Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 10

A Children's Story

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 1987 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Vincent: (to Kipper) What is Father teaching you now?
      Kipper: Chess.
      Vincent: (to Father) Teaching another student to beat you?
      Father: No, to beat you!

    • Vincent: When I see you, Catherine, I'm filled with a happiness sweeter than anything I've ever known. At the same time I'm reminded of a life that can never be... and I feel great pain.
      Catherine: I know... So do I. Vincent, what will we do?
      Vincent: The only thing we can do... We will endure the pain, and savor... every moment of the joy.

    • Joe: (to Catherine) Radcliffe, do I hear your biological clock running?

    • Marie: (to Catherine) Where are all the really great guys? What happened… they all go underground?

    • Vincent: Don't lose heart, Catherine...Ones who prey on children steal everyone's hope. Don't give up, Catherine.
      Catherine: I won't.

    • Ellie: It's all like a dream isn't it?
      Eric: No, better!

    • Catherine: I've been all over the world-met people, done things. I've lived in luxury most people could never imagine. But I can't remember a time that I felt as good, or complete, as I do right now.
      Vincent: Hum... I feel it in you, through you.
      Catherine: You really can?
      Vincent: It's very beautiful.
      Catherine: Sort of like a dream?
      Vincent: Better.

    • Father: Hum, hum... of course. But you know, Eric, there are promises you have to make and keep.
      Eric: What kind of promises?
      Father: To give help and support to those who need it and to accept help and support to those who offer it to you.
      Eric: I promise that.

    • Father: It is a very important promise. It is how we exist.
      Eric: How about not telling anyone about this. Keep it a secret.
      Father: Well, you know, Eric, suppose you were to tell this secret to anyone. Do you think they are going to believe you? And even if they did believe you, do you think anyone is going to find their way down here?
      Eric: I'll keep it a secret anyways.

  • Notes

    • This episode was the first episode filmed after the pilot, for some reason, CBS held this episode back and aired it as the 10th episode. You can also tell it's an early episode by the dialogue that Vincent and Catherine share when they first see each other in this episode.

    • This episode shows the first acceptance of people from the world Above into the Tunnel World community.

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