Beauty and the Beast

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 13, 1989 on CBS
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A world renowned ballerina and ex-tunnel dweller named Lisa Campbell has come to New York for a series of performances. She quickly makes contact with Vincent which opens old wounds, as she was his first love and his insecurities about himself slowly come to the surface. Meanwhile, Catherine begins investigating Lisa's past which quickly puts her in great danger.


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  • Where Vincent reveals his first shameful stirrings of manhood

    This episode opens with Vincent's VO reading from the works of some unknown poet named Rilke while a beautiful woman is shown sneaking down an alley to drop a note, which she kisses first, into a sewer grate. Father delivers the message to Vincent who reveals it's from Lisa, a former Tunnel dweller (pre-Catherine). Vincent shares this with Catherine who is curious about this woman while Vincent is reticent to discuss any ties he once had to her. Catherine has also seen her dance. In a series of flashbacks, interspersed throughout the episode, we learn ballerina protg, Lisa Cambell, was responsible for Vincent's first ejaculation turned tragic as he physically hurt the teenage Lisa in his newly discovered desire and passion for her while she danced teasingly for him in the Great Hall. Father stopped the young adolescent Beast (played in the flashbacks by Ron Perlman but with subtly different makeup) and held him while he cried in his guilt and regret. Now Lisa needs his help and the safety the Tunnels have provided to so many others throughout the series. Lisa is allowed to spend the night and she regales the children with glamourous stories about her travels around the world, dancing for kings. Meanwhile, Catherine does some detective work using the public library's microfiche reader (anyone else feel old?) and discovers Lisa gave up her dance career after marrying a wealthy man who was recently indicted for illegal arms dealing which explains why she had to escape. Lisa's husband, Alain, (pronounced either al-Lan or ah-Lane) hired a mean British bodyguard to keep an eye on her. He tracks down Catherine and slaps her around until Vincent comes crashing through the skylight (Michael Keaton-style from last season's "Dark Spirit") to rescue her. Catherine gives Lisa some hard advice: she needs to face the truth about her husband and testify against him which she does. Episode ends with a nice balcony scene between a weeping Vincent and Catherine who comforts him after he confesses to his youthful infatuation of which Catherine is completely accepting. This is just a filler episode, not as well written as others and feels out of sequence. This episode is also featured in the tie-in paperback novelization, "Masques" by Ru Emerson.moreless
Christopher Neame

Christopher Neame


Guest Star

Elyssa Davalos

Elyssa Davalos

Lisa Campbell

Guest Star

Mark Neal

Mark Neal

Young Vincent

Guest Star

Ellen Geer

Ellen Geer


Recurring Role

Marcie Leeds

Marcie Leeds


Recurring Role

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    • Vincent: Because I hurt her.. .because in my desire I forgot who I was. Who I am. As she moved closer, I wanted to hold her. She was dancing, and...and I felt a pull. It was pulling me to her, and I reached out for her. Suddenly, in her eyes, I saw fear of me. I saw myself. But I couldn't let go of her... And I knew these hands were not meant to give love.
      Catherine: These hands are beautiful. These are my hands.

    • Vincent: I would watch her dance, she would dance in the Great Hall, alone for herself, for me. There was nothing in the world as beautiful as Lisa.
      Catherine: ...and you desired her. There is no shame in that.
      Vincent: For me there is.
      Catherine: Why?

    • Vincent: It's about Lisa, what she meant in my life.
      Catherine: Yes?

    • Vincent: Catherine...
      Catherine: I wonder if I ever won't be surprised to see you standing there.
      Vincent: We have never withheld the truth from each other.
      Catherine: No.
      Vincent: Catherine, there are things I must tell you, about who I am and what I am.
      Catherine: Vincent, to me, you are beautiful.
      Vincent: What I have to tell you is not beautiful. It's terrifying. And shameful. But it is the truth.
      Catherine: Then I want to hear it.

    • Lisa: It is over... played out. You know what 'played out' means to me? It's when the music stops.

    • Catherine: (to Lisa) You have caused him some deep pain, that I cannot reach.

    • Vincent: So are we playing now?
      Lisa: Now?
      Vincent: Yes, I know you are in danger. I know you are afraid. I know you are hiding. You surround yourself with illusions, but illusions fade. Lisa, you must trust me as you once did.

    • Lisa: I am going to make a new life for myself.
      Vincent: (sigh) Lisa.
      Lisa: You hold too a great a reverence for the past, Vincent. It was nothing. It was child's play.

    • (after a flashback reveals the incident)
      Lisa: What's the matter? You have such a strange expression on your face. Something is the matter. I am just going to pretend that there is nothing different about you at all. What on earth are you thinking about?
      Vincent: What happened in this hall.
      Lisa: Winterfest! Candles! Music!
      Vincent: What happened between both of us... for so long, I could not forgive myself for hurting you... driving you away.

    • Father: I've... I've tried to be fair, Vincent, in... in raising all of you. I made choices that had to be made... Though I don't know anymore which was right and which was wrong. All I do know, Vincent, is that they were made with love.
      Vincent: And it is that love that I make the choices I must, now.

    • Vincent: Nothing has changed since you sent her away.
      Father: I didn't send her away.
      Vincent: You did!
      Father: No!
      Vincent: How can you deny it?!
      Father: For God's sake, don't you understand?!?! I was trying to protect you.
      Vincent: Protect me?
      Father: From her... from disappointment... I watched you growing up beside Lisa, watched you growing closer together. Knowing that one day she would leave the tunnels... and you.

    • Vincent: Why do you persist in punishing Lisa for what happened? For what I did.
      Father: Don't ever say that, Vincent.

    • Vincent: It was a time when I first felt the tremendous joy that dreams could bring... the intoxication of sending your heart soaring, into the realm of hope...At that same time I learned that for me dreams could bring more pain than I could ever bear, enough pain to destroy me... Even those around me.
      Catherine: ow? What happened? You can tell me. You can tell me anything.
      Vincent: I once thought that. But there are things... things that I have dreamt away.
      Catherine: We've never withheld the truth from each other. Never.
      Vincent: I know.

    • Catherine: What does this woman mean to you, Vincent? Can you tell me?
      Vincent: There are moments... images I remember so clearly, burning so deeply.
      Catherine: Tell me about these moments.

    • Vincent: (sigh) Lisa, there are things you don't know... A time in my life after you left.
      Lisa: (exasperated) I only want to remember the pleasant moments
      Vincent: (sadly) Lisa...

    • Lisa: You know Father hates me.
      Vincent: Father does not hate you.
      Lisa: He hates me. Then why does he insult me with his politeness? He blames me.
      Vincent: Perhaps a part of him does.
      Lisa: Well, let's not talk about it.

    • Joe: That's what I like to see-taxpayer money hard at work.
      Catherine: I never thought of that. Huh. I pay my own salary.

    • Lisa: Dreams begin right where you are. Right here. Right now.

    • (flashback)
      Lisa: (to Vincent) One day I will be out there too, Vincent. I will dance for all the world. I will dance for kings. But I will be dancing only for you.

    • Lisa: That's something you should always remember, Samantha. You see, 80% of a woman's charm is in her mystery.

    • Lisa: That's something you should always remember, Samantha. You see, 80% of a woman's charm is in her mystery.

    • Vincent: Why are you here?
      Lisa: Vincent, please don't worry. I am here in New York and I so wanted to see you again... and Father... and everyone.
      Vincent: You never came before.
      Lisa: You know... you must think of me as a prodigalistic sister, long lost, abandoned, who has found her way home again... for a visit.
      Vincent: To me, you were more than a sister.

    • Lisa: (after hugging him) Let me look at you. You've changed... Oh, Vincent, you are my most special memory in all of the world. (regarding him) I'd forgotten how quiet you are... You are angry. Angry I did not come the other night. (babbles with excuses)

    • Catherine: (about Lisa) Did she leave the tunnels in order to dance?
      Vincent: That is not why she left.. .though it may have been the reason at the time.
      Catherine: Why did she leave?
      Vincent: Because I loved her

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