Beauty and the Beast

Season 1 Episode 22

A Happy Life

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1988 on CBS
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The anniversary of her mother's death leads Catherine into a deep depression which brings to the surface all of the pain that she endures for not being able to share her life with Vincent. This leads Vincent to make a painful decision, to end his relationship with Catherine.moreless

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  • Great finale. Running into each others arms and the kiss that sorta kinda was or was it? :o

    This was a pretty good episode even though Vincent and Catherine spend most of it apart. I love the theme song finally being played with the lyrics. A BATB video making friend from YouTube once expressed that the show at times created their own music video. I might be talking here about another episode but I just wanted to express that. T

    The ending is one of the greatest moments of the show in my opinion! Beautiful how Catherine runs back into the arms of Vincent! Fully excepting his love and he hers! I heard somewhere that Linda Hamilton actually knocked Ron Perlman down during one of the takes! Go Linda! What way to really get into it! Wish the kiss wasn't in shadow form though. Making us wait a few more episodes before a plain and clear kiss. Not fair. (side note) Also like Catherine playing with her friend's children. Something that I'm sure BATB fans watched was a lump in their throat now knowing the future. :(moreless
  • This is certainly one of my two very favorite episode(equal with "Once Upon a time in the City of New-York).The reason is because the subject of this episode is directly the love relationship between Cathy and Vincent.And that's what I prefered the most.moreless

    In the occasion of the 20 th anniversary of Cathy's mother death,she feels a lot depressed.This brings her to question how she lives her life,her choices of life,if her life honors or not her mother's memory and even she comes to doubt her love relationship with Vincent.Particularly,she feels lot of sadness and even some physical pain because it's impossible for them to live together and share their daily lives.Because he suffers to see Cathy so unhappy ,Vincent decides unilaterally to break up their relationship in order to allow Catherine to live a love affair with someone else who can fulfill her needs(a common life,procreate some children,own their own house.etc...).But after visiting a girlfriend of her when she was in University,Catherine will realize she cannot love another man than Vincent and what they live together is really a great hapiness.moreless
John McMartin

John McMartin

Charles Chandler

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Betsy Brantley

Betsy Brantley

Nancy Tucker

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Sam Freed

Sam Freed

Dr. Grafton

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    • Catherine: Oh, forgive me! Forgive me for doubting! What we have is all that matters! It's worth everything!
      Vincent: Everything?!

    • Nancy: When all is said and done, you've got to follow your heart. It's the only thing you can ever really count on.
      Catherine: That's what Vincent always says.

    • Catherine: I guess the anniversary of my mom's death reminded me of all those choices. Forced me to look at myself and wonder what she would think of me, would she be proud? Does my life honor her memory? All these things, I don't know.
      Nancy: Cathy, of all of us, you're the one that's come the greatest distance and gone the farthest. I mean, when you were in law school we used to joke about you majoring in "Fashion Law!" You've overcome a terrible accident, you've changed your life. Now giving to others. You have this extraordinary relationship. You should be so proud of yourself. We're all so proud.

    • Vincent: (voice over) What we shared will never die. I'll always be with you. Goodbye, Catherine. Be happy.

    • Vincent: Catherine, it must end!
      Catherine: No!
      Vincent: It must!
      Catherine: I don't want that! How can you say that?
      Vincent: To see you in such pain, because you dare to love... knowing that I'm the reason, the cause of that pain, is more than I can bear to live with! It mocks our dream. So it must end... Catherine, you have a life, waiting to be lived. Let the memory of what we are, of what we shared, remind you that love, in its deepest and purest form, exists... Use that memory to give you the the courage to love someone else.
      Catherine: I can't.
      Vincent: You must.

    • Catherine: Vincent... I don't think I have the strength to continue.
      Vincent: Then you mustn't continue.

    • Vincent: I'm here... Catherine... Tell me.
      Catherine: Tonight I went to a piano recital. I was actually feeling okay. And then I sat down, and he started playing the Grieg Piano Concerto, the one that we heard in the park that night.
      Vincent: Was it beautiful?
      Catherine: Yes, it was beautiful. And I kept remembering how much you loved it. And I wanted you there with me, so badly. It became unbearable to me. Almost physically painful! I just had to run. I actually ran from it. What are we going to do? We have to do something, before there's nothing left for either of us!
      Vincent: This was the risk we faced.
      Catherine: And now, what?
      Vincent: Now... Perhaps we awaken from our dream, return to our lives.

    • Vincent: Catherine, your mother's memory reminds you of your aloneness. Of the family you lost when she died. Of all the friends you left behind when our paths crossed. Because that secret you carry now, our secret, sets you apart-from your pat, your friends, even from the family you are yet to have, the children waiting to be born. Catherine, the burden you bear with that secret is your aloneness...Know that our bond, our dream, exists at the cost of all your other dreams. Know that, Catherine.
      Catherine: It's worth it.

    • Catherine: Loss. A terrible feeling of loss, and not just my mother, for a part of my life. A safety. A simplicity. Things that I've never been able to know before. I saw an old friend today, and I looked at her and I knew that she had those things. I was happy for her but... it made me sad.
      Vincent: Perhaps these feelings, these memories are calling out to remind you.
      Catherine: Of what?
      Vincent: Of something you need.

    • Charles Chandler: Every year when this day comes around it brings something different. I cannot believe its been 20 years.
      Catherine: The loss of her and what that meant, her memory, all the things we never got to share, what would she think of me now?
      Charles Chandler: She very much wanted you to have a happy life.

    • Charles Chandler: Every year when this day comes around it brings something different. I cannot believe its been 20 years.
      Catherine: The loss of her and what that meant, her memory, all the things we never got to share, what would she think of me now?
      Charles Chandler: She very much wanted you to have a happy life.

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