'll absolutely fall in love with it!
  • Beauty and the best........

    ya i love this show, have been dieing for a kind of show like like this for a while, i love the whole story arc, very original and very many good story arcs in play, very good cast i love kristen kreuk , from her Lana days on smallville, but here she's showing her true acting all in all great tv show and can get even better bring on season 4 already.....
  • Nice Improvement towards end of 1st season & 2nd season been great so far

    Very nice improvement indeed for end of season 1 and 2nd season has been awesome.

    Though amazingly fast "sudden" Beasty and Beauty were cuddly again after few memory images came Union episode was a bit confusing,but great =)

    Remember to support this serie with buying Blu Ray / Dvd to help it's continuation even that way.

    Why Heather has to be so annoying? Why take all those crazy routes with this show? Its a good show, trust me, but why leave out JT's girlfriend Sara, please don't put him with Tess, get a man for Tess, maybe her old boyfriend, who got a divorce from his cheating wife. This show is a big hit, just please be careful how you go down the path with it. Please don't bring in another woman to compete for Vincent.
  • love it

    i love this show from the first two mins i knew i was hooked i really hope they do not cancel this show its one f the best shows on cw i watch season 1 over and over again my hubby just got season 1 for me on DVD. the acting is incredible the writing is good the cast goes to gather well, please don't cancel the show it's such a great show with a big fan base
  • Favorite fairy tale!

    I watched the first episode because I am a fan of Kristin Kreuk. Within 5 minutes of the first episode I knew I was going to continue to watch this series to the end. It drew me in as Fairy tales always have and yes maybe they have strayed away from the whole beast thing a bit but it only makes it more unique in its new re-telling. For all those people out there with nothing to watch, this show is defiantly worth your time.
  • Average by today's standards...

    Pretty good cast.

    Solid acting.

    Slightly below average directing,

    and some of the worst writing I have ever seen in my life...

    So far I made it to episode 12 which was the only remotely enjoyable one to watch.

    How this show got a second season is beyond me but hey, who could ever mind seeing more of Kristin on screen :D

  • Awesome acting

    Jay uses his darkness to bring light to the show. I watch all the episodes over and over. If I go an hour without watching I start missing Vincent Catherine.. Characters are played out well the cameras the images the props and the lighting the background music all flow in to make it perfect. The audience can feel everything. I can feel Cats heart racing as Vincent gets close to her. Looking forward to hundreds of episodes.
  • so poor serie tv

    i saw the first episode and i have to see so many holes and things unbelevable, teo ( 2) detectives aged around 22-25 years old..... a beast handsome with a little so slake...

    i think i'll not see other is 4 kids...
  • Addicting

    From the very first second I saw it,it was just amazing!can't wait for season 2 ! So many questions about in and Evan is he coming back? Joe and Cats biodad!just can 't wait
  • Beauty and the Beasy - Wasn't worth the second chance

    The first episodes were not really interesting. But episode by episode it become more and more facinating, till it reached a point that I forgot anything about the first episodes and decided that I like it and it's one of my favourite shows. However, at the last episodes it became terrible (after the episode they entered mirfild). So many plot holes, things that don't make sense, forced-drama situations that are not convincing. This show definitely betrayed by trust and I doupt that I will keep following it next season and I'm not the kind of people that easily stop watching a show as I usually want to see the end. But it's one thing to make some mistakes, which I accept and forgive, and another to force lame drama/action scenes. You just don't respect your audience when you do so. (I put 3.5 just for the middle of the season. The start was like 5, the end deserves a 0).
  • Beauty and the Beast - one of my favorite shows/ #1

    i love this show, i wish it would come on more often. looking forward for more seasons.
  • Beauty and the Beast - this show ROCKS!

    Looking forward to numer of seasons of this show. One of the best tv I've seen in a while. Colored with fun, action and an actual, interesting and engaging 3
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