Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 13

Trust No One

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on The CW

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  • Lot's of good twists in this one

    This episode is great. Lot's of action in this one. Evan's storyline is great and the Alex arc is finally over.

    Thank goodness. V is going to have to make up for a lot though. Still feel sorry for V. The character is so tragic, it doesn't matter what he does, you still feel sorry for him.
  • Embrace the cheese factor

    This episode was so over the top, from more than one point of view, but still managed to be enjoyable. At first, Vincent managed to give (me and) Catherine a beautiful WTF moment when he asked what plans she had for Valentines day. I don't know exactly how much time passed since the events from the last episode, but that move from him was incredibly bold and her reaction to the invite and the flowers and the chocolate was spot on (whoever is writing Catherine's character is a godess). the flash mob was definitely over kill but i guess she needed it soften up a little.

    Unfortunately, whoever wrote the Tess/Joe bed conversation didn't do such a stellar job. After so many episodes Tess doesn't need to describe herself to us, nor Joe who is supposed to know her even better. I mean, there were hints from very early in the show that Tess/Joe might happen at some point so my brain had more than enough time to prepare and they messed it up with the cheesy lines both from her and him. (i don't say it's ok to sleep with a married man but it's also not ok to rip people apart and I'm still watching the show)...

    Up to this episode I was fond of Alex. She might have been a hindrance but she was a nice person. But after her talk with Claire i had to reassess my opinion of her. After Muirfield killed her journalist friend, just because she talked to him, how could she still trust them to cure Vincent just like that?

    Just because there isn't a reply button to reviews (have to defend the almost kiss!), i felt the need to point out that Vincent is not human, at least not 100% human ( lol... people tend to forget this) . He can hear Catherine's heartbeats and tell exactly how she feels (among other things). That's why she didn't even try to lie to him and admitted her heart was beating fast. I'm sure he didn't do anything she didn't want him to do... you could see her lose control the closer he got. I saw her protests as more a way to save face because he had the upper hand of knowing how she feels while she had no such powers (He already called her on her lies moments before). On the other hand, how much of a turn on must be knowing exactly how your loved one feels about you? the more I think about it the more I applaud Vincent for being able to move so (and their lips did touch... seen pictures)
  • Ugh, that ending.

    I was liking this episode well enough (though I absolutely hate the fact that they're portraying Tess and Joe's affair as totally acceptable), but THAT ENDING. I hate it when they do that. You know, when the girl is backing away and saying they should take things slow and the guy nods and moves forward anyway. NOT ROMANTIC. It's MANIPULATIVE. I hate it.
  • Great but

    Couldn't they at least have had a little touching of lips before someone has to ruin the moment AGAIN. Come on writers... Please let them have the kiss. If you need to break them up again over some silly thing, but don't put it off any longer.
  • awesome

    It was awesome I can wait for the kiss