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  • Heather did it

    I think it's going to turn out that Heather is behind all the attempts to kill Vincent and the other beasts. It will turn out she is working for the government.

  • I really did try

    I saw that this show had high ratings so I thought I'd give it a try. I tried watching the first episode but I couldn't even make it through. It's the vampire diaries all over again - not for me. But if you enjoy the vampire diaries, then you'd probably like this one.
  • Would someone please slap Heather?

    I'm sure Nicole Gale Anderson is a lovely girl in real life (and she is definitely easy on the eye!!) but OMG is her character Heather irritating. Never mind the baddies getting her, I'd have done her in myself. What the hell makes her think that she is any way qualified to assist in beast related matters? She has no military, police or scientific background so unless the baddies want a party thrown, she is feck all use to anyone!! Please put us out of her misery!!
  • Beasty

    Just started watching this a week ago and i must say that i i got hooked to it and i am glad that they did not cancel and already filming season 4, i miss them already.
  • all in for beasting up.

    Just started watching and can't get enough. Great pick on casting. Jay is the perfect eye candy and he can act. Kristen is perfect because you down play her beauty most of the time so other females feel comfortable and can relate to her character and then you dress her up WOW! I know it doesn't take much to transform her but you do it well. Nina and Austin round it out perfectly and I love that you hooked them up they are the perfect odd couple and so cute together. My top 4 characters all keepers. Addicted to the Beast.
  • Beasty review

    I just started watching this on April 10th Could not quit watching till the end of second season. It is a fabulous show. I watched the original years ago believe me this one blows it away. I love the connection between Catherine, Vincent , TJ and Tess they are really great. Love the way Vincent uses measuring spoons to eat it going.
  • love it

    Just started watching it yesterday. Watched 10 episodes in a row :) hopefully it never ends.
  • I must say, out of all the cw shows, this one had to be one of the greatest.

    This show would've been co-produced or distributed by MGM or WB, but that's okay. I love this love story of a show.
  • best epic love story

    got to say i love this couple.

  • I loved It :) :) :)

    I am officially addicted and i was so released when I saw that it was renewed.
  • Yes I am a "BEASTIE"!!!

    I am super ampt about BATB returning for yet another season! I have always been in love with this series from day 1! I absolutely love the back story and how everyone is inner-twinned so deeply! I am in shock that this site expected this show to be can I say though there are always going to be "HATERS"! To those of you whom dislike this series, it doesn't surprise me that you don't know a great show because obviously your taste in television is crap! Yes I said crap!

    To my fellow "BEASTIES" we must stand together to keep this wonderful show alive and running for many seasons to come! xoxoxo
  • Boom Love!

    i overheard that Kristen is having an affair with the boom guy on her series . Supposedly his name is Eric and young to a little toy boy, love to see this come to fruition they were spotted can't tell. Love to get some scoop on him, interesting, lets see how this love triangle goes. Maybe Toronto boy thinks he's going to have a chance,unless he got himself a sugar mama.

  • Awesome show!

    best tv show so far! officially addicted they better keep making more seasons!
  • This show is addictive

    I have watched every episode and even though I did not like the love triangle arc, I also know that every network tries this maneuver on every show that airs. So fans have to put up with it. In reply to beasts being scientifically engineered, the person popogoh37 asked. This was answered in an episode, Muirfield was making beasts using the DNA of beasts that had previously existed. They altered the DNA and improved on it to make them stronger and more powerful. Even though it was not revealed why the gem could control beasts, I dont feel it has to be, I'm okay with not everything having to be explained. Suffice to say, I can go without watching other shows and not even miss them, but I would definitely miss this show. I was hooked from the get go. I give all the above episodes a 10+
  • best romance beauty and the beast show

    i can wait to see season 3 love the show that lie silver tong Gabe got just what was coming to him he know Catherine love Vincent
  • Best Romance Drama EVER!!

    This is one of the most romantic TV Shows I've ever seen Vincent and Cat make one of the cutest couples ever. I was so upset when they broke and Cat started dating Gabe I will never understand wat she saw in him but I'm just glad tht Cat and Vincet are back together again :)
  • Good series but something is not right.

    I like this show as much as other fans. However, there's something not right with the storyline that seems a bit odd at times.

    1) The stone that used to control beasts. In this series, beasts are made and not born. So how the stone can control beast is just a mystery to me since beasts are scientifically made.

    2) The love between the two were used to be great in season 1, then when season 2 starts, it's just fell apart. I don't get how Cat can say that she loves Vincent but did not stay by his side and help him get through what her father has done to him. Instead she asked Vincent to choose. If love has a condition, or have to make a choice, perhaps, it's not love after all. Love is blind and that's what it's supposed to be. I personally think that Tori represents love best cos' she stood by him whether right or wrong. Too bad, if they were together in other show, they would have made the badass beasts.

    3) The word that Cat always says that she will save Vincent. I just don't get how she is going to save Vincent when he no longer needs saving. Vincent is in the expose now so I just don't get that.

    Perhaps this series, to me, is not as exciting and heart gripping coz Vincent is not beast enough (yet) and Cat can do no wrong, is like the world is circling around her. There are other characters that they should have had explored more. And more humour would be good too. I would also love to see Vincent beast up more. I don't know how long this series will last but I do hope to see more improvement if it does continue.
  • Must See the show

    I was just find out about this show last month, then got so excited to see more. Cant wait to watch the newest S2 eposide 19 and next. Am sure season 3 will be as good as the previous 2 seasons.
  • Favorie

    I really love this show and cannot wait for it to return.
  • Ep 17 - returns MONDAY, JUNE 2 9

    It's nice to know
  • Please!

    Please don't cancel it!

    I Love This series and hop it will have season 3
  • Get it back!!!

    I love this show hopefully it will get renewed and maybe other companies can buy its copy right
  • Got my fingers crossed for hoping that this show gets renewed!

    I really hope that this show gets renewed because I love it! :)
  • Best Chemistry Ever!

    One of the reason I keep watching BATB is because I love the chemistry between Cat & Vincent. Always love Kristin Kreuk as an actress but Jay Ryan's acting( and facial expressions) is awesome!! He really is a great actor. I really hope there will be a season 3 as the show storyline has lots of room to grow and I feel season 2 is more fun with humorous scripts....

    One of my favorite scene so far is the car accident scene, never had I watched an accident scene but ended laughing the whole time.... Moreover I really wish Jay Ryan will have new movies/shows as I would love to see him more. I even went back to watch the Seeker where he played in one episode...
  • This is my show

    I love watching this show. This season just brings more suspense. Seeing Vincent and Cat go their own way knowing that they will eventually makes their relationship seem that much stronger. This will show that their love will conquer all. Season one Vincent was more mysterious but this season he is more exciting. Cat being unsure just shows that shes a woman and that there is no perfect relationship. It makes it more realistic. Well, as realistic as Beauty and the Beast can be. Lol. I really hope they don't cancel it. That's what gets to me. The networks cancel a show when it gets good and let boring shows go on and on.
  • I don't really like this season and have tuned out.

    I don't like the direction this season. The fresh attraction, tension, and love has disappeared. I was so excited with first season because it had everything the original B & B had. I kinda tuned out this season. Hopefully they're able to come back to the same formula that made their first season popular. But, I think this show will be cancelled soon.
  • Vincent go no Gabe must go

    You know this thing with Gabe must end wake up Catherine... Come on one look at Vincent who would want Gabe.
  • love it - please dont cancel

    i love this show. watched the whole first season and up to date of season 2 in just 3 days.

    love the story about cat and vincent. i really hope they dont cancel this show. and jay ryan is a total babe. i admit the first 2 eps of the show didnt really captivate me but it grew on me and i love every episode now.
  • Oh Man this show is not that good.

    this show isn't as good as you all seem to think, especially from a guys perspective. Just done season 1

    lets hope it gets better.

    kinda wish they could have come up with a better female role, the actress is awesome but the character is pretty much Beckett\Abbie(Sleepy Hollow)\Bones. maybe something else.

    hopefully season 2 picks up.....